Do some basic points of website promotion

entry is a shallow, but relatively deep industry expertise, deep things he is not you as long as you work hard, can learn to learn. He needs not only to tell the brain as well as the flexibility of rotation. Want to do a relatively deep Shanghai dragon er you need to charge. Because the Internet is a changing industry, which requires the development and change of Shanghai Longfeng Er to fully understand and study of the internet. In order to do website promotion. The following is a summary of how to do the mission of Baoding Zhili several points of website promotion:

above is a few do several basic points of website promotion Baoding Zhili group summary, I hope to help you! The Baoding Zhili group (贵族宝贝uu0312贵族宝贝) original, reproduced please keep

!! Shanghai dragon

clear user groups after the next step is to survey users gathered in the Internet, these users mainly appear in what place online. What type of forum, what types of QQ group etc.. Understanding these users in what place, You’ll see. should go to what place do promotion is the most correct, the most effective.


clear the site for the user group, this is the basic conditions for good website promotion. Each site or product at the time of listing, will find what they want for users who are. Now most enterprise websites are related, target customers are very clear. Only to find the real customers, products can be sold out. As a network promotion specialist, we must first understand the target customer group is what person, so that we can do targeted marketing work.

to clear the site

survey of users in online aggregation

understand the gathering of user groups and user groups, the next step is to plan how to attract customers to your website. It was time to think of what you have used the knowledge of Shanghai dragon, write text, forum, blog, to the corresponding QQ group inside the post and so on a series of methods to attract customers to your web site to see products.


tried all ways to lure users


How traditional enterprises to Internet plus Road on the site to be qualified

if you just stare at the Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu’s success, or that Internet plus equal to the electricity supplier, so, for traditional businesses, embrace the Internet, go Internet plus road is only dongshixiaopin, that Shanghai website construction, a traditional enterprise is really to embrace the Internet, the website construction attitude can be seen, because, as the song that "what kind of love is what kind of love"


said the site, most traditional enterprises have their own web site, but when it comes to the quality of your web site about the role of 95% of the corporate Web site are the existence of such defects, a site worth? Ali market capitalization of $205 billion 100 million, Tencent, $195 billion 500 million, $76 billion…… And most of the enterprise website, the market value is negative, because not only did not create value, but the money decoration, exactly where the difference? Shanghai website construction from internet marketing and website construction technology and share with you, what kind of enterprise website will have value.

website construction technology

talked about web technology, traditional business thinking, often say, it is a technology live, to understand people do it, I do not know now in the construction site, sometimes very simple, little technology, find a template, half a day can make a beautiful website that is because many companies are holding this attitude to the template site, website, website, website has a free market space.

if the construction site so simple, then let it produce value, want a little bit, is impossible, for the enterprise website, should have this attitude, to lay a good foundation, and then take the train, and finally to create value. Simple and crude launched a website, just casually without effort to, perhaps, from the beginning, do not know how to cherish, so, this site, it is difficult to estimate future, just copy the junk food


, an enterprise website that requires user and search engine approval, needs to be focused on. Many business owners often have such complaints, my website spent how much money, what effect is not, in fact heart and how much money is difficult to sign, the Alibaba’s first venture team, in the worst of times, in Beijing "mixed" do not go, "disgrace" back in Hangzhou, have thousands of users of Tencent, 1 million wanted to sell itself, when Baidu has just started, mainly by the four major portals gain…… The passage of time, today, the Internet Co "fortune", and their first intention and now acts in court, this is why? Because they are hard to do, feel the Internet, exploring the future direction of the internet.

is also site building. Some websites have designed flas programs when they are open, which not only cost more, but also have no eggs, because from the point of view of SEO

Less on web design is more applicable to interactive pages

by the architect, Mies van der Rowe, put forward: "less is more" (Less is more)." But it is not as simple as a piece of paper, let you feel empty, there is no design.

Mies · where · de · Luo persisted in the architectural design philosophy of "less is more"; advocated the new concept of "flowing space" in dealing with techniques. In his design, the details are reduced to the absolute realm of non simplification. Many works are almost completely exposed, but they are noble and elegant, and have made the structure itself rise to the HUAWEI architecture. Seagram building as the world’s first high-rise building glass curtain. Show the principle of "less is more". Many facilities are · by Mies and his apprentice Philip Johnson single handedly. The square in front of the building accounts for half of the ground, which was also a pioneering work at that time. Modernism was brought to the United States, and combined with the power of the capitalists, many works were practiced. Because of the simplicity of form, it is easy to imitate, so it soon affects all over the world. It also affects the design of other fields. Therefore, it is called "international style". Although the international style has a lack of early modernist Utopia style social ideal and the spirit of criticism. And later imitators were not as likely to pay attention to detail structures as mies. But modernism has reached a peak here.

early Internet information and sources of less, people in this emerging world there is hunger and thirst for information. Now the Internet is very different in form and early, most of the information comes from the interaction of people, and all kinds of information really explode. The demand for information is also increasing, and they begin to choose more valuable content. The process of selection is also tiring because of the eruption of information. The Internet world is a typical Google simple doctrine, it was never widely said that people in the vision first appearance is simple, practical and efficient service, the most commonly used search engine in the background of the algorithm is more complex and diverse, such as search station large foreign professional website also has been relatively mature the architecture of information support, but China is still more to stay in full text search, or through the application of new functions for user groups. This approach is also consistent with the practice of GOOGLE, constantly enrich its own product line. Then Google will beat competitors after recognizing single technology is hard to make their own products and maintain vitality, and its strategy is to let their own existing products to stay ahead, to enrich our various innovative products and service chain, it has become part of our life and work points.


is less or more, this view has a wide range of understanding in the design circle, but most of the domestic designers do not have any right to speak, or can not effectively convince others to be recognized. They are more positioned to do things, or to meet visual needs in the norm. In the past three years, UCD has been very effective in promoting the domestic market. "Less is more" and is often mentioned as a topic, but…

Thinking of enterprise website construction

learned how to do the website from the beginning, and then made the enterprise website, until now, it was engaged in the enterprise website promotion, optimization and some website operation research work. Can more or less witnessed the enterprise website from the beginning of the few to the current flooding. We started the construction of enterprise website, it was selling to the customer network website construction company said the most is the site on behalf of the corporate image, symbol of the facade, what is said to have their own company website and email with your company after at least in their own name card. In doing so, the company will build its own corporate website. This is the purpose and starting point of most website construction and enterprise website construction.

now, we can see that some companies do not have the deep mountains and forests unless the site, as long as can the power network where the network company, can be said to be engaged in the construction site or the bombing again and again, have their own web site, the majority of enterprises even if not, may also buy a similar credit the members of the Alibaba. Now if you like them to sell the construction site, may not be so easy, although there are now some weenies farmer entrepreneur not too understand. Therefore, our network company to survive, our personal freedom occupation to orders, to change the way to get money". We can sublimate and subdivide the website. Offering appreciation services.

There are many kinds of value appreciation services offered by

. In the end, there is nothing more than economic benefits for enterprises. In this way, enterprises are easy to be cheated". Otherwise, only "cheated" once. This is called e-commerce marketing. There are many kinds of marketing, similar to the most common website optimization ranking, making the enterprise website in the relative bidding ranking cost is too high, at the same time bring them long-term marketing program. That is website optimization, for what is the website optimization, if the website optimization. Let’s not talk about it today, but later I’ll spread it out and analyze it.

also provides multi-channel marketing, whether it is B2B, or B2C, in short, no matter what approach, the customer as long as the final effect, to bring orders and economic benefits.

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here, I would like to recommend a new station, I do not know can not. Yancheng classified information network

Analysis of the key points of fashion dry cleaners

fashion cleaners for consumers to bring more convenient, quality of life, and people’s daily lives are closely linked. Want to dig a good opportunity in the gold industry, you may need to spend more time in the shop location. Small make up the relevant details, hurry to see it.

1, convenient transportation: in the vicinity of the station, the customer does not walk more than 20 minutes away in the streets of the fashion dry cleaners, and observe the traffic flow on both sides of the road to pedestrians on the other side of the good.

2, close to the place where people gather in the area: for example, authority, or near the factory, so that consumers can easily, on the other hand, easy to make customers remember this shop location, once to the customer to introduce to others and can be easier to guide people to patronize.

3, select a place where the population is growing rapidly: the development of enterprises, residential areas and municipal, often bring more customers to the store, and make it more potential for development.

4, choose to teach less or obstacles to one side of the street: many times, in order to pedestrians crossing the road, had to concentrate to avoid pedestrians or other vehicles, so ignore the side of the shop.

5, to have the awareness of the Big Bang: can also be opened in the vicinity of the famous chain stores or brand stores, and even can be opened next to it. Where is the best place for dry cleaners to be located in supermarkets, commercial buildings, hotels, schools, community service centers, community cultural and sports centers, etc.. Because of these supermarkets, shopping malls, shop in the choice of the former has done a lot of detailed market survey, next to their shop, not only can save time and energy on the site, but also able to use their brands to pick up some customers.

6, a store: Generally speaking, the best East-West streets facing south, north-south streets better sit east of the west, as far as possible to the northwest corner of the crossroads. Moreover, the fork is a good place; in the slope of the road pavement and shop shop is not desirable, ground level should not be too poor.

7, to choose the advertising space of the store: some stores do not have an independent facade, the front of the store, of course, the loss of independent advertising space, but also make you lose in front of the store to play marketing wisdom space.

8, the choice of the location of the hot and cold: with the choice of the current business is optimistic about the location of the store business, not as in the near future by the cold heat, and now has not been optimistic about the streets or urban areas.

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Haggis franchise business why so good – the whole

market haggis industry prospects, many consumers love to taste the delicious haggis, drives the progress of haggis market, many entrepreneurs choose to operate small stalls. Open a haggis franchise stores, haggis high profits? A haggis stores, small investment, simple operation, easy to make money


haggis store profits high? What haggis industry prospects? Haggis products can be broad consumer acceptance and love? People every day in the bustling about life and work, no time to buy food to cook for yourself, go to the store to buy only haggis. Haggis has become a delicacy at present the majority of people on the table indispensable dishes! Open haggis stores earn? Open a haggis franchise, instant noodles type operation, easy to learn, the product is updated regularly, the customer more stable! Open a haggis stores, selling is done now, nutrition and health, has a high the popularity, is selling products, the business is good, all the money


good project!

Cake dregs to join the shop is to make the pie era

pie, in our lives, has always been a very market space for the development of the project choice. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the cake dregs era pie, is very has the advantage of choice! Cake dregs pie era project, rich Unlimited Business Opportunities good!

era cake dregs pie, high quality and inexpensive, consumers will go to line up to buy, high popularity! In this franchise, many customers have found returning to the hometown flavor here, cake dregs from pure pie era wheat flavor in the customer’s heart ripple bursts of waves, this is without any additives natural wheat, a variety of fillings and give customers more choice of healthy and delicious.

How about

era cake dregs pie?

era cake dregs pie, industry brand, has a great taste, so don’t worry about marketing. Cake pie dough with fine flour dregs era, skin crisp and delicious, with a variety of fine condiments, baked by modern technology, crisp and tender, rich soup. Less smoke, to avoid oil gathered on the surface of the cake, nutrition, health, fast, in line with the concept of modern diet.

for business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture era cake dregs pie project, open their own brand stores, in fact, the money is so simple!

What about investment Candi Caeni shoes

leather shoes to join the project selection, has been very popular choice. The quality of the project, for business with a small capital entrepreneur, undoubtedly, is very has the advantage of choice. How about Candi Caeni’s shoes? Quality of the project, worry free venture worthy of trust!

the world’s leading private custom luxury footwear brand Ken Keny Candi Caeni in particular for the pursuit of quality of life of the social elite, the introduction of advanced handmade custom leather shoes products and experience services. From 1871 Candi Caeni of Florence, which has a history of 140 years, the brand to Goodyear technology for manual nobility customized shoes, became the most touted classic products. Because of the prince Welsh, "George V", the rapid development of the rapid development in the short term, in the hands of the field of custom leather shoes and international luxury market in the world of great influence in the world, the impact of the development of the.

in the footwear industry, Candi Caeni choose the scientific and accurate shoe making process, so that the brand is more long-term development, but also for the footwear industry development of the road. To Dikaini shoe shop, through a unique global 3D imaging and more than and 10 patents, foot to ensure accurate measurement data, with the power of science and technology manufacturing with every consumer foot comfort health shoes.

what about Candi Caeni’s shoes? In our lives, the brand is recognized by consumers to join the project, is a very powerful choice. Entrepreneurial choice to join Candi Caeni leather shoes project, the brand is good, the strength of protection! So, what are you hesitating about?

Open the whole cabinet stores how to decorate the store

overall cabinet is doing a good brand project, the overall strength of the cabinet is significant, if you want to invest, you can get a good income. Then, the opening of a whole cabinet stores, which need to do the decoration of the store? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

store decoration as the office decoration design office decoration design of the basic requirements, store decoration bedroom decoration design requirements of the bedroom decoration, open the whole cabinet how to join the decoration? So store decoration is no exception. How to open the whole cabinet to join the decoration? The facade and the surrounding buildings to store the form and style should be unified; the relationship between wall partition and the body of the building, and the ratio of vertical scale is more appropriate; a combination of various factors of beauty in form of store decoration, should be focused, clear contrast with master-slave, rich sense of rhythm and rhyme decor.

store decoration should make use of color contrast and harmony, in order to achieve the characteristics of the arts to strengthen the shape, the effect of rich modeling, how to open the whole cabinet store decoration? To create an ideal visual charm. Under normal circumstances, the color of the store to the high degree of warm color is appropriate, prominent components or key parts according to their physical characteristics and reflect the needs of commercial building decorative atmosphere, with the corresponding contrast color.

store decoration should correctly use the material texture, texture and natural color. How to open the whole cabinet to join the decoration? Storefront decoration, store decoration basically from building exterior wall and roof decoration, should consider the material durable, able to withstand the wind and rain and has certain anti exposure, storefront decoration frost resistance and corrosion resistance.

to do the whole cabinet business needs to understand the decoration skills, shop strategy right is essential for investors, if you want to run the whole cabinet shop, if you want to make money fast, based on the actual key, the whole cabinet joined the shop decoration design methods is very important for investors, you should understand.

The new hundred stores parity completed before the end of April

this year, our province will build 100 stores parity, accelerate the realization of urban community coverage, stores will strictly implement the access and exit system, has completed the operation for non-compliance of the discount store will cancel the qualification, unqualified will be delisted.

According to the market price regulation

held a joint meeting recently to determine the objectives and requirements, the province’s 100 discount stores before the end of April to complete the construction tasks, all in accordance with the relevant regulations, scientific location, reasonable layout, to ensure the construction quality; strengthen the daily management, orderly operation, ensure that low-priced stores play a guiding role in the stability of market price agricultural and sideline products.

it is reported that this year our province from cheap store area, operating varieties and product quality, sales price and other aspects of strict access and acceptance, to ensure parity shop construction quality; at the same time, establish and improve the exit mechanism to increase the discount store, discount store check test force for non-compliance, and fulfill the obligations of government parity price stores, overdue rectification, the rectification is not in place or to withdraw, cancel its qualification of discount stores. In the assessment, management of the parity dishes price tag and commodity out of cheap agricultural products less variety, and insufficient supply of high quality or defective dishes will expire as sales of YanZha parity dishes.