Look at the 2016 Xiamen financial group how to serve small and micro enterprises

is an important part of the financial institutions in our lives, the majority of the people often need to apply for financial institutions. At present, financial institutions how to better serve small and micro enterprises? In yesterday’s 2016 Xiamen Financial Work Committee key work to promote the first anniversary of the establishment and review of the work of the meeting, the city 10 financial institutions live show and competition of small and micro enterprise innovation in financial services Chuangxiao "golden ideas" project.

the meeting aimed at a comprehensive summary of the first anniversary of the Xiamen financial work committee established the effectiveness of the work, the implementation of the Central Financial Work Committee on "double promotion" and "syndicated cooperation", the youth volunteer association and other key financial create work arrangements, to further stimulate the Xiamen youth financial "forge ahead, innovation, serve the people, dedication to" work enthusiasm.

after the early selection, financial institutions in our city 10 small micro enterprise financial services innovation and efficiency "golden ideas" project they show through the drama talent shows itself, and sketch, PPT presentations and lectures, visit the scene of the guests and representatives of financial institutions a total of more than and 40 people were selected by the vote.

eventually won the first prize of Xiamen Construction Bank, Xiamen bank, Xiamen rural commercial bank, Agricultural Bank of Tongan village bank won the two prize in Xiamen, China Merchants Bank, Xiamen bank, Industrial Bank (601166, shares) Xiamen branch, China Everbright Bank (601818, shares) Xiamen branch, China life (601628, shares) Xiamen branch the company, Xiamen bank and other 6 projects for third-prize.

, the Xiamen financial work committee also held a syndicated Cooperation Review of 2015 and 2016 ceremony. The meeting also I won the Central Financial Work Committee for the 2015 "syndicated cooperation" outstanding individuals, outstanding institutions and outstanding projects carried out on-site recognition.

through the above we can see that the 2016 Xiamen financial group in how to serve small and micro enterprises, emphasizing the idea of innovation and efficiency. At the same time, the meeting also held the inaugural ceremony of the Xiamen financial youth volunteer association. The establishment of financial institutions Youth Volunteer Association, to carry out youth volunteer activities, which is to promote the city’s financial institutions, spiritual civilization construction of new initiatives, but also under the new situation of financial youth to serve the community a new exploration.

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Farmers entrepreneurs adhere to the history of entrepreneurship

In today’s society

under such a background, in their entrepreneurial farmers compared to simple and tenacious pioneering spirit to conquer the market, and in many successful entrepreneurs, many are born in rural areas.

"farmer geek" station on the air

reap the dividends of reform at the same time, the water heater industry is also facing fierce competition, even a town of dozens of brands to snatch market situation. The industry seems to be prosperous, but a wave of Riptide, gold into madness, most people are frustrated.

1996 He Xiaohua founded the true water heater, 18 years, he has always been doing one thing: invented water heater.

The latest small entrepreneurial projects recommended not to be missed

in today’s society, many people have an entrepreneurial and rich idea, which some people have succeeded, but some people do not have the good entrepreneurial projects can choose, for entrepreneurs, in real life, what are the good small rich project can choose?

The latest

The latest

The latest

the project mainly engaged in selling game cards and game accessories, cartoon character models, game strategy Raiders manual animation and game related products; provide the game engine and upgrade services. Before opening the shop, you need to understand the current market that is currently the most popular animation games and game consoles, etc., and then commodity analysis and positioning, the right to choose around the school. Initial investment is mainly rent, renovation, purchase of equipment, staff salaries and other expenses, 3-5 million to open business.

latest project: small business models boutique

The latest

Shanghai Jiaotong University Campus with the Red Pavilion to create micro incubator

college students entrepreneurship is not a new thing. Recently, the Shanghai Jiaotong University Campus newsstand to reform the transformation, create a number of "micro incubator", help students successfully achieve the entrepreneurial team.

1984, the only part-time team "is also in the 10 square meters of space in the office cram school started, but now as the only education, has become the A shares of listed companies. So, the school student affairs center phase 4 kiosks in Minhang campus crowded, so as to avoid the form of rent, for college students, the basic period of one year.

"Rahmat culture" founded by Shanghai Jiaotong University of the arts and Humanities Research Institute Bo Wang Yixia two girls. Prior to the settlement, the team has embarked on the business, the Shanghai Drama and concert performances and other major theater tickets, to 2 to 30 percent off of the price of the purchase and sale of the Internet, so that students enjoy the high-end performance at low prices. Settled in the small pavilion, Wang Yixia jumped out of new ideas, there is a physical store, you may wish to try to transform the line."

"settled in micro incubator nor sleep without any anxiety. Center Director Hu Weiwei, the quarterly assessment of the assigned team from the business scope, the amount of sales, profitability and other aspects, divided into excellent, qualified and failed the 3 grade, the best average monthly sales of more than 10 thousand yuan, net profit of more than 1000 yuan. Won the outstanding team, won the "Red Pavilion" next year to lease the premises; on the contrary, such as two consecutive unqualified, will be out of the pavilion, in later. It is reported that the second batch of 6 new correction design "micro incubator", and the establishment of recommendation

Chain store operating experience sharing

now has a lot of curtain chain stores are open in the same area, it seems to be almost the same, which is not a favorable factor for franchisees. If you want to make a profit, you need to add some features. In the end how to operate such shops? Xiaobian share some suggestions, I hope to help you.

generally, the curtain with good brand will join with it to the new road, the influence of a good corporate curtain on the market is very large, in turn, to join the curtain for the enterprise is also a latent scale, because the development of joining the franchisee will help enterprises in the industry have curtains better. With the development potential of the brand to join the franchise can get better development.

With the increase of

curtain chain stores, products in the case of pile up in excess of requirement if the brand, failed to provide high-quality, distinctive style, beautiful appearance of the product and service to the society, it will be difficult to win in the competition. The expression of the product image is sufficient enough personality to directly affect the brand awareness and reputation and consumer driven, with a style of product can make consumers have to buy, but without a personality, very ordinary products so that consumers feel boring.

is now waking curtain chain so you want to make your own emerge in an endless stream, curtain stores more depth of more cultural connotation, from the decoration store requires a unique style, and decoration shop to maintain unity, to make their products to store a grade, now people pay attention to the quality of life of beauty things infinite pursuit, curtain shops to maintain their own unique style is very important.

curtains franchise business prospects, attracting many franchisees to join. But if you think little of it to join the industry, take the conventional development route, certainly not as large lock market, want to get out of the different road, you need to make some adjustments, the above suggestions and I hope to help you.

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Hee hee mango drinks brand introduction

people’s life level is better, this also means that people have a lot of money can be used for leisure entertainment consumption, accelerate the pace of life makes people have a great need for regulation of recreational facilities. Take the food and beverage industry, the rise of the project is now able to meet the needs of the masses of small projects, such as coffee and tea drinks. The well-known beverage alliance project editorial recommendation to join you hee hee mango restaurant. In today’s life, everyone used to eat greasy food, such as mango hee has high light snack food market


what leisure good food? Hehe mango catering to join, enjoy a healthy delicacy! Hehe mango unique taste, taste good, let us forget, get the majority of customers, to win the huge market wealth for mango hee join, is a potential and good market investment, easy to join to create a perfect wealth market, win great opportunities to get rich, is a potential investment project.


hee mango?

, mango meal joins in, has a strong competitive strength, the company’s main catering and service promotion. The opening of stores from investors, the headquarters of the whole hee mango counseling, let franchisees easily start. Hee hee mango stores covering many provinces and cities nationwide, choose happily sharing opportunities, mango catering franchise, quick profit. Hee hee mango will mutual benefit and win-win business philosophy, honesty, for the new and old customers to provide the best catering industry project, less investment, quick effect, easy operation, no risk, good market prospects, lucrative business opportunities and profit platform.

joined hee mango, win at the starting point of success tomorrow! Hee hee mango leisure food items have a brilliant future, also attracted many entrepreneurs to join the favor. As people have invested in leisure and catering industry, the market will set off a new round of investment boom is a member of the leisure diet, hee hee are the casual eating mango in the tide. The large profit margins, lasting market potential, let mango temptation hehe.

more than just the mango drinks brand introduced hee hee, if you want to further understand the brand, please see our website below in the message, the message after we will reply you in the first time.

90 after the opening of the hot pot shop fried special skills

hot pot industry in the most out of a news that 90 after opening a hot pot shop, their fried material, the store has opened three, their business hot. He has become a famous hot pot fry division. Xiao Bian will take you to see what is going on.

now 90 after the opening of the hot pot shop is not unusual, but not only when the owner of the hot pot shop, but also won the second national hot pot seasoning division competition gold medal, is a hot pot circle famous fried material master. He is strict, 23 years old this year, he opened his own third stores in Yubei District Xinpaifang Jin Cheng Lu recently.

, the reporter arrived at the Jin Cheng Lu rise where the old Hot pot. He is talking to his dressing agent about the hot pot. "The most important thing is chili, bean paste, bean mother, pepper and butter, etc……. Which material did not choose the taste is not delicious." Strictly speaking, a pot of delicious Hot pot oil also much less water, otherwise it will not eat the insipid, smooth.

strict told reporters that he was not born in the cook family, the time is not long. Originally, after graduating from high school with his father to enter the decoration industry, became a site of the material, often in Shandong, Henan, Shanxi and other cities on business. "At that time, the greatest pain is not tired, but tired of not authentic Chongqing hot pot to eat." Strictly speaking, he simply study their own Raiders, personally modulation hot pot bottom material, the results have been widely recognized by colleagues, friends around.

has been recognized by everyone, so in strict confidence, more involved in the development of Hot pot soup. 2013, decided to return to Chongqing to open their own old hot pot shop. Strictly thanks to an old Hot pot frying teacher, every day of the ingredients and temperature at home, for the most authentic taste. "Generally have to fry for a few hours, I used to work in the evening, then it is generally in the middle of the night to sleep." Strictly speaking, after the first store opened Hot pot, frying once he failed, but on the same day to materials, so he will pour one hundred or two hundred pounds of Hot pot bottom material, starting from scratch, for more than ten hours without sleep.

is the kind of Hot pot dedicated to his Gaojiu road champs street old Jingjiubushuai, each month also regularly invited a group of old strict Hot pot bottom material, taking his Hot pot together taste, collect professional opinions, constantly adjust the taste. "I’m a hot pot fan myself, I’m going to have to go through this." Strictly speaking, he ate up to eight pots a day. In this year, the Chongqing hot pot Association held a hot pot Festival, strict hot pot bottom material to win the recognition of the judges, he became the winner of this time to win the gold medal of fried material competition youngest.

Easy price net award countdown, remaining on the last day

    a month to price net prize essay has entered the end, only the final submission for two days, a lot of prizes, a lot of opportunities, now contribute, there is still a chance.

      and the "price net" to launch the essay gets a great response, the webmaster to contribute, has received the manuscript has been more than 30 articles, the judges also made responsible for comments on the manuscript, but also through the trial of the person sent a small a gift (10 q-coin card), September 21st, we will be on all the manuscript review and final, selected the top five, offered cash rewards.


      the award is as follows:

      500 yuan cash prize of 2
      excellence award 300 yuan in cash 3
      encouragement award 10 yuan coins card does not limit the number (through trial sent)  
      contribution award 50 yuan in cash 2 (drawn from the enthusiastic participation of the owners)  

      encourage awards issued announced:

  & nbsp; encouragement award is required low probability of winning more than 95% Li, basic writing carefully participated in the submission can be obtained. The following is a list of some of the prizes that have been sent out, and some others who are unwilling to make contact with the public, please contact us as soon as possible.

                              player;;                             numbers;
      1                              tzxxlqh            &n>

Anhui remediation Internet vulgar wind exposure list of the third batch

in an online news February 6th Anhui province Internet publicity management office for registration, filing website in our province for further verification, found the following site there are a lot of violate the social morality or damage the physical and mental health of young people in the country and vulgar content, the regulation of the Internet vulgar to carry out special operations air low after failing to take effective measures, is hereby announced:

1, 80 night entertainment channel (Anhui www.80ye.com.cn ICP No. 08105111)

2, third city (Anhui www.dscsz.com ICP No. 08005642)

3, YesP entertainment network (www.yesp.net.cn Anhui ICP No. 08005665)

4, Tongling online (Anhui www.tleol.cn ICP No. 08005764)

5, Zongyang two or three (Anhui www.zy234.com ICP No. 07503670)

6, Hefei discount nets (www.0551dazhe.cn Anhui ICP No. 08104130)

7, shoot yo portal (www.p663.com Anhui ICP No. 08103485)

8, Xuancheng Baidu Forum (www.xcts8.cn Anhui ICP No. 08103390)

9, Huaining community (www.huainingren.com Anhui ICP No. 08102967)

10, Ziyang network (www.aq161.cn Anhui ICP No. 08100897)

above the site within 3 days of the vulgar content to conduct a comprehensive clean-up, rectification is not timely or not thorough, will bring the relevant departments to close the site according to law.

welcomes users to continue to actively report illegal and harmful information on the internet.



                                                        the regulation of the Internet vulgar wind first the exposure site list


Adsense network broadcast Ali acquisition of cool disk meter folding network was traffic attacks

1 Alibaba announced the acquisition of cloud storage software incorporated the entire team

cool disk

September 25th news, Alibaba group announced the acquisition of domestic cloud storage software cool disk, to enter the field of personal wireless cloud storage. Cool disk CEO, storm Gu Zhicheng, founder and team will join Alibaba group, I will still be responsible for the cool disk business in. But Ali did not disclose the specific amount of the acquisition, as well as the relevant details.

it is understood that the cool disk as a cross platform personal cloud storage service providers, on the line in 2010 so far, has 15 million users, of which more than 3 million of mobile end users. 2012, with the rise of the mobile Internet, cool disk strategy focused on mobile devices.

2 Beijing team in the new Sogou soso "marriage" for three months

news September 25th, Tencent shares Sogou part apart from cash, business team into the new Sogou search and the formal introduction of the policy, team will spend three months in the new period of integration Sogou, then select.

according to the internal data show that the search technology department, the Department of the Beijing team into the new Sogou is still the first three months of the identity of the Tencent staff, after two months will be a two-way choice.

three options, 1, signing new Sogou, N+1 compensation, additional enjoy 3 months retention bonuses; 2, the new Sogou choice and the employee does not choose, will return to the Tencent to join the "managed search", still belong to the employees of the Tencent; 3, the new Sogou not to choose, will also be added "hosting search".

at the same time, Shenzhen and Chengdu and other teams to stay in Tencent, will not go to Sogou, but also into the managed search department".

also involved into the new Sogou input method, and ask Wikipedia, Department, the three departments of the staff selection is no "trial period". They only enter Sogou and leave Tencent two choices.

these two choices will get N+1 compensation, if the new Sogou and full year of service, the staff will enjoy an additional 3 months retention bonuses.


3: employees of N+1 Tencent shares Sogou soso search

to form trust compensationSina

technology news September 25th morning news last week, the Tencent shares Sogou burst transaction, the Tencent’s search business search structure and personnel adjustments become inevitable. According to a detailed plan for Sina Technology, part of the whole system will search team into Sogou, employees can receive N+1 basic compensation, while the establishment of hosting search department to solve the remaining issues.

the afternoon of September 16th, Tencent and Sohu announced a stake in Sogou transactions, according to the agreement, the Tencent to Sogou inject $448 million, the shareholding ratio close to 40%; in addition to the Tencent original soso search business brand will disappear, in addition to search map map > left in the renamed Tencent Tencent