On the 404 page settings and matters needing attention

first you need to design a 404 page, this need not I teach? Very simple, pay attention to use DW to design their own, 404 page, can not automatically jump to the home page, so it is not friendly to search engines, your site will be right down, even convicted of cheating, you give a clear link to guide everyone to point on the line. After finishing can begin to set up 404 pages, the first 404 pages by FTP uploaded to the site root directory, if you are using a virtual host, then you can enter the host management control panel, generally there is an error page to set this function, you choose the 404 page web directory, point to determine the OK! I use the 404 page space settings as shown below:

A website

or VPS server, you can own VPS or server settings, I also use of a web site is VPS, IIS configuration, so Xiamen Shanghai dragon will talk about how to set the IIS configuration 404, you open the IIS, and then find your site, right click the -> attribute; -> the wrong document set, find 404, and then click the edit, find below your web root personality 404 pages, selected, point to determine the OK, note that the type you want to select a file, do not select the message, select the message, the status code returned is 200, this is wrong!

404 page is a more important aspect of the web site optimization, when you enter a wrong, will jump to 404 pages, it returns a status code of 404, is to tell the search engine, this site does not exist, you do not included in it, no, we are not found the 404 page is ugly, the user experience is not good, this is the default 404, if you don’t feel good if you can set up their own 404 page a personalized, so how to set?

If you are using

every time when we enter an incorrect URL in the browser, it will jump to a page, "said the page cannot be found: you are searching the page may have been deleted, renamed or is temporarily unavailable, this is called the 404 page. The next Xiamen Shanghai dragon like everyone to detail about 404 pages!

set the end we should go to check the page after the return 404 status code is 404, if it is correct, if the return status code is 200, it shows that there is a problem! Simply talk about why return 200 status code is not correct. We enter a wrong link in the browser, when there is no set personalized page 404, must return status code >

Xiamen Shanghai dragon has a 404 page address: www.***贵族宝贝/404.htm, you can look at, is not very good? The next Xiamen Shanghai dragon will give you 404 talk about how to set up a personalized page!

Shanghai dragon aspect diagnosis is not so far away from sub-health cloud website

the company hired Shanghai dragon Er, how to ensure their own understanding of the rules of search engine? Even only affected the chain, even do not understand the keyword analysis to play Shanghai dragon engineer. Is not alarmist, in fact many enterprises employ the "talent" is only the same level. Companies do not want to hire professional Shanghai dragon Er, just because of the huge demand of Internet platform, talent is not to be "sold out" is "start soon". At this stage in Shanghai dragon training on the Internet has many people, but the students have and how many people? Is often several times or even a hundred times more. At the present stage of website construction and optimization, the lack of professional talent is the main contradiction of Shanghai dragon er.

website optimization

three: advanced

do a good job at this stage of the search engine keyword ranking, Shanghai dragon Er website optimization to hire a few thousands, tens of thousands of words, is no longer fresh. With competition heating up, the price continues to rise with. Keywords high prices, so that more small and medium enterprises owners, said wandering. The input is not a cloud, whether in the harvest is proportional to? This is the most concern, and the Shanghai dragon investment is a long-term investment. Don’t compromise? So in all appeared in "Shanghai dragon diagnosis" of this service, and keyword search found in the main to Shanghai dragon optimization team A5 Adsense (贵族宝贝 Shanghai dragon.Admin5贵族宝贝) as the main representative, led by this service.

site optimization as a service, it is Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, in fact more stick >

: optimization of the lack of professional personnel

two: optimization of the high price of

site ranking in the millions of information flow in blossom out? Is the biggest achievement weapon website optimization ranking. Who is more suitable for the website search engine rules, then who will get more attention "". Some people say that it is not difficult to site optimization, is nothing more than good, the chain structure, content. In fact this is true, but it is difficult to project optimization who will be difficult to more relevant for the search engine itself. Do one thing is very easy, but to say a thing we should do fine to pay several times. Unfortunately, now the website ranking due to the competitive environment gradually warming up, but so. Therefore, to the enterprise development in the Internet and the lifeblood of website in the website optimization rules requires more excellence, enlarge the details to every optimization step.

but not every site can do so, not everyone knows how to do it, because not everyone has such a professional ability. Therefore, the birth of the Internet such a baby industry — "Shanghai dragon diagnosis", probably in 2009. In the recent, often in the webmaster circle to see such a topic, so did a follow-up report, is here to share:

Shanghai craft gift network case analysis

site name: Shanghai gifts network


didn’t do 404 pages, recommend re >

webmaster tools Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive information, can see the love of Shanghai included 2020 chain 8200 Google is the 20 thousand and 500 chain 40 PR 3 YAHOO included 2845 chain and 1346 key words, describe your own look.

let me first to introduce the basic information of the website, the domain name is established in 2005, is an old domain name. Open space speed can also be relatively stable, this experience is good for users. In general if a website within a minute not open, customers wait for you to close the page will display the estimated, which do good.

Shanghai Shanghai craft gift gift company net 300 yuan gift 500 yuan less than the most awesome business gifts website

Title: gift gifts network

2, URLThe website

Shijiazhuang Shanghai dragon advisory site name on the front and behind the title of the main keywords, because the title can not show in the search engine, the first name of the web site is considered the first impression to strengthen users, should have a brand awareness. But now you don’t move, easy to fall right on the first such.

analyzes two domain names, with 3W and without 3W domain name, with 3W included most of the links are pointing to it, suggested a 301 redirect, weight.

open web site content from the view of the site location is the gift sales, not just local Shanghai. We look at the key words of this is brother, I check the data of gifts (index of the national 90010 pages later) gifts (index of the national 1000 keywords page 10) Shanghai gift company (Shanghai 140 index keywords first) 300 yuan gift, less than 500 yuan (national index very few keywords Shanghai gifts network (first) the first few words) the main keywords ranking is not very good, why, 5 years old domain name do stand PR3, the weight of the main station is justified, should strengthen the construction of the chain

address: 贵族宝贝gift181贵族宝贝

gift to send what good? Business gifts to send what? The meeting to send customers customized gifts? What gift? What gift to send to the opening ceremony? Leadership gifts to send what? Member what gift? What promotion send best wishes for your new home? Bank points for gifts gifts souvenirs group purchase small gifts promotional gifts gift gift card integral will the new year’s Day Spring Festival Mid Autumn Festival gift gift gift gift gift gift gold and silver bars in 2011 the year of the rabbit custom

1, the title and keywords positioning

Shanghai dragon skills a reasonable solution to the top-level domain name and domain name www

CacheClockRate 3600

The second is not the analytical method of #


1. a new station site redirection, pay attention to permanent redirect to the resources here. The new station (a site with system resources occupation and the site is generally not open slow cache. The proposed third methods)


2. supports.Htaccess users can add code to achieve

RepeatLimit 32


# ISAPI_Rewrite version 1.3 (302 status code)


RewriteCond Host: ^***.cn$

without www domain name, but it is not conducive to the user experience and the waste of the top-level domain name weight. People think the best way is to use the 301 without www domain jump to the domain name with WWW, this advantage has three points, one can open the website, to prevent the two love Shanghai included not take www domain name website article caused by repeated, three effective use of top-level domain name weight.

often encountered **贵族宝贝 ranking went to www.**贵族宝贝 in front of our usual Shanghai dragon, in fact, the harm is very serious, some owners will use the absolute path, namely the page of the address are 贵族宝贝**贵族宝贝 like this to let love Shanghai resolved the main domain name, Google through choosing the default domain name to achieve the main domain name ranking. Google said in the webmaster tools can be achieved. But love Shanghai often encounter problems of domain name or the machine test is not convenient to replace.

RewriteRule (. *): //www.***.cn$1 [I, R]

RewriteCond%{http_host} ^0531fk.cn [NC]

ISAPI_Rew> #

^ RewriteRule (. *) $贵族宝贝***.cn/$1 [L, R=301]


point said about 301 of the practice.

URL canonicalization

# = 1 hour


3. IIS 301 redirect host users can use ISAPI Rewrite to achieve the domain name

Wang Tong Song Zude’s blog marketing!Thoughts extending from the shlf1314 Adsense restriction approv

Adsense on GG

with the December shlf1314 January large-scale K number mentioned, many webmasters still rely on cheating click, and some do earn. But more by K,.

GG is a good union money. Although he adjusted the clickable area, click rate is greatly reduced, but compared to other domestic league, and his best. This did not change, is the sorrow. Keep.

but there are many webmaster would look far? Many webmaster account is K, and then re apply, suddenly found that approval is not down, getting money off. So when the said application to apply a few account preparation, which is suffering, and this is many webmaster do not have this.

owners only care about the traffic, but ignore how to engage in money. Wait until the date when the food had regret, why not make a few do. Hey.

      today visiting the Sina blog, suddenly found Song Zude mouth unexpectedly into the Sina blog 20, then enter the Song Zude blog, frightened! This guy is a real cow! Have already made use of the blog to make money, earn absolutely more than win total.

1, and at the point of celebrity relationship

2, the best re manufacturing controversial topic

3, writing Kung Fu high, the effect will be better

I am now cheaper to help register GG account. Register with your name, use your address, use your information, 50 dollars a. You can contact me. I 119446436

cheat most was K more than once. K will re apply, again. This is a China webmaster hard, persevere side, but also makes the whole world sit up and take notice side. This is an excellent traditional China down thousands of years of cultural tradition. We believe that the webmaster oh. China is the world’s most outstanding stationmaster, but there are many details need to pay attention to the local.

Jobs’s Enlightenment to us

Jobs is gone, but he has brought us a lot of wealth, it is worth us to deeply explore. The market for Steve? Jobs’s financial books not under 20, I think the most worthy of reading is "to live is to change the world: the biography of Jobs", and reveal the development course of the early apple "return to the little kingdom" will take the initiative in time, have historical value, is an important biography of many to follow suit later source of information. I think, "Apple past" and "return to the little kingdom" to read, "Apple storm" style of ridicule can lead us out of Jobs too great figure, let us enjoy the joy of reading.

The patent products belong to the early

ward in his memoirs, Jobs also showed the initial disappointment. He thought of Jobs from the beginning he cheated "Steve and I shared the first business income of $700," then I found that Steve was not what he said but $700, $more than 1 thousand".

"return to the little kingdom" to describe the following story is not Jobs was driven out of the scene of a Apple Corp. Steve’s self willed and self centred style of work offended too many people and made him move quickly into crisis

No culture is not uncommon, and a peasant woman entrepreneurial success

today’s society is not only a diploma to work, as long as you have the ability you can think of the following her success, no culture is not surprising.

Tao Huabi is the founder of

: first started in spirit because of poverty, Tao Huabi did not read a large mumbo-jumbo. In order to survive, she went to work and put on a stall. In 1989, Tao Huabi with a little money to live frugally saved up, with four foundling brick built a house, a shabby restaurant named "affordable restaurant, monopoly jelly and cold. At that time, she specially produced a spicy sauce, as a kind of special seasonings mixed with jelly, the business is booming.

it touches on the great Tao Huabi. Astute she looked at the potential of spicy sauce, and then concentrate on research…… After several years of trial and error, she made spicy sauce flavor is more unique.

Second: to love the business in August 1997, "Guiyang Nanming old godmother flavor Food limited liability company formally, workers suddenly increased to more than and 200 people. At this point, for Tao Huabi, the biggest problem is not production, but from the pressure of management.

The secret of success of

in most people’s eyes, but these elements: the billionaire family property, such as Rockefeller; science and technology pioneer.

How to become a billionaire


glass can be seen everywhere in daily life we may not put in the mind, that you may know that the market will more than ninety percent glass is produced by the protagonist, who is it, let us look at his wealth process.

Cao Dewang was born on 1946 in Fujian, Fuqing, is the founder and chairman of Fuyao Glass group. Fuyao Group was founded in 1987, is currently the first Chinese, the world’s second largest automotive glass manufacturers. He is not offering entrepreneurs, not claiming to "send a box of moon cakes", with good personality to work; he is a Buddhist, since 1983 for the first time Cao Dewang accumulated donations, individual donations amounted to 5 billion yuan, that money is applied, but is "small good". In May 30, 2009, Cao Dewang won Ernst & Young Global Entrepreneur award.

"I’m like the hero of Slumdog Millionaire."." Cao Dewang once described himself. He is the "Glass King" and "benevolent king", 9 years old to go to school, to be forced to drop out of school at the age of 14.

review of Cao Dewang’s career, in order to make a living in the streets to sell tobacco, selling a fruit, pull a scooter, repair a bike, month after month and year after year two meals a day of food, in the eyes of discrimination under the difficult living, tasted the unimaginable hardships.

these early years of suffering, so that Cao Dewang too early to experience the world’s well-being, but also honed his tough character. He firmly believes that by working hard to change the fate of his hands, he wants the whole family to live a better life".

"my father used to be one of the famous Yongan department stores in Shanghai. Because of the unrest, the parents decided to move back to their hometown – Fujian, Fuqing. When he left Shanghai, his father took his family to the oil tanker, and all his property was put on another ship. When they got home, the whole family did not return, only to get a reply, said that the ship sank! War years, one family should not call every day to work, watched the house suddenly became as pour as a church mouse."

in his memory for a long time, home one day only eat two meals, two meals are just some Tangtangshuishui to top hunger and cold. At that time they often feel hungry, do not become a mother to eat, but always soft to encourage the children: "to raise his head to smile, not to say that hungry, to have backbone, ambition!"

"rice can eat, clothes can be worn, the book is to read." Educated parents try to get them to read some books. At the age of 9 when he entered the school, read 14 years old, because the family was too difficult to drop out of school to go home cattle. But at that time, he picked up an empty love brother old textbooks, while enjoying a cowherd and read a few pages.


The whole cabinet stores knowledge summary promotion

overall cabinet operators how to want to find a suitable sales promotion program, to promote the growth of store profits? This is a lot of franchisees want to successy solve the problem. If you want to be successful, sales promotion and other related knowledge can not be less. Xiao Bian summed up a few points, hoping to help franchisees to open up the market, do worry business.

the first overall cabinets stores should also create a good atmosphere. Even the same investment cabinet to join, but also because the environment and different objects and feel different. As far as possible for customers to create a perceptual, beautiful atmosphere, so that they will because of the unforgettable and beautiful story again.

if the whole cabinet stores operators have more business skills, you can successy open a larger consumer market. If you are not familiar with the promotion of knowledge and skills, so you can learn a lot of relevant experience. The above suggestions for reference, I hope to provide you with some business guidance, and quickly learn it, you can not miss a good opportunity.

related recommendations

What is the requirement of investment burger boy

Hamburg to join the project, Burger boy has always been a good brand, consumers like, investors are satisfied, of course, the brand needs to meet certain conditions. So is burger boy.

Hamburg kid brands belong to Shanghai burger boy Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, the company in good faith and innovative business philosophy, in 2001 officially launched the national franchise, the franchise has more than and 300. Hamburg kid food with their own rich experience, professional development of food formulations, to create high-quality products for customers, provide excellent service, clean and comfortable dining environment, developed a series of unique flavor with Chinese taste products, provide nutrition, health, delicious food for consumers to meet each investors and consumer demand.

Hamburg kid Catering Management Limited has adopted a new set of management system, from product positioning, store image, marketing mode, support are unique, maintain market competitiveness and vitality of the high, Hamburg kid is entering the market at a steady pace.

Hamburg kid shop ready:

1, the food and beverage industry has a high degree of enthusiasm and dedication, and have a certain social experience.

2, communication, leadership and positive spirit.

3, join the main cause of the cause of the operation and business planning.

4, have a good understanding of the franchise business.

5, good moral integrity and credit.

burger boy join condition:

1, owned business premises, commercial locations A points: 60 – 80 square meters, B shop: 150 – 300 square meters.

2, non owned stores to join the main lease period of at least 2 years.

3, join the master at least 2 -time operators.

4, joined the owner’s own funds 300 thousand – 400 thousand yuan.

5, good moral integrity and credit.

As a famous fast food chain brand,

burger brand has a wide range of loyal consumers and potential buyers. Interested friends come join us!