Xining city west land tax simplification process

simplify the five accreditation process, the field investigation before the tax registration, tax registration that can handle…… The day before, west of the City Local Taxation Bureau in order to further optimize the tax service, for the convenience of taxpayers, the tax registration process for bold reform, greatly simplify the registration process, to apply for the enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households tax registration is no longer for a long time and links to spend time and effort.

, I did not expect to get a card so soon, but it will take several days before it." Just five or six minutes to handle the tax registration certificate of Ms. Liu in the West District Local Taxation Tax Service Hall can not help but praise.

the taxpayers for tax registration, need to go through the five accreditation process and seven working days from the taxpayer service hall table, through field investigation, the tax administrator identification bureau approval of multi-channel formalities to wait seven days to get the tax registration certificate. Now the newly established enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households, as long as the handle business registration, tax registration can hold relevant information directly to the tax service hall of accreditation window for tax registration certificate, tax registration certificate issued by the first window, the taxpayers for tax registration namely to do.

simplify the registration process reform in the west, for the convenience of taxpayers, tax bureau will administrator on-the-spot investigation into accreditation, the information provided is not accurate, false information found in the verification, the Bureau will immediately declared the tax registration certificate for the void. (author: Wei Tinglan

You should know how to open a restaurant to do


meat taste better than vegetable dish, but vegetable dish are more beneficial to our health, better than meat, vegetarian now, more and more, the huge market demand growth and a new type of industry, a vegetarian restaurant is a good choice to make money. But for the first time entrepreneurs, want their own store business is hot, we must do two things, one is to have the characteristics of dishes, two is to have the right business methods, so as to successfully set up shop, easy to get rich.

for the "new vegetarian taste shade, hot and cold spell

often requires operators to seize the vegetable dish vegetarian meat than the broader the characteristics of wheat and soybean, vegetables and fruits can do what.

for the new "vegetarian" addicted to prime reason lies in tired of eating meat, to obtain nutrition from vegetarian dishes, so the key lies in the scientific and reasonable collocation. Recipes also have to be invited to the nutritional experts to customize. In this way, a meal can taste different for different collocation, including size, content arrangement, taste shade, hot and cold spells, with nutrition.

facade, decoration key to highlight the prime word

So the

shop without greatly, but must be clean and fresh, "tofu chalota" feeling. After all, here is to sell to eat, cleaning is certainly the primary condition. How to open a restaurant? In addition, store layout is reasonable, the goods classification arrangement, do try to make it look all varieties of panoramic view, the eyes are vegetarian, nature will allow consumers to impress, but also shows the characteristics of vegetarian.

open a restaurant operating points for all kinds of food

can be 100. A vegetarian restaurant is a coincidence, but the attendant is a test, there are generally two or three waiters enough, but they have to store goods well, to introduce customers should also be familiar, and targeted. How to open a restaurant? Usually, there are several types of vegetarian foods, some of which are konjac products, some are letinous edodes wheat protein products, as well as soy protein products are also very common decomposition.

opened a vegetarian restaurant catch season

vegetarian restaurant season is somewhat different, because of its customer base has certain particularity, so each month at the beginning of a lunar fifteen, or some events such as Buddhism, Guanyin Festival, also became a prime time vegetarian restaurant business. But on some lunar holiday, there will be a bustling scene, one day can also have a money income. Don’t miss this season.

people used to eating meat, but recommended

The top ten brands in hospitals

as a place to heal, the hospital is a very special existence for millions, but due to the huge population of Chinese, geographical territory, so that the hospital brand very much. Although there will be a level difference, but some hospitals in the country are famous. So, the hospital which brand reputation? Here, let Xiaobian to introduce the hospital’s top ten brands list.

hospital ten brands list NO.1, Union Hospital – Peking Union Medical College Hospital:

was founded in 1921, is affiliated with Peking Union Medical College, diagnosis and treatment of difficult and serious technical guidance center, China’s first commitment to the task of foreign medical units.

hospital ten brands list NO.2, Huashan hospital – Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University:

was founded in 1907, a comprehensive teaching hospital affiliated to Fudan University and the Chinese Red Cross hospital.

hospital ten brand list NO.3, PLA General Hospital General Hospital of PLA:

enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad, and the largest comprehensive hospital in the army. It is one of the most important health care bases in china.

hospital ten brand list NO.4, No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, Zhongshan University First Affiliated Hospital:

was founded in 1910, the scale of the Affiliated Hospital of the Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University national key university in the largest / the most comprehensive strength, the national baby friendly hospital.

hospital ten brand list NO.5, West China Hospital West China Hospital of Sichuan University:

originated in 1892, the western region of China’s National Center for difficult diagnosis and treatment, one of the largest hospitals in mainland China, in the national advanced ranks.

hospital ten brands list NO.6, Ruijin hospital – Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine affiliated Ruijin hospital:

originated in 1907, one of the largest clinical teaching hospitals in the Affiliated Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine, one of the most prestigious hospitals, has a good reputation.

hospital list of the top ten NO.7, Xijing Hospital, Xijing Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of The Fourth Military Medical University:

in 1954 by the fifth and the Fourth Military Medical University.

Honey chicken to join the brand introduction

you are not willing to live this life of nine to five days, if you not satisfied with life so exciting to live, if you are not satisfied with the comfortable life want to change? If so, start a business. Once the business on the road, regardless of success or failure, at least you are a brave, you look back, not because of mediocrity and remorse.

the rapid development of society, rising prices, people’s lives more and more pressure. A worker with a fixed monthly salary has been difficult to meet most of the needs of people’s lives, people in order to adapt to the life, to create a good cause to yourself, have started their own way. Honey Peru chicken fried chicken franchise brand hot strikes, leisurely classic delicious, let you win my career in the catering market.

is a good way to start the dream of success, want to achieve their dreams then choose from chicken fried chicken franchise brand honey Peru, chicken fried chicken honey Peru to join the project of low investment, quick returns, the store also can be small, and the headquarters of the whole support to solve all the troubles you shop easily.

honey chicken to join the brand:

honey chicken secret headquarters R & D strength, after years of unremitting efforts successfully developed a series of excellent products to consumers, honey fried chicken chicken secret stores can choose according to their own taste their love of delicacy. Consumers to honey chicken fried chicken franchise Peru food and fun, operators are naturally make fun, like this one, how can not by the majority of investors and consumers.

competition in all walks of life are quite fierce, but want to survive in this society, only their own business can have a line of vitality. Honey chicken fried chicken Peru to join the brand in the current catering market is quite popular, this is a rare opportunity for the majority of entrepreneurs.


above is just a simple introduction, this small series of honey Peru chicken catering brand, of course, if you are interested in this brand to join, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.

Small Western franchise store investment prospects

different people is not the same for the delicacy demand of western people in the diet is that there is a great difference between the western restaurant, the impression is tall, in order to make money faster, now many investors choose to join the project Western-style food. Because the west to join the project to make money fast, and back to the fast, many entrepreneurs are the ideal project. So invest in small Western food store to make money? What about investment?

open a small western style food store to make money? Small western restaurant needs to invest:

rent, the price depends on the location, as well as the size of the area, pay attention to this part of the budget is best to take into account some homeowners require tenants to pay half a year’s rent;

decoration, depends on the decoration of the grade and style, as well as the raw materials used, and so on, please pay attention to this part of the budget, I will also be in the dining room tables and chairs;

manual, depending on the size of the restaurant and personnel distribution, etc.;

equipment, which includes the kitchen equipment and the necessary equipment for the front office, such as the kitchen stove, the front desk tableware, coffee machines, piano, etc.;

reserves of raw materials, the first month of the general reserve budget to count a bit, because all the material needed to buy in this month, the next month will be a little less, refers to the lack of what goods will fill what, the reserves of raw materials according to the budget you made the recipe to calculate;

fixed expenditure budget, which includes water, electricity, gas, telephone charges, related management costs, such as health management fees, land tax, etc.;

unforeseen expenditure budget, this part can be based on the situation in different regions;

related fees, including the budget for the business license, health license, etc.;

In fact,

business is very good, if you want to start a business you can try it in this industry, small Western-style food stores make money? In this part of the budget, you’d better budget budget for the first three months of investment, because investment you is not certain about all occurred in the head for a week, but one by one in the first three months, but the worst is that there is no revenue in the first three months, but this situation is very common, because you can’t open it profitable, so make sure your expenses cost of the previous three months, so that it can ensure the normal operation of you.

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Open Chinese fast food shop to make money

Chinese fast food restaurant development prospects, attracting numerous business concerns. Open Chinese fast food restaurant to make money? How much profit? If you are a novice, very interested in this issue, then look at it with a small bar, do not miss a good opportunity.


fast-food investment cost. The amount of investment for a few million yuan, to provide free technical training, brand use, operational guidance, such as advertising, free distribution brand tableware, store design, free distribution of posters, post technology upgrades and other advantages.

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How delicious pot cool Bobby Hardshell Crab wealth

Chinese food and beverage market is delicious, but the masses of consumers still feel nothing to eat, which is why? Mainly because of the more serious homogenization, it is difficult to find new ideas. How cool Bobby Hardshell Crab pot? Taste wonderful, let a person eat memorable, popular, praise, plus, worthy of attention.

Babylon Hardshell Crab I accidentally cool pot with friends in a tangled meal encounter, began to be the shop waiting in long queues to attract, with try mentality we walked into the store, we tasted the delicacy feel worthwhile. From now on, I’m tired of every day in every time to eat the same meals taste, I will go to the king for returning to the delicacy to enjoy the taste.


series is the recent launch of the table delicacies from land and sea is another feature of Babylon cool Hardshell Crab pot is different from the delicacy, and beautiful taste, mainly in chicken, fish head, bullfrog, chicken pig’s trotters as raw ingredients, each with different characteristics, each of the delicious, all currently popular table delicacies from land and sea together, young consumers.

Babylon Hardshell Crab pot features cool pot Luo Vientiane series, really we meet these boring sticking their fresh chowhound. Black grass carp, bone steak, chicken curry and assorted pot dishes beyond count, is so much, as no matter how many critical lovers come tangled delicacy can be various, all kinds of the delicacy rendered speechless. Vegetable dishes and drinks and snacks series as a supplement, enrich the people chowhound taste.

How cool Bobby

Hardshell Crab pot? Delicious products to attract a lot of attention chowhound. The public can accept the food products, the success of attracting investment in the sun. If you want to make special food, choose to cooperate with headquarters is very good, we wait for you to join us, please join us.

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How do female college students start their own business

how do female college students start their own business? In today’s society is not a new thing, there is no lack of success in the female college students who are self-employed. As with all entrepreneurship, the primary problem for female college students to start their own businesses is to define their goals and directions. The following terms of female college students should be how to establish.

(1) should choose the currently popular


(2) should be selected for local customs self employment of female college students, to meet local consumer needs of the industry; meet the needs of the local economic development of the industry; it must be a lot of market research before entering an industry, lose leg force and time as what, no investigation to lead to the final lost a large number of entrants the savings is the most painful. For example, for people of Guangdong and Guangxi wide taste of food in many places is difficult to open the market for the people of Guizhou; fire and cooking dual-purpose stove on promotion of iron in other regions? Now in many parts of the country to promote the promotion of thermal insulation mortar, in Yunnan, Kunming to promote open?

(3) should be national policy to encourage self employment of female college students in the industry, because the national policy to encourage the industry in all aspects of tax, and funds are preferential; and encourage the development of national policy, it shows that the industry has a good market space. For example, farming, in recent years, the country strongly encouraged, farming and subsidies, and now farming industry is indeed very optimistic.


(4) can find their own entrepreneurial projects in the site

Boiled dumplings will have to see the brand advantage like German

in hi de Boiled dumplings is a very good brand items, of course in the catering market is very like German Boiled dumplings have been favored by investors characteristic brand, so all in all, then how the brand, will have to see the details below.

must look like Boiled dumplings brand de

preferred ingredients: one plus one natural flour

Wheat core powder

hi de selected from a Boiled dumplings with a brand of natural flour, flour without any additives in the production process, like the German Boiled dumplings made of exclusive dough with natural white color, delicate taste refreshing taste, strong aroma, rich nutritional value.


preferred brand acid cold meat

hi de Boiled dumplings choose brand acid cold meat, slaughter time after cooling, the temperature dropped to 24 hours of pork 0-4 low temperature, complete the process of pork row acid. The acid cold meat pork can inhibit lactic acid aggregation, remove harmful substances and prevent the growth of microorganisms, the meat is soft and elastic, well cooked easily rotten, delicate taste, with rich meat flavor.

preferred ingredients: three pick quality assurance

hi de Boiled dumplings the shrimp, must go through three processes, one is to pick a stump, shrimp, ensure the head uniform; the two is to pick the skin, hand peeled shrimp, let Q play refreshing; the three is to pick the line, remove the shrimp on the back of the yarn, remove the salty smell of fresh; shrimp is also rich in nutrients, more suitable for children and the elderly to eat.

Underwear how to choose a good position

has a very good saying, a good start is conducive to success. In fact, for those who do business with many entrepreneurs, how to choose the shop location is often the beginning of their career, so if you want to shop business in the beginning is half, you must select the location of the shop.

A, underwear store location must be forward-looking

is not a good location will make money, once meet municipal planning changes, lively area will become a rare place, which is being developed in the area have great investment space, therefore, it is best to know more about the location of the future a lot of development. In addition, we must pay attention to the future competition in the region.

two, underwear store location influence passenger "gold"

location must pay attention near the flow of people, traffic conditions, residents and units, which is related to the amount of income. Therefore, the location of the superior business investment income is higher, but also means a lot of high prices, fierce competition. Community shops and shops along the street traffic stability, stable return on investment.

three, underwear store location should pay attention to the price of