Learn to search is an important method of WangzhuanYou need more female thinking patterns for Intern

if you don’t make money online, you just have to search for the results you need. If you want to make money through the Internet, you have to come up with common search skills.

Ø user requirements are perceived by


female thinking is a kind of perceptual thinking, but for a long time, the perceptual thinking is always the taboo of entrepreneurship. Indeed, in the past, you must be proficient in functional design, cost control, process control, governance and business relations, rational and smart, is the essential quality of entrepreneurial success, and even the only quality.

2 when you open the web page of search results, first of all to see whether this page is worth our reference, the content and positioning of the site has nothing to recommend, it is worth learning.

3 to contact the webmaster and add it as and webmasters become good friends, because his words can be routed to the first, his income is very high, at the same time to see the station’s ALEXA value, look at the daily flow of the station is much.

Many successful experiences on the

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but in today, the light is rational, but no use, at least not enough to make you a cow entrepreneur, the achievement of a bull enterprise. Because today’s business, in addition to considering your skills and operational capabilities, but also you need to have insight into human nature, insight into the user’s psychological ability, you need to think and feel like a woman.

is a joke, that is a bag production enterprises to design a more close to the consumers of the female package, dispatched personnel to market research, found that every girl looking for something from the bag is very difficult, all the data that bag design is unreasonable, there should be more interlayer. So, the enterprise immediately withdraw from a more layer bag on the market, advertising is no less, the market is not up. Enterprises have to resort to marketing experts, experts after a study found that women are like to enjoy slowly from the bag to find things.

network can be replicated. Chen Anzhi, a famous successful scientist, said, "if you want to succeed, you must first learn the experience of successful people.". So, before you start your network, let’s look at other people’s success and learn the skills of others. It can help us find the direction of success quickly and save valuable time. Let me first talk about how I can copy other people’s successful experiences in network promotion and marketing.

1 first looks at the bidding ads on the right shlf1314 as an example of the search. Since the other side to buy the bidding advertising, prove its project can be profitable, and do the bidding advertising is the second stage belongs to wangzhuan. When we find good bidding advertising items, we can operate on our own and copy the successful experiences of others.

article source: Guangzhou 365lanqiu network

4 when you find good articles, be sure to find out who the real author is. You probably didn’t like online ads before. But from now on. When you are determined to become Wangzhuan owners, it is necessary to change the previous practice. When you meet an advertisement, do it and analyze the advertisement, imitate it, or create new ideas by yourself. Then you will succeed step by step.

first explains that "women’s thinking" is a metaphor, an ideological trait, and a woman in the sense of self. "Male / female", like "left brain / right brain" and "emotional / rational", itself exists in our each person’s self consciousness, but when we need to get the meaning of existence from the external world, "male" thinking is fundamental to our survival, "will be thinking characteristics of female" with more hidden in the subconscious level.

had a quarrel with men and women trying to explain model tool, called "men are from Mars, women are from Venus", the book said a man looks tough, but simple thinking, thinking is linear; the woman looks weak.

in the past, we understood that customers generally used market research methods, by sampling and by sample analysis. In the age of scarcity, in the age of industrialization, where consumers’ demands remain in the era of eating, wearing, warming and personal safety, such methods are naturally effective because consumers are concerned with functionality and cost performance. But when the consumer demand has risen to social, respect and self realization at this level, sampling becomes very nonsense.

we use search engines every day to search for the information we need, and also to get into many websites. People who want to succeed on the Internet should first master the skill of searching. When we participate in Web training or browse the web tutorial, teachers will strongly recommend that students first install shlf1314 Toolbar on their website, because it can query the PR value of the website. Speaking of search skills, what skills do you think of?. Here are some of the simple techniques I’ve discovered during the search, and share with you.

in the Internet age, the sense of self and personalization has become the mainstream thinking of this society. "Women" thinking is natural, emotional oriented and experience oriented, and does not need to be demonstrated by logic. It can be judged by instinct and intuition, but it is not necessary to know it.

A small station without technology, 7 years of experience in building a station

first published article, in Admin5 webmaster net primary school graduation, typos more errors, please. Born in 70s, not an hour, because the parents are outside, no one cares, resulting in primary school after graduation, never want to go to school. 99 years begin to contact the computer, or when playing the game, red alert, Rome, then to the middle, and slowly learned QQ chat, QQ friends, contact the game, play the nine chat, chat etc.. 01 years began about to meet friends, then see the city, once seen in the work of the Internet, gradually familiar with, she told me she has a website (personal home page), I see that after the fun, asked her to teach me, because I have no culture, she taught me several times, is no longer willing (no culture, teach very tired). I only knew space and domain name at that time.

I have been interested in the website, no one taught, only slowly on the Internet to find, remember that was found in 9126 with 3721 free 2 domain name. And then find a free space, edit directly in the background, you can add pictures, text, and music. Slowly learned to check the source code, take other people’s modifications, and then released.

I love music, especially DJ, was not more than DJ station, DJ music is relatively small, it is hard to find a few premieres on your home page, and then their every day on your own personal home listening to music. One day, looking at the background statistics, I found that the number of visitors is a few per day. This just know to tell people that I have a personal homepage, first to QQ friends, and then to the Chinese game center, and chat rooms where customers, so every day I remember, the highest one day more than 3000 visits. This way for six months, because I put a DJMTV video, more open. A few days free, 2 domain name on the seal, and contact the management is useless.

after half a month, began to learn to play a game called rivers and lakes, slowly playing familiar, and know that there is a way to increase their money. In a few days, they are stronger than those members, playing those members of the continuous remittance to the people who buy rivers and lakes to buy gold coins, increase physical strength, equipment. The man of the river slowly knows, I have the way to get gold coins, contact me, want me to tell him the method, I told him, he gave a Jianghu, I manage for 3 months. Institute of management, began to use the old way to publicity, but also good, often online 30-50, then began to sell the first member, give yourself a member, and then to bully some game player, the game player was someone to contact me to buy a member, soon after 3 months, the rivers and lakes the management to the back, 3 months I received 3000 yuan. Feel good, they want to open up rivers and lakes.

first to the NetEase to buy a space, is to use FTP upload, this will not, it took me a few days, and finally learned to modify the code in notepad in FTP, then contact the open arena, he put forward to buy program 300 yuan, he did not.

Ways to improve the integrity of the website in the user’s mind


because of the rapid development of the Internet, more and more people have access to the Internet industry. At the same time, it also brings a lot of problems, such as honesty, deception and so on. Some people use the Internet to make ill-gotten gains, also some people use the Internet to do good. As a famous man says, there are good people and bad people everywhere. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. So, this is the world, and this is the earth.

well, the first step is to give him a believable mind when the user enters the website, so that he can browse the page further. How can you let the site leave a good impression on the user’s first impression? There are no doubt four points. An interface, the user enters the first glance of a web site must be the interface. So the interface is friendly. Two content, if the entire site 90% is copied, what’s the use?. Three function, simple is good, but in the eyes of users do not think so. Four, third party signs. The following I will explain these factors one by one.

improve integrity factor one: friendly interface


interface is a site of the face, even if you don’t change better, don’t get out of order, although the disorder is a kind of beauty, the first feeling but you don’t forget a web interface to give new users how important it is, he is directly related to its users will become a reference parameter a standard old user or loyal users, the interface must be clean and tidy, no dislocation occurred in the tail, if this is the case, they do not modify, then find a friend or modify the necessary payment. Like a villa with a house of the same difference, who looks good, who do not look good, fool all know. Therefore, the first step to do the station is to have a friendly and concise interface. This way, even if the optimization, they are comfortable to look at some bar.

improves confidence factor two: original content

I want to see many webmaster about the content of the paragraph when looking at other people’s experience, no doubt he is the necessary part of the website products, can not be a lack of content, is to give users see, even if the contents are not open to the sub station. There are three kinds of content: reproduced content, pseudo original, original. Three kinds of content, if used in the same website, you can do the original. The original is the best content, even if your writing is poor, write not very good-looking, but the user won’t blame you for what, it is possible to cater to the part of the user’s appetite, this is not to retain some? And about writing skills is to write more, Practice makes perfect..

will gradually improve, the key is that you have to write, dare to write, willing to write. The pseudo original content most of the webmaster love just change the title, paragraph, change the format just teasing the user directly or cheat search engine trouble. This is a performance that is irresponsible to people and to them. Reprint content is the worst content, because you turn, others also turn, turn to

What affects the click rate of Web ads

recently started advertising research, I analyzed, sorted out a few points out, and the webmaster friends share, write well, you do not laugh at.

now briefly talks about the direct impact on the click rate of Web ads:

one, advertising placement, this is the most important. Good advertising position, to allow visitors to see it first, and let him go to the point of impulse, or confuse him, let him feel that advertising content is what he wants to do this, click on the ads must increase.

two, the content of advertising and web content similarity

such as a type of literature website, our advertising is best friends or dating, or flowers, because this kind of web users are mainly some of the men and women in love, they may be more interested in these ads, if GG, it is what the tooth ads, even if, you should go back to competitive advertising that blocked the site of the shielding of all advertising, if your site is the beauty category, then you might find some advertising, advertising appeal activities, see the beauty of the station are generally some guys, Langyou majority, please allow me to say that we will. Should match up, this ad click rate will improve.

three, website ads don’t do like TV commercials,

site advertising don’t do like TV ads, TV ads are mandatory in let you not see not, and web ads that can not be trusted, naturally not to pay attention to, of course, if only to show a brand, it’s different. This time we want to consider a user experience, not blindly put the pop-up ads or floating, these ads are very honest people hate, some little computer people, see automatic pop, will immediately think of viruses, what put you off the site, of course, if your site really bad, you’re not going to see them deeply into it, then you can try to put some more pop, apply a few alliance together, such a station is equivalent to multiple station traffic, make full use of resources.

four, the URL of the website link is all home page

if you see something people on your website, into the purpose for a more detailed understanding of these things, and these ads into almost all links to the homepage, others will spend half a day to find just the thing, of course, for advertisers you can understand, I hope you can enter your home page to see something more. But it is better not to do so, directly connected to the detailed page will be better, so that we do not need to go around a lot of curved, and increase the user experience is very important, please remember that.

, here are a few personal views on advertising, I hope the advertisers have some inspiration:

one, put in position

AD & >

Suitable for young people to start the project which these projects are very profitable

work for a few years, save a lot of money on hand, want to start their own business, which is a lot of young people have ideas. So, what are the projects for young people? Now a variety of entrepreneurial projects, young people want to start the business must first find their own projects.

projects for Young Entrepreneurs: ceramic


projects for Young Entrepreneurs: recovery of computer

projects for Young Entrepreneurs: anti-theft products

X smart anti-theft mobile phone sets and the appearance of the ordinary mobile phone is exactly the same, the phone will be automatically stolen before the alarm, to remind the host and the surrounding masses, and scare off the thief, and the owner will not open their own alarm. Features include: sound, vibration, sound and vibration alarm, alarm, music alarm, etc.. The style is casual, sharp, rounded edge type, folding type, oil type, divided into pure leather and leather series series of two types, high, medium and low-grade 100 kinds. The product came out instantly detonated the small commodity market, a hot national anti-theft mobile phone sets.

a suitable for their own projects, will bring you an unexpected surprise. Suitable for young people to start a lot of projects, the above is a small series of suitable for young people to start a good project, of course, when we choose the project, or to choose according to their own circumstances!


It is said that the opening of underwear stores have earned

underwear is a woman’s close fitting clothing, there is a great demand in the market, open underwear store is also very profitable. So investors, how to operate underwear in order to make more money? Open underwear stores, the use of the right business skills, money is not a problem.

to establish a good incentive and guarantee system, the largest possible incentive shopping guide service enthusiasm and provide protection, to the best sales situation. Brand underwear shop assistants must be familiar with commodity knowledge. Brand underwear store is important to maintain patency, according to the customer’s line, to the layout of their stores. Main exhibition area, auxiliary exhibition area, promotion exhibition.

To know how to use


City tribal women joined worry shop

urban tribal women? Market development space, a simple way to join the choice of high-quality entrepreneurial projects, we need to join. Deputy City tribal women? Are you ready? Open a tribe of their own city women’s shops, is the choice of the business is not it?

City tribal women’s wear is the first to wear as the theme of the whole line of brand discount stores. Products related to clothing, hats, shoes, bags, jewelry five categories of more than one hundred kinds of single products. Urban tribal women’s clothing, seasonal fashion magazine brand, brand culture to promote the introduction of the new season, the introduction of the core promotional price, the most dazzling city tribal women, the most fashionable side to show consumers.

city’s tribal products are from the brand clothing factory large single tail, can be in step with the times in product quality, style, brand style and other circumstances, by the special channel was acquired by city tribal women’s brand discount center. City tribal women through the group’s huge of relationships with the major apparel factory to maintain long-term cooperative relations, while ensuring the supply of rich and low cost.

join the city tribal women’s project, is a powerful choice. Join the project quality, the best choice for small business. Such a good choice to join the project, do you still not echocardiography? Don’t hesitate, hurry up! Come and join us!

Dragon fish taste authentic American charcoal to join the tide good choice

in our living standards continue to improve today, we want a better business, for the selection of a good project is very important. How long the tide of American charcoal grilled fish? Worry free business, successful operation. Join the Dragon tide American charcoal grilled fish, is worthy of our consideration!

now a lot of friends of the high demand for food, which is inseparable from the improvement of our living conditions. We all know that fish are very nutritious, especially grilled fish is very delicious, do you know what is best to eat fish on the market now? Well, is the Dragon tide American charcoal grilled fish. Dragon tide charcoal grilled fish can be said to be representative of American brand fish, it’s a lot of fish species, to give customers a great choice, so it is recognized by consumers.

dragon tide of American fish is not an ordinary charcoal grilled fish, but it is very simple to learn. Even if you do not have any food and beverage experience can also be easy to learn through the headquarters of the professional system of "hand in hand" teaching. Bubble instant noodles technology, five star restaurant taste, which has become one of the reasons why many franchisees respected. The nutritional value of fish is high, the price is low, the future development potential, good brand is worth your trust.

How long the tide of American

charcoal grilled fish?

is the American Dragon tide charcoal grilled fish is so popular for a reason. It is rich in nutrients and delicious, health is not a gimmick; selection of ingredients, carey taste great and taste collocation, the north and South; culture, new elements and new experience, not the same dietary environment; special American fireplace has the advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, no smoke, more delicious. So many customers and friends to have a dragon tide American charcoal grilled fish is good, also want to come back.

high-quality entrepreneurial projects, worthy of our attention and choice. American Dragon tide charcoal grilled fish to join? The best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs! If you are also very exciting. So, hurry up!

The United States of Qinghai leveraging the The Belt and Road win-win development

Flowers TuRui Yingbin Peng, beautiful Qinghai new exhibition.

through the professional and lively show, we are more and more clearly positioning the food and supplies halal "province growth" context: This is to enhance the scale, and a progressive open cooperation; this is to strengthen the connotation, once again witnessed win-win cooperation.

let out – Qinghai

the opening day, the province will focus on strengthening international economic cooperation and promote the development of halal industry "theme, the economic and trade cooperation Roundtable held with" The Belt and Road along the countries and regions. From Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Turkey and other countries and regions about politicians, diplomats, business associations responsible person, business representatives gathered to discuss international halal food products industry in Chinese "The Belt and Road" strategic layout in faster development.

"The Belt and Road" concept to promote the Muslim areas along the Silk Road Economic and cultural development, is a golden opportunity, we should seize this opportunity to show their own advantage. For halal food, supplies enterprises in our province, this is a time to go out and outside the province, the development of foreign enterprises, excellent opportunity.


"did not participate in the Qing food exhibition, enterprises can only rely on their own meager strength to create a platform for propaganda, since I have been on this platform, we are out of the increasingly fast pace, the development of enterprises also have new strength." From "kept in purdah did not know, until now, has successfully opened the door, inside and outside the province and even foreign markets for halal food products enterprises in the province, clean food exhibition held is undoubtedly the best platform for their development in.

"make Qinghai local products from here out of Qinghai." Qinghai budup investment development limited company chairman Ma Junyi said that the company’s brand products by Paterson beef and mutton show improved visibility, especially foreign merchants of Qinghai green meat very interested, businesses see open foreign markets from the dawn of the "clean food exhibition".

in enterprises, xuezhou Sanrong, Yijia, Xian red sauce, Kekexili, Tai food etc.;

Brand Taxi Mobile civilization messenger

In May this year, Xining city has been set up based on the "love team" and "party demonstration fleet", by the 6 taxi companies were founded the "brand team", so far, Xining city taxi co founded the brand team 8. In addition, there are 200 taxi was named the city’s youth civilization taxi". Brand taxi from the earliest 36 to nearly eight hundred now, the provincial capital taxi is a new look to greet the visitors to the eight party.

"master, hello. You look at the master also holding the child, the car is not very good, can not let the child holding the first car ah?" August 20th 12, the provincial capital of the Yangtze River intersection, Lei Feng team is trying to persuade the passengers of the taxi race for the two Liu Shenglan. Liu Shenglan sat on the taxi, the first sight is the windshield of the upper right corner of the bright red "Lei Feng" team, clean body, white seat, attentive service, make people feel warm.

brand team fine service see civilization

at noon on August 20th, in the provincial capital of Kunlun Road, took the taxi company a "brand car" firmly stopped. Look carefully at the taxi, the body is very clean, the front and rear windows are affixed to the "brand team" team standard.

bus, car seat cover cloth clean and brighten, "service qualification certificate" squarely placed at the specified location. The driver Han Qingfu introduced the company to create "brand team", launched a number of high-quality service activities: when the passengers get off, if no light on the dark road, the driver will be keen to use their lighting lamp. During the college entrance examination, free shuttle college entrance examination students and send blessings to the college entrance examination, encouraging words. Meet the elderly, disabled free shuttle bus……

"now many passengers as long as the bus saw the team logo, feel more relaxed, some passengers said, see the logo, feeling the driver technology is very good, safe and reliable, is not afraid of lost something can’t find. I think that the implementation of these activities for the driver, as long as the quality of service has increased, the brand started, passengers naturally more, the economic benefits will be increased." Han Qingfu said.

brand taxi West Railway Station exhibition style

The brand team rental

Xining city after the formation, take turns to carry out the integrity of business activities at the train station, not received a penny, provide considerate service for passengers, the train station in order to regulate the role of taxi operating order.

is a member of the brand so expensive taxi, there is a train station in a hurry to catch the train passengers bag fell on the car, rushed to the station. You will just as many passengers rushed to the city area, Xu you found a black handbag on the back seat, so expensive is a recall of passengers falling, the passengers can just at this time but this package is his claim.