A street vendor business fire up what techniques have

no matter what kind of business, if you want to make the business fire, you need to take some business skills. After all, now the major industry competition is very intense, only with the relevant skills, can make the business get really hot good development. So, put the stall business fire up the skills? Let’s get to know each other.

first: you must have someone at the booth.

this is the most important, everyone has curiosity, China since ancient times has said that the herd effect, like to go to many places to run, if your booth no one, maybe a lot of people don’t want to see. What are the techniques of putting up a stall? How to do when there is no one, call on some friends to stroll.

secondly: you must have good eloquence.

What are the skills that

put on the business in the booth? Here said the eloquence does not mean you have to say how, but you have to seize the customers love what, wondering what is the wind blows, we said, such as you feel the customer in hesitation, you need to look at him because the product or because of the price, because if you can recommend other products, if because of the price you can have a little discount, even if you 5 cents cheaper or customers on the heart.

final: giveaway.

What are the skills that

put on the business in the booth? I bought a lot of things in the market yesterday, I bought a set of 3 pieces of bed sheets, quilt sheets and pillowcases, starting 45 yuan, the price to 30 behind our boss not to sell or not to sell, then back to 35, and then I will follow the experience of going to its sister, the boss really took a few steps call me, but he is not sold directly to me, but I said: sister ah, this is not what we profit, so, you 40 dollars I send you a pillow can?

I promised

directly without thinking, then come to think of reasons I understand, because in my eyes feel that pillow is more than 5 dollars, so I feel I was earning, so let you put stall business fire up a skill is the gift or collocation to sell, for example if you are selling jeans buy a pair of jeans, sent two pairs of socks, belt or the like do not? Can you buy a bowl of chopsticks or a spoon?

stall business in the end can not fire, but it also has a lot to do with many aspects. In short, as a stall operator, if you want to make their business hot up, may wish to master more business skills. So, the above Xiaobian introduced these skills can be placed on the spread of the business operators to help?

The United States imported Si supermarket franchise to highlight the advantages of

supermarket, in our own lives, is a very influential choice. How beautiful Si imported supermarket? The quality of the project, worry free business, join Si beauty imported supermarket project, is worthy of our consideration!

now imported supermarket brand in the market a lot, but like Si beauty imported supermarket to meet all the needs of the supermarket is not good. Therefore, many investors see the beauty of Si imported supermarket business, have joined this popular project!

How about

Si beauty importer in the supermarket?

joined Si beauty imported supermarket project, headquarters to provide a set of shop operation scheme for investors, including the daily store management system, staff regulations, staff should have the customer reception etiquette, product knowledge, sales skills and merchandising knowledge etc.. The import of the supermarket brands on the market a lot, and Si beauty home imported supermarket carey for the rich products to consumers, many off shopping spree, but also brought rich opportunities to its franchisees to join, advantage is very outstanding.

The United States imported

Si supermarket, with the strength of the brand to join the project choice. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, is a very high-quality entrepreneurial project selection. Join Si beauty imported supermarket project, what are you waiting for?

What is the British investment Philips garbage processor join advantage

garbage processor? For the family, is a very good kitchen helper. Of course, the small business choose to join the garbage disposal project, is a very choice of business opportunities. How about the British Philips garbage processor? Small business optimization. So, to join the British Philips garbage disposal project, are you ready?

How about

Philips garbage processor? Stable and reliable product quality, best-selling all over the country, won the majority of users of the trust and praise, but also can be installed in the kitchen sink, directly into the drainage pipe, and hidden in the cupboard, not any original kitchen structure, is a positive response to the national energy-saving environmental protection, green living ideas, help the family user convenient family food waste, a green living environment for families to create, is the introduction of the latest European technology concept, the company of professional R & D team carey made, and by the application of more than a thousand times, excellent quality, easy to use.

How about

Philips garbage processor? The use of the exclusive research and development of polymer nano materials seamless combination of lightweight shell and four grinding grinding technology, these two technologies is an international invention patent award.

British Philips garbage processor join advantage:

1, training support: once joined the British Philips garbage processor, training professional knowledge of English, the headquarters will Philips brand display technology, promotion methods, customer psychology, service skills, allowing investors to become an expert master in the short term.

2, brand support: Enjoy English, Philips brand image design and enterprise VI vision system of the right to use the distribution, distribution agents at all levels to the brand PROMO CD, manual or electronic information products.

3, distribution support: use the Internet platform, patrons can understand English Philips garbage processor based product information, a complete one-stop supplier of high quality and low price, let you enjoy the sufficient source of goods and huge profit.

4, policy support: ultra low price supply, huge profits for the British Philips garbage processor service station dealers, sales rebates, incentives, improve the return system, to allow the operator to worry about.

5, marketing support: British Philips garbage processor headquarters to help dealers according to local market assessment of CCP, investment planning and marketing guidance.

6, regional protection: a county region only a proxy, the investor’s monopoly in a certain region, the British Philips garbage processor dealers enjoy open up market agents, renewal of priority, to avoid vicious competition between sites.


City Court concluded the first case of small claims proceedings

April 12th, the city court of the use of small claims procedure, only 30 minutes concluded by the right to life, the right to health dispute case, relevant provisions in our province which is the first application of the revised "civil procedure law".

July 27, 2012 15 pm, the defendant Liu because of neighborhood trivia, the plaintiff Chen beaten and injured, causing Chen brain trauma, eye trauma, systemic multiple soft tissue injury, 11 days of hospitalization in the third people’s Hospital of Xining City, spent 3695.22 yuan for medical expenses. November 2, 2012, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau of the North Branch of the defendant Liu administrative detention 7 days, a fine of $500 security. Because the plaintiff and defendant cannot reach an agreement on compensation for personal injury, the plaintiff sued to court.

the "PRC Civil Procedure Law" the 162nd stipulation: "the trial of simple civil cases in accordance with the law 157th provisions of the first paragraph of the grassroots people’s court and the tribunals dispatched by it, the target amount of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities on the annual employment average annual wages below 30%, execute a court." In order to implement the new rules, the court in the city has formulated the rules of the people’s Court of the people’s Court of Xining Municipality for the trial of civil and commercial cases in small claims Proceedings (for Trial Implementation).

after the admissibility of the case, the contractor found that the facts of the case clearly clear relationship between rights and obligations, is not a dispute, the subject matter of the amount of 10000 yuan or less, in line with the case of small claims litigation. Therefore, the judge to the original defendant, issued the "Xining City District People’s court litigation notice", by the plaintiff and the defendant signed the "Xining City District People’s court procedure selection confirmation", is a small case of hearing the case proceedings. From the court to the plaintiff to get the person’s compensation for the loss of 3000 yuan in arrears, only used for about 30 minutes. (author: Wen Ling Wei Yadong)

New year to go Grassroots road angel stick to the Spring Festival

February 8th, new year’s day.

at 4 in the morning, it was still dark outside. Most of the people in staying-up late on new year’s Eve after the city fell asleep. Huang Hua, 47 years old, got up early. She is the city of Xining City District Sanitation Management Center is responsible for cleaning the streets of the 54 paragraph, the day all the sanitation workers must be one hour ahead of the gang, from 5 o’clock to take to the streets to clean up.

Spring Festival, the majority of Chinese people will put down their work and family reunion, but known as the "road angel" sanitation workers must adhere to work for the public to clean up the city clean. Engaged in environmental sanitation work for 15 years, the annual Spring Festival Huang Hua are spent on the job.

this day is particularly difficult to clean. A lot of places on the street paved with a thick layer of firecrackers crumbs, some of the debris into the hole in the floor tiles, Huang Hua they bend down a pick out. In some places, the water freezes and freezes the rubbish. They remove the ice and clean the rubbish. A lot of units have been put off, no one cleaned the three bags in front of the door, and Huang Hua cleaned them without complaint. Stand in the cold wind, the reporter ears quickly frozen and numb, in accordance with the camera shutter fingers also failed, but Huang Hua this petite woman in Sichuan, still holding the big broom sweeping the streets and companions.

days slowly lit, 54 street shops in front of the sound of firecrackers sounded. Each opened a home, Huang Hua and his partners to sweep back a piece of firecrackers, so it has been swept to two or three p.m..

one day down, they are in the street to sweep out a full 8 car garbage, is the usual workload of 4 times.

54 Street section of crowded, vehicles, pavement, garbage, is a lot of people do not want to do a lot, but Huang Hua take the initiative to assume. Buy special purchases for the Spring Festival in many streets of the twelfth lunar month, the packing box, plastic bags, foam board, cigarette butts and a lot more than usual, especially the difficulty of cleaning.

Huang Hua said that they have been working for an hour more than ten days in advance. She said, but in order to do a good job, do the necessary protection, the cleaners are still on the streets.

"now, the quality of the public than before to improve a lot, a lot of caring people also take the initiative to care about us, the intensity of work is also relatively lower than before." Huang Hua side with fast green car garbage collection side said.

Huang Hua family difficulties. The family of four daughters, just to work, son of the University in Xi’an, was a sanitation worker’s husband 7 years ago in a car accident incapacitated, the burden of the family of a sudden pressure in Huanghua her shoulder, a monthly salary of 2100 yuan into the family economic support for the main.

however, the conversation, the woman nearly fifty years showing or for life satisfaction and hope for the future. "Life, hope the son will be able to find a good job, one family healthy, life after retirement;

Our province to complete the rural three left personnel thorough investigation work

implementation of the State Council and the relevant ministries of the province’s deployment, timely carry out the province’s Rural three left personnel thorough investigation work, as of now, the province thoroughly investigation work has been fully completed.

from the beginning of April to the end of July, the province’s total found 18180 children left in rural areas, including 12293 students in kindergarten, 2875 people, 215 people with disabilities, by the government to rescue 770 people, no household of 220 people, the total number of eligible minors accounted for the province’s Rural household registration number 2.11%; investigation of a total of 3576 people left behind women in rural areas meet the conditions of rural women, the province accounted for 0.38% of the number of household registration; investigation of a total of 10508 people left behind elderly in rural areas, accounting for the province’s rural household registration number of the elderly with 2.9% conditions. By Mopai found that left behind children in rural areas of our province mainly concentrated in three counties of East Sea and Xining City, left behind women relatively concentrated in East Sea and Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the elderly left behind in the sea east city, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the Haixi Mongolian Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in three to the more concentrated.


diagnostic investigation work, led by the local county civil affairs departments, supervision and guidance of the people’s Government of a township (street) and village (neighborhood committees) will carry out a comprehensive, Mopai data with the education statistics and enrollment system of rural left-behind children data, the public security organs of household registration data for comparison and verification, made clear base, the situation quasi. At the same time, collecting data and basic information of all the input "the Ministry of civil affairs of rural left-behind children data acquisition software", form a complete, detailed dynamic updating of rural left-behind children information base, improve policies and measures to care for the protection of refinement, guide the grass-roots autonomous organizations and social forces to provide basic data to support the implementation of precise care protection.


Several classic small business to get rich case recommended

now society, because the market competition is more intense, the entire business costs continue to improve, there have been more and more people begin to pay attention to small business, there are also many people start small business, what are good projects can choose.

handicraft store:

run into the store before the factory, make full use of the characteristics of the female workers Xinlingshouqiao, sewing handkerchief, cushion, tablecloth scattered at home to complete. Handmade products, the style of the opportunity to repeat less, easy to accept customers. Small investment, low risk.

: Healing Hotel

baby Print Club:

: occupation prediction shop

old talk station:

people complaining about the two generation gap at the same time, there is no consideration of the psychological needs of elders? This new line when the elderly can provide a place to talk, communication.

without destroying the decoration, solve the pipeline lack, sewer blockages, concealed fault, wall pipe seepage problems. Of course, we must have professional skills.

now society, many get rich are successful through some small business way, at the same time the society some obscure small entrepreneurial project is also respected by the people, because these projects often contain large market opportunities.


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The old city street Chongqing small noodles traditional delicacy entrepreneurial worry

actually, we all know that pasta, in our lives, is always very attractive to consumers. But, as we all know, in a few hundred thousand people in the city, need tens of thousands of noodle. Then, start to choose to join the old city street Chongqing small noodles? Delicious, the best choice for entrepreneurship.

Old Town Street Chongqing small noodles, delicacy of new experience. It tastes so delicious why? The old city street Chongqing small noodles can attract different tastes on both sides of the Changjiang River always on the move, the attention of consumers, the main reason is that it’s quite distinctive products. Now people eat old city street is not only how to simply enjoy a bowl of noodle taste, deeper in the culture and history of the development of time-honored taste. The unified pattern including the storefront renovation, give a person a kind of deep feeling old, people like to meet the consumers personally on the scene, now taste buds and visual double enjoyment.

Old Town Street Chongqing small noodles to make money?

Old Town Street Chongqing small noodles, join a good choice. Since the old city Chongqing small noodles brand open, in the market quickly opened a brand development road, all over the country now has stores, from the service to the ingredients are the headquarters of a unified distribution. All know to join a restaurant is a very important reputation and popularity, the old city street is Chongqing small noodles a high-profile project, the brand effect is very high. Is a good choice to join the rich.

has a unique cuisine, is always very attractive to consumers, but also very attractive to join the eye. The old city street Chongqing small noodles? Brand project, join the choice is the advantage. So, what are you hesitating about?

The taste of the western restaurant decoration three matters needing attention

to open a western restaurant and Chinese restaurant has a lot of difference, the biggest difference is that more attention to the western style restaurant and decoration. Want to run a fine Western restaurant, you need to pay attention to the decoration style and selection. The following is the exquisite Western restaurant decoration three matters needing attention.

A, on the choice of lamps

in life of workers, restaurant use mainly in the dinner, lamplight is the lead that builds atmosphere. The restaurant should adopt the incandescent lamp with low color temperature, white light bulb or frosted bulb, diffuse light, no glare, with natural light, more friendly and gentle. The fluorescent lamp high color temperature, light, color, the face looks pale and blue colors are different, the food. Lighting can also be used in hybrid light, namely low color temperature and high color temperature lamp lamp combination, the effect of mixed lighting is very close to the sun, and the light source is not monotonous, you can choose. The restaurant lights of course more than a local, but also have relevant auxiliary lighting, to heighten the dining environment effect. There are many ways to use these auxiliary lights, such as lighting in the dining room furniture, glass cabinets, etc.. Need to know the auxiliary lights are not primarily for lighting, but in order to show the environment light effect, therefore, the illuminance is lower than the table lights, in the premise to highlight the main light source, lighting arrangement in order to do, not disorder.

Select the

three, on the choice of


Note the decoration

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What are the hot pot shop location technology

open hot pot restaurant how to do a good job site? Many investors are interested in this issue. If you want to learn the location of knowledge, can find some relevant information, small hope that can help you to master more business skills, to learn it, we hope to find suitable investment opportunities for you.

two skills: how to do the wrong position.

general only after opening will feel the location is not ideal, then it is really the wrong position this careful analysis, often affect the success of many factors, only to find the reason you can take corresponding measures.

three skills: selection and business positioning position Xixi related Hot pot shop.

four skills: the county and township shop.

five skills: small shop.

is a good shop in a mature residential large-scale selection. But to consider the size of the scale, the same kind of competition, the positioning of the pot and the price and gross profit and other factors. General talk shop should be small to the benefits and characteristics of heavy.

Six Skills: position and scale.

No matter what

store opened in the position, must consider the guest, must have very good business ideas, do not make money out of the brand is difficult.

seven skills: position in the food street.

if this street business is booming, so here is right, but you have to consider what the best Hot pot business, has its own characteristics, such as are the same, then recommended