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The future development of

in addition, we will find that every update the search engine algorithm are user centric, such as the love of Shanghai in June and 6.22 in the 6.28 event, there are many webmaster site affected love Shanghai algorithm this update, this is dissatisfied. However, in Shanghai given the subsequent official response, in fact, we can see the importance of UEO. Xiao Bian also think this is a hitherto unknown search engine adjustment, to tell the Webmaster: users above all in the website content quality guide. Love love Shanghai Shanghai said in order to enhance the user search experience, for the healthy development of the Internet Ecosystem, so the low quality site in search results show the more control the situation, and pointed out that no original live acquisition generated content website, is the focus of its removal. It is well understood: webmaster will understand this update to improve the user experience.

UEO is English user experience Optimization acronym, translated into Chinese means: user experience optimization, is standing in the user’s point of view, reasonable to optimize the operation, improve the site function, such as visual elements for the website to make it more in line with the user’s browsing or operation. We have always stressed the need to do user experience, but always will optimize this optimization and Shanghai dragon angle together, but now the industry will be the concept as a separate independent, this is represent the general trend. We do website owners in Shanghai Longfeng, under normal circumstances is the search engine as the key, the user experience may be placed in a secondary position, the result is the webmaster feel very friendly to all aspects of web search engine, but did not get a good ranking or search algorithm is updated, it is your own website a certain influence, the reason is the search engine’s eyes, it is the goal of the user, the website user experience is not good, it will think of users of these sites is of little value or no value.

website optimization development trend and is the most popular show update frequency and status of the Internet, every day on the Internet there are a lot of information tell us the webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er, need to learn new knowledge, out of what we do in Shanghai dragon may be in when you are not the day. Although the user experience is the circle of friends that complicated, but there has been no dragon and Shanghai isolate, and now the UEO concept, but that the user experience more and more much attention, whether it is the user, search engine, or industry colleagues. Today the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) and novice Shanghai dragon Er, UEO has attracted more and more attention.

so we webmaster later in the website optimization.

and UEO Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai Dragon

Different points

UEO and

Website optimization positioning strategy and strategy on key words

is a web site keywords from start layout to obtain the final search engine stable keywords ranking requires a cycle of the length of time depends not only on the keywords degree of difficulty, also depends on the ability of the team responsible for optimizing the level of. Therefore enterprise decision makers to enterprise website operation team level in the layout of key words have a clear judgment. If the site optimization team personnel is a beginner, may wish to easily optimize the word, such as the long tail keywords realize enterprise short-term strategy optimization ranking ability; if your team integrate cyber source strong enough tenacity, might as well put the hot short tail word as a long-term strategic objective to locate.

we all know, search engine keyword represents to potential consumer demand, keywords index of hot and cold, represents the amount of population search. But not that popular keywords are not important, a sense of popular keywords to bring customers a higher degree of quality. But if the enterprise website optimization just around the popular word to do Resources Bureau, this position of the lack of rationality, and if a website is just around the popular words is not enough scientific positioning, such.

Shanghai dragon

website optimization is the key part of the key location selection, usually have rich experience in website optimization, website keywords to locate accurate, but some beginners often repeated many times, can accurate positioning. For a company website optimization, if only to choose popular keywords or just choose popular keywords are not reasonable. This should be on the operation of enterprises, competitive advantage in the market and the company’s website to optimize the operation team to consider. This is a paper about the network marketing strategy and strategic positioning of keywords website optimization.

so in the strategic layout of enterprise website optimization keywords, how to achieve more accurate positioning, scientific and rational

of the network marketing outsourcing consultants believe that when a >


is not popular keywords or popular keywords or keywords in website localization, enterprises must first evaluate those potential consumers truly and the key words behind their business product service docking, the so-called keywords precise positioning. Do not define some morphemes and enterprise products unrelated, because it would waste the resources of enterprise network marketing. We also believe that enterprises should consider their own industry in the competition opponents in the situation, for those who reflect their own core competitiveness, the key must be put in the first optimization, while those less competitive keywords should be put in the secondary position.

usually "strategies" is adopted in order to realize something of the current means of process behavior is relatively short; and "strategy" is a long-term planning for the future goal of the general process of long period. At present, most companies use the website optimization as a way of network marketing the most widely, has the marketing effect, investment cost and the operation characteristics of controllable.


A rookie station experience

I’ve been at the station for about half a year. I don’t know anything from a station where I don’t understand anything. I really don’t know how to do it. See other people’s website is so beautiful, so have personality, I really want to make my own website, but no, I have no technology. English is not good. I can’t read the code. I don’t know. It should be from He Xueqi. It’s no good trying to learn. Hey,

although now stand a few stations, but no flow, see others standing flow, every day thousands, tens of thousands of, in the heart is really very uncomfortable.

when will I be able to do this? For me, simplicity is impossible.

people always say, do stand to wait, to time, but is the first three months, I stand still no traffic, now it was only up to 100 IP. When so much, my heart is happy, others can see, simple is junk. Simple is no better than you.

Some people say that

film station Haonong, I made a movie station, just know, the original movie station people too much, there is no place for our technical people to participate ah, ah, no matter, the station has been completed, not to move him, or listen to others, time is the best evidence, slowly. One day, it is very high, ah, writing an article is not good, do not write.

, ladies and gentlemen, please come to my website to advise, what is the bad place, please point out, I have the best ability to fix it, thank you,


, my website is

thank you all,

Do business to be good at becoming a specialty

only if you are running a shop, not what kinds of characteristics, the competition in the current social background of it is too intense, want to open a shop is facing more competition pressure. So, if we want to do a good job, we need to be good at turning into a special feature, so as to attract more consumers.

records department store is located in Liuzhou City, Shandong, Laixi Cultural Road, belonging to the community terminal. There are large shopping malls, banks, hospitals and pharmacies, lots better. Due to the small store, the product variety is not complete, with the surrounding large supermarket competition some difficulty. How can ability make business flourishing? Boss history was once a headache. Later, with the surrounding area residents in the conversation, the history of Weiguo realize the truth: hunger breeds discontentment.

The history of

Weiguo early learned cooking, usually love to make a table of delicious meals for the family in the kitchen, occasionally also about a few friends at home together, wash hands. Due to the surrounding office workers are more, sometimes looking at the early morning rush to go to work in a hurry to pass by, and even complain that even too late to eat breakfast.

The history of

Weiguo wondering: since I love cooking, why not fully play out? Anyway, do breakfast for the family to do, do more than a few copies! Do Weiguo history to the relevant departments for the catering business required documents, start NiuDao, make a pot family eat tea eggs, and Soybean Milk and Deep-Fried Dough Sticks. Beans and flour are given by their relatives, to ensure safety.

, however, how to sell, so that everyone knows? Shi Weiguo in their own way, each time a customer to buy things, will be the pot tea aroma attracted neighbors chatted with time, also please taste. Thus, free human propaganda on the. We pass ten, ten pass 100, quickly surrounding the workers know the Dragon records department store boss every morning to sell breakfast, clean and nutritious, but also delicious key.

today’s office workers eat out of the outside world is countless, and because of the fast pace of life, convenience has become an important factor in many people consider. In this way, more and more people come here, buy a few things more and more customers. Shi Weiguo Han Han smiled: "I think, my expertise into the store features!"

Starting from scratch how to make 1000 yuan to become your start-up capital


suffer from their own hands do not have much money, so the business plan is delayed, actually to really want business friends, 1000 yuan can be used as start-up capital, but the key problem is how to make good use of the 1000 yuan.

1: consider your interests, do what you like best, just make work fun. You can better develop in this industry.

2: analyze your experience, do what you do best. Professional identity, will let you in a lot of things handy.

3: here to emphasize the relationship channel, this is the accumulation of social life. One more channel equals one more chance. Often make a fortune. This is not unreasonable.

4, compounding money. Is this good time. It is equivalent to the high interest of the money, get the benefits to the.

5, double money. A man with superhuman powers, can not earn much, to do a lot of people working for you, a lot of road for you to make money, a lot of places for you money.

6, the use of others to make money for you, liberate themselves, their talents have time to learn how to make money quickly.

7, will use the power of capital.

8, will use the power of contacts.

9, the use of rod power: for example, the use of other people’s strength, the power of borrowing capital…… Partners, joint venture…… 10, to!

11, parasitic method, that is, to borrow a large enterprise, can also be a partnership!

12, pay more effort than others!

? With the above 12 suggestions, how about the success of entrepreneurship for 1000 yuan confidence? Hope that the above recommendations for your small business help! In addition, Xiao Bian remind you, in addition, entrepreneurial projects have to choose the right!

How to join the buns buns brand

really delicious and nutritious food for food ingredients must be very particular about, the most basic is the freshness of food requirements. Therefore, how to ensure the food to consumers can maintain the maximum level of fresh, perfectly show good nutrition and good taste of the food itself, it has become a responsible catering enterprises are most concerned about, the core of the subject, Bobby Steamed Buns the freshest products present to you.

Bobby buns is a professional steamed bread chain operators, founder Liu Huiping. Bobby Steamed Buns thin skin, tender meat, stuffing big, juicy, breaking the traditional Steamed Buns flavor, its unique taste is known as "Shanghai twenty snack". At present, our company has set up more than and 60 stores in the country, and the exquisite taste and unique flavor won the majority of consumers. Each store is Steamed Buns Babylon Business Flourishes, full of customers queuing up to buy. Bobby steamed bun was named "Chinese famous product". "Absolutely delicious, cheap, absolute absolute up" into the " " three Steamed Buns Babylon;.

Bobby bread to join stores requirements:

1, stores need to comply with the relevant requirements of the store license.

2, candidates should be in line with the company’s chain store outlets planning and franchise franchise management policy

3, the site to commercial areas, residential areas, near the hospital, schools, bus stations, farms and other crowd concentrated area of

4, the company chain stores hardware requirements: store the actual effective use area of not less than 16 square meters; net store door width not less than 2.5 meters; the net store layer shall not be less than 2.5 meters; stores net depth of not less than 3.5 meters in width; advertising signs shall not be less than 2.5 meters, the height of not less than 0.9 meters from the ground at the bottom of the sign not less than 2.4 meters. Complete water and electricity allocation; can use natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas shops, electricity consumption shall not be less than 15 kilowatts, can not use natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas shops, electricity consumption shall not be less than 35 kilowatts, must have access to the water. Eliminate the surrounding environment dirty and poor store.

Bobby bread join process:

1, consulting matters;

2, visit visit headquarters;

3, visit the store, taste products;

4, read the detailed information provided by the company;

5, project negotiations, fill in the intention to join the application form;

6, review Union

Open home exquisite snack bar easy to make money

once we in order to simple food and clothing are in the unremitting struggle, snacks naturally no market. And now, we can not eat can not be less snacks, which is now facing the big market snacks. Open the snack shop to have unique ideas and out of the ordinary strategy, through the reasonable promotion way, so that everyone can experience the snack shop atmosphere, reasonable price and good service snacks, you can open a snack shop to make money.

open snack shop success

mature retail chains have occupied most of the popular commercial small snack shop, individuals have to choose mature communities, people flow assurance, a stable source of business, go fine lines can be suitable for the public demand.

a nice house snack, plus a beautiful young woman who is easy to blush, is a delicate snack shop. Even in the face of only a few dollars to buy snacks, the little girl, beam bundle brand smile and beam bundle brand is not quite standard Guangzhou words are full of warmth. "Here are gregarious people, I can do a good reputation, business will be better and better." A bundle of smiles.

exquisite snack packaging can also be collected

who can not see, the beam is the study of medicine. However, like the beam of freedom has always wanted to open their own shop. Young girls like to eat snacks, beam is no exception. In Hongkong, in particular, to see a lot of people can not afford to eat snacks, so that she has all the "greed" – – then open a small snack bar!

beam to do some homework, find the snacks industry really have to do with the improvement of life quality, eating snacks has become a popular way of life, many people are watching TV, watch movies, chat very love to eat snacks; and eat snacks is no longer small children and young people the patent, even the middle-aged and older people have gradually accepted the habit of eating snacks.

not only eat snacks, but also play. Many young people love cartoon collection types of collections, and many imported snacks are packaged is originated from the classic cartoon novel topic, very beautiful, so young people become the object of; in addition, a lot of snacks is also very suitable for a friend. Designed to do home business people

beam say do it, immediately start looking for shop. She learned that some of the existing snack shops occupy the majority of Guangzhou’s commercial areas such as walking street, large shopping malls. Only a few million dollars are hard to compete with. Bundle turned to think, in addition to shopping, in fact, a lot of home people will buy snacks!

so, beam beam to the small shop. She saw Huajing Metro is more mature

Open Chinese fast food shop to make money

Chinese fast food restaurant development prospects, attracting numerous business concerns. Open Chinese fast food restaurant to make money? How much profit? If you are a novice, very interested in this issue, then look at it with a small bar, do not miss a good opportunity.


fast-food investment cost. The amount of investment for a few million yuan, to provide free technical training, brand use, operational guidance, such as advertising, free distribution brand tableware, store design, free distribution of posters, post technology upgrades and other advantages.

related recommendations

There is no fee to join the project

a lot of people want to start a business, but in the face of the high cost of joining, a lot of people are prohibitive, then, now the market is not to join the fee of the project? A day barbecue is a very good choice, today we’ll take a look at the introduction of a product name barbecue grill.

a day name barbecue project:

There is not

a day name proposed to create a new culture barbecue barbecue, barbecue with Chinese traditional culture as the center, to absorb the foreign barbecue culture essence, the inheritance and development, to create a new barbecue culture brand. A new way of barbecue, a new concept of barbecue, a new barbecue environment, by the national consumer’s warm praise, and now has become a consumer fashion. The pursuit of personality, dynamic fashion, you must have felt a day of the product of the unique charm.

There is not

for entrepreneurs, it is good for low cost of investment projects can be more reassuring do not accept initial fee items. So, now do not have to join the fee of the project? In addition to the above mentioned goods in a day and famous barbecue, full network also has a lot of not join fee items for your choice.