2011 Mid Autumn Festival moon cake

felt the Qixi Festival romance has not dispersed, it immediately to the Mid Autumn Festival, for this year’s moon cake manufacturers, but they are too busy! All businesses began playing the moon cake sales promotion war, cannot do without advertising, then the 2011 moon cake promotional advertising language what? Xiaobian finishing 2011 mid autumn moon cake sales advertisements hoping to help you.

2 traditional style moon cakes lead a person to endless aftertastes.

3 soft cool autumn moonlight.


6 month is the hometown moon cake passion


10 in a good mood in taste. The moon gave you the true taste of life


11 puket partings.


Dipai storm!

18 celebrate the national day, to celebrate the mid autumn festival.

20 doxmaex doxhoj mid autumn day enjoy the wonderful world of fun.

is home next month, love is a strong family, family gifts convey blessing forever


send love gift recommendation – sea the moon, puket. With a bright moon, it can be a romantic life, moon cake – Moon represents your heart. Send a friend to recommend a gift – childhood, parents are mountains, grew up, friends are mountains. A gift to you family and friends, profound friendship, share in.

100 degree boiling crock franchise fee how much money – fast food business

fast food to join the project, hot market, hot projects, trusted choice. 100 degrees of boiling pots and fast food join, no matter where are very hot. Join the 100 degree boiling pot of fast food? High quality entrepreneurial good choice, successful venture worthy of trust!


is known as the free chain brand, but the investment threshold is not high, for the 100 degree boiling fast-food franchise fee how much money jar mostly in the 20 to 500 thousand or so, of course, we in addition to some of the major cost components to y grasp, but also to understand the factors affecting the cost between the individual shop to join the difference, so you can make more accurate the budget.

to open a fast-food restaurant, the need to be prepared to fund includes many aspects, such as pay to the headquarters and join the margin, and some of the equipment and materials costs; and rental stores need to pay fees to the landlord, moreover is the decoration expenses and opened shops to rent, and then stores open up the need to recruit staff, which is the need to spend money, but also to set aside part of the liquidity to prepare for possible period of want or need.

but these expenses are not unified, but significantly influenced by regional factors, if it is a shop in the capital city or municipality directly under the central government, the funds required for the above 500 thousand, after all, high level of consumption, market demand, in addition to some high threshold, to ask the area of not less than 200 square meters; if in the shop city, about 350 thousand of the cost of investment, area of 150 square meters, while the city as long as there is about 230 thousand of the funds, you can easily open a 100 square meters of the inn.

today, large population flows, small business to choose 100 degrees of boiling pots and fast food items, is a very wise choice, is an advantage. Easy to learn fast start, no worries about the success of entrepreneurship! So, join the 100 degree boiling pot of fast food, what are you waiting for?

The golden hat of Korean barbecue have all joined in support of what

in many catering business projects, what food items can keep food production the original natural flavor, presumably non barbecue must go, this is one reason why people are so love to eat barbecue! So so many brands to join the brand barbecue sales market is relatively good, small series recommended for you to the South Korean barbecue.

golden straw Korean barbecue accurately grasp the Chinese food and beverage industry in the current economic development trend of the market came into being, once listed on the concern of investors. Golden straw Korean barbecue join with you to share the feast of wealth. Golden straw Korean barbecue is a very good platform to join the South Korean barbecue barbecue what support?

gold straw hat Korean barbecue join support what?

join support as follows:

market analysis guide

new customers, the company will look at the shopping district, lot assessment, competitive environment in a timely manner to make investment analysis report, to help the golden straw hat barbecue buffet to make a rational choice to improve the success rate of shop.

opening activities support

provides a detailed plan of opening and opening props, propaganda materials, and provide a range of staff training, guidance on display data, help the investment gold hat barbecue buffet agent started successy in local market.

store decoration support

for the investment of gold straw hat barbecue barbecue free of charge to provide free size measurement, drawing design, material procurement, engineering decoration, construction supervision and other professional information to ensure a unified image standards and decoration quality.

logistics distribution support

professional distribution division to assist you in distribution, and provide logistics services timely and accurately, according to the new listing period and the gold hat barbecue buffet franchisee sales, inventory, timely dispensing products, to ensure that the products enter the market quickly.

Xiaobian introduce finished, you should know the gold hat Korean barbecue join what support, so much support for the franchisee can easily make money! If you want to invest in gold hat Korean barbecue please give us a message on our website below, we will have the staff to get in touch with you in the post, but also to provide you with more similar brand.

MI started the whole investment secret cake – sweet cause

in recent years, people are very fond of sweet delicacy to relieve the pressure of work, the secret MI cake appearance is very delicate, sweet taste, worthy of trust of entrepreneurs, Secretary MI cake is now consumers love in all parts of the country, the secret MI cake shop business is hot.

[secret MI cake how]

secret MI cake as a professional cake brand, headquarters focused on the development of new features, has been committed to low sugar, low fat, juicy, multi fiber, fresh and healthy food development policy. Our fruit cake, mousse cake and fresh cream cake in the industry and consumers enjoy a high reputation.

[secret MI cake join advantage]

secret MI cake has a strong technical support for the franchisee, the range of teaching and a variety of fresh cake drink production skills, professional market operators have many years of experience in the market, auxiliary franchisee shop daily operation, worry and effort to secure business.

[secret MI cake development prospects]

the moment a lot of cake dessert items single product line, the secret MI cake has a professional R & D team, based on the cake dessert industry high angle to research the market, understand the market demand, constantly enrich the product line so that stores in the market more competitive products, solve the old customer’s loss

bring menace from the rear!

with people’s living standard continues to improve, the secret MI cake market demand is very broad, secret MI cake headquarter is constantly innovation, to create authentic art cake, cake and other secret MI chic, secret MI cake headquarter is even more attention to secret MI cake details, art MI cake shape There is nothing comparable to this.

What are the open noodle equipment

catering business so much, as long as you have the patience to find always find their own, today we focus on the traditional Chinese noodle restaurant without losing the new food items. Xiao Bian before we have introduced a lot of noodle business problems, and today we talk about the need to open a noodle shop to prepare what equipment?

open noodle shop equipment?

open a noodle shop to prepare what, open the noodle shop need what equipment? This is in front of the noodle shop we need to do a good job of preparation, however, this is also a lot of people want to open noodle shop common questions. Traditional noodle shop needs a lot of equipment. Such as cooking stove. Small fry stove. Dressing table. Wash basin. Baidunzi tool and so on. For entrepreneurs who have no experience. These are urgently needed to solve the problem, but also the core technology. Taste these can not be ignored. Here Xiaobian recommend the choice of a specialty noodle brand. Headquarters of the whole one-stop ready for you, so it is much easier to make money shop. What kind of equipment to open a noodle shop this question, a brief introduction to the small series!

noodle shop equipment:

1, cooking stove 1200

2, small fry stove 500

3, the soup kitchen 300

4, four door freezer 3000

5, cupboard 1000

6, seasoning table 400

7, cutting table 600

8, wash basin 500

9, baidunzi tool 300

10, pot and a variety of kitchen seasoning cylinder, stainless steel basin 1000

front desk and chair

is expected to 300 yuan per set of 8 sets of

total 2400 yuan

chopsticks, soy sauce pot, pepper pot, paper box is expected to 200 yuan

to open a noodle shop to prepare something, we must first choose a good pasta to join the brand, the brand has a good understanding of.

is now a lot of noodles and in fact, in order to win easily in this competition, of course, to join the brand to have characteristics. The soup clear surface soft, non stick is not chaos, green >

Xining industrial and commercial advance to take three measures to maintain the order of agricultura

recently, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of spring production in 2010, the Xining Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce Bureau in advance to take three measures to maintain the order of agricultural market management.


branch closely around the land preparation for spring plowing, early deployment, early arrangements, to further strengthen supervision of agricultural market, starting from the determination of agricultural business qualification, from the quality of agricultural access, registration, establishment of invoice system, pass through quality inspection certificate, quality inspection report, the jurisdiction of 7 households agricultural business units conscientiously implement the "two account two tickets a book card" system and the "three agricultural sales" system, and the agricultural purchase channels, sales of 11 record. At the same time, the order of agricultural households operating contract was examined. To intensify propaganda, setting up agricultural legal advisory Taiwan, leaflets and other forms of popular agricultural supervision laws and regulations knowledge, publicize the knowledge of scientific selection, distinguish false and correct usage of agricultural commodities, has received good results. For the convenience of peasant consumers to report complaints, the area where the rural supply and marketing cooperatives set up to report mailbox, public telephone, in order to smooth channels for complaints, establish a complaint handling mechanism, timely investigation of the illegal activities, which varies.


The ten rod brand rankings

fishing this has some movement has always been loved by a lot of people, in order to survive it, or a kind of leisure activities, in short, rod market because this interest hobby has been rapid development. In fact, as early as the Paleolithic humans use natural spines and branch hook antlers, pig teeth made of stone, the original fishing in rivers and lakes on fish and shellfish.

6000 years ago, there have been China bone harpoons, hooks, fish dart gun head, etc.. Lu Guimeng of the Tang Dynasty in the "preface" fishing is described in detail and then distinguish the fishing gear and fishing method. Fishing gear, fishing method is prevailing in recent two hundred or three hundred years, the emergence and development of the fishing gear, material also is synthetic fiber and plastics to replace. Here are ten big fishing brand rankings, so that we can have more understanding of the fishing market.

ten rod brand ranking NO1- fishing king

Wang is a collection of fishing bait, fishing tackle, outdoor equipment R & D, production, sales and service in one of the professional and modernized enterprise group; founded in Anlu city of Hubei Province in 1995. In 2007 the headquarters moved to Wuhan Panlong city. In more than and 10 years, in the joint efforts of all partners and chairman Gao Jiaquan hard, colleagues for their support in the fishing tackle company, one step growth in China fishing industry to establish a good market reputation and reputation, universally liked fishing people. The company covers an area of 99000 square meters of construction area of 48000 square meters (including construction area) fishing production Industrial Park and logistics base, a total of more than and 500 employees, fishing king group has become one of the most China fishing industry well-known enterprises

ten brand ranking NO2- Guangwei fishing rod

Wei Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, the headquarters of infrastructure in Vancouver Canada Wei Technology Co. Ltd. has a high-quality sales team management, senior management 80% master degree or above, more than 65% business team offers 7 bachelor degree, 24 hours a day, a full range of services. Well, products shall test and quality control by strict 100% complete, to ensure the quality, compatibility and reliability of its a to. In the eyes of customers and consumers have completely stable quality and high performance of the pronoun.

ten NO3- brand rankings. Fishing rod

Hangzhou falai Fishing Tackle Co. Ltd, after years of efforts and hard work, rapid development, become integrated fishing industry R & D, production and sales of the modern enterprise. Company to "create a world fishing tackle industry well-known brands, become international fishing friends" for the long-term, professional production of high density carbon fiber and glass fiber fishing rod fishing rod, has been developed to produce more than and 70.

What procedures need to open the restaurant business guidance

many friends want to start their own business, and open a restaurant is a good choice, not only the cost of investment is not good enough to harvest a lot of wealth. Now no matter what kind of investment shops, are required to handle the relevant procedures, open a restaurant is so. So what’s the procedure for opening a restaurant? The following details for you.

1, sewage permit application: first to the District Environmental Protection Bureau to apply for, after accepting, the staff will come to inspect and guide.   two necessary conditions for obtaining a permit for the discharge of sewage are: there must be no residential buildings above the ground; sewage shall be incorporated into municipal sewage pipes. Home inspection staff will be based on the size of the business area to determine what kind of fume hood installed. How to open a restaurant? Buy their own home hood or environmental protection has not recognized the range hood is not. Staff at the certificate office to remind: before deciding to rent a store or renovation, it is best to consult the environmental protection department. For example: some shop owners in the shop decoration, smoke or kitchen window just behind the alignment of the household, even if management did not know, the residents will still go to complain, finally often have to spend money on adjustment.

2, health permit application: to find the area of health supervision to apply for acceptance, and then let the restaurant employees to conduct health checks, food hygiene knowledge training. In the inspection and training qualified premise, mainly to see the following aspects: first, the health facilities are complete, mainly refers to disinfection, cleaning facilities; two is the processing area and the proportion of the business area is reached. Different sections of the restaurant, the proportion of requirements will not be the same, prior consultation is necessary.

3, industrial and commercial business license: get these two cards, you can rely on these two cards and the corresponding proof of rental housing, identity cards, to apply for industrial and commercial business license.

4, fire application: in accordance with the regulations, before the opening, but also to the fire department for fire approval, apply for fire safety permits, which need to apply to the area where the decoration.

5, tax registration: within 30 days from the date of receiving the business license, the local tax bureau to apply for tax registration number. With a copy of the business license and a copy of the operator’s identity card. Individual industrial and commercial households opened a small restaurant, to pay 5% of the sales tax. In addition to the urban construction tax, education surcharge, the tax is 11% of the sales tax, as well as some other taxes, the share is very small.

on restaurant need procedures to introduce here, friends would like to venture, you understand? If you are preparing to open a restaurant, you may as well take the steps above to make your restaurant more formal.


The tenth session of the Forum on innovation and Entrepreneurship

now has become the main theme of innovation and entrepreneurship, a society at the same time, held everywhere some innovation forum, in order to stimulate people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, recently, the tenth session of the Chinese students studying innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum held in like a raging fire.

by WRSA · Chinese Students Association, Chinese and globalization think-tank (CCG) hosted the tenth session of China students innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum 16 held in Beijing, more than 500 students from home and abroad and WRSA members gathered together to share the returnees innovative ideas, explore entrepreneurship Chinese trend.

Vice chairman of the NPC Standing Committee,

the forum of "public entrepreneurship, innovation" as the theme, to explore and summarize the returned overseas business and expand opportunities for the development of the new trend, new experiences and new achievements.

will, China and globalization think-tank (CCG) and the Zhuo employed jointly issued the "report" employment survey of 2015 China returnees, a comprehensive display of the foreign countries in recent years, students of the professional direction, cost, development trend, and the students to return to reason and employment, entrepreneurial orientation, status of deep analysis.


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What strategies can be adopted in the Spring Festival

day is day after day, very fast, see the end of the year, and the new year is about to begin, the Spring Festival is less and less from our day. And every Spring Festival is the time of the retail business is hot, do a good job of cigarette marketing has become a very large number of shopkeepers are looking forward to one thing. However, want to do a good job of the relevant work, naturally also need to take certain strategies. So, what do you do in Spring Festival?

, a special display for cigarette campaign

usually idle to government nearby shops around, I found them in the smoke will be sold after some high-grade cigarette packaging tape cross tied together, placed in the store to attract export business. So I’ll follow this approach and follow my example. In addition, I also used to promote cigarette making handicrafts, and placed in a conspicuous position of goods to attract the attention of customers.

cold towards the coming after the freezer and disappear. I had an idea, think of the freezer remove the cover of the cigarette on my display". After this year, only to carry the lid on the refrigerator OK. Using a refrigerator to store cigarettes or other items is more eye-catching and more attractive to the eye. This is not the only way to display for 3 months, to my family to buy the whole cigarette customers more and more sales growth.

to sell cigarettes, cigarette end to an ample supply of inventory, to have and customers receive purchase cigarettes before the deposit. And from the new year’s Day is not too busy, you can boldly move some of the characteristics of cigarettes outside the store display sales.

two, change passive wait for active contact

every new year’s day, tobacco companies will be a lot of smoke. I will combine the experience of previous years, focusing on hoarding funds into the purchase of the largest activities of the first cigarette, and the Spring Festival before the best promotional policies for the last cigarette. In the middle of this I will ensure adequate supply is not out of stock. Because I will invest 95% of all funds into the smoke, which is bound to increase my inventory pressure, will inevitably affect the order of other goods. I will be in the next, or to the ious way, or to smoke the boycott, the wedding banquet will use more frequently to offset cigarette suppliers.

in fact, suppliers are resourceful, their relatives and friends will do more, during the Spring Festival approaching, relatives and friends have weddings and funerals? In the actual operation of previous years, this approach is successful. We usually send dragon fish, send the white washing powder, send the firecrackers, have help me contact and sales of high-grade cigarette. And at the end of the year, more suppliers are hoping to sell out as quickly as possible, so they will naturally accept my offer.

previously sold