Discuss the role of Robots and common problems

1, the station site operator error, misuse or delete some specific pages.

is the problem of website dead links can not be avoided, if indexed by the search engines, so the chain connection is bound to affect the user experience, this time on the need for robots shielding on this page. Some common errors are as follows:

3, dead link caused by the chain, usually because the input error caused the formation of dead links to your site.

Robots Ao effect, it can be used to do what. Robots is an agreement between the website and search engine. To prevent search engines that we don’t want to be the search engine index content. We can use it to protect privacy, shielding dead links and content pages and repeat page.

two, no shielding content page and repeat page

Shanghai dragon is a process of accumulation, some of the above points, hope for the novice webmaster friends for help on site optimization, there is no specific wording of a detailed description of Robots, you can view the specific wording of love Shanghai Robots optimization guide; here only to its function and use.

, shielding dead link

2, the same page shielding multiple paths, many on the front page of the site there will be such a problem, for example, Dangyang hotline: www.***.net, this site is commonly used to login, because of program and the path is not uniform, resulting in home has two paths are included, similar to www.***.net/index.php so, we will give the website entrance of a unified standard, the direct use of robots shield operation.

2, because errors in the program website, replacing the program caused a dead link.

The Here the first

protocol for all search engines to effectively, it is not a command, but a command, it will not come into effect, short days can be effective, long time more than 4 weeks to take effect. Google to love Shanghai, effective time faster; the definition of common grammar definition: User-agent: search engine. If you want to define all search engines use *; Disallow: ban on search engines, "said the root directory, all directories on behalf of a web site. Allow: is permitted, here only to do a simple description of the specific operation method, please refer to love Shanghai library; to talk about the problems and common usage.

1, no content page and repeat page will seriously affect the quality of the station page, if the station there are a large number of this page will repeat the meaning and cause the site right down; for example, some of the registration page, landing page, session ID, the page is loaded, the shopping mall blue pages, all these are to shield.

Super new station, soft Wen

recently in a forum to see a soft that I am admire, not because of technical soft can also have this effect, to be honest, the webmaster is a veteran. Here is a brief introduction of this soft Wen is how to write?.

Title: human flesh identification website content authenticity

content is: today on the Internet to find the place to live in Yangshuo, looking for a long time, basically a travel agency website, and finally found a site called Yangshuo accommodation.

is known as the neutrality, to ensure that the content is true, I do not believe ah, ha ha, you from the inside to find a few hotel and asked to call the past is also the hotel front desk, just want to is not inside information is true to the identification of friends in Yangshuo, if the site really is estimated Yangshuo will affect accommodation industry, if it is false, call 315 complaints directly to the



is the best in Yangshuo there was a friend to help identify! I hope to have a good network information environment, find the fake.

The original

is that, after reading out badly, no matter where it is very good, I also went to see, is an introduction to the hotel’s website, estimated the content is original, so dare to do this, is the most fierce hit 315 is false and what


, whether novice or veteran, should learn this soft text.

comes from the melodious blog http://www.youyangshuo.com

Venture companies how to attract the eyes of venture capitalists

venture capital is a big problem, many start-up companies in the initial stage to face this problem, how to quickly get the attention of venture capitalists to get more financial support? See below can be seen.

"written business plan" (WriteYourBusinessPlan) is a book by American Entrepreneur magazine, which, in the book, the editor for readers in-depth analysis of the nature of the content of the business plan, what kind of business plan was the most suitable for their own business, and how to ensure the success of. So, what kind of enterprises can attract the attention of venture capitalists, please see the following excerpt:

is different from that of domestic investment as sources of financing, venture capitalists are generally not easily the heart of stone, with seed funding, unless business philosophy is strong enough, the development prospect is broad enough. If they see there are new and exciting things (usually a technology), and the foreseeable future (as well as the rapid development of high yield, great potential) venture capitalists will not hesitate to provide seed money for such startups.

start-up capital

post financing

Red wine store decoration do not pay attention to see it

red wine market demand, profit margins, so many people have plans to open a wine store. Want to open a good wine store, in the decoration of this area will be more effort. If we want our customers to stay in the store for a long time, you need to join the red wine business focus on external design, while strengthening the interior decoration.

For example, the


in the customer’s opinion column, here are not criticisms, but praised the mood, according to customers reflect, they love Liu shop of this fantastic wine culture themed environment, here seems to allow yourself to add a lot of vitality.

Although Liu



from the ceiling is good to cover the top of the building unsightly, but also can give consumers a sense of space. If the store is relatively narrow, then the height of the ceiling should be lower, so as to create a kind of feeling, and for the spacious shop, you can let the ceiling height is higher.

in addition, when the ceiling with different shapes, can also bring greater influence to the store atmosphere, the common ceiling shape respectively, lattice shape, round shape, hanging waveform, half round, Pyramid shaped, inclined etc..

in addition, for the ceiling is also has exquisite use of materials, such as fire prevention, sound insulation and durability to consider other factors, in addition to the need to consider the economic factors. When we finished the ceiling, if with good lighting, it will be able to achieve a harmonious sense of beauty.

two, the wall

display of goods

How to get more customers to open dry cleaning franchise

today, with the public consumption level, for the clothing purchase more high-end, so when washing to dry cleaning can only rely on, thus promoting the development of the dry cleaning industry to a great extent, it also makes a lot of entrepreneurs also saw cleaners market opportunities. Open dry cleaning franchise project is good, but if you want to make money, it is necessary to get more customers, only a steady stream of traffic, in order to allow the long-term development of the store.

10 has 6 people in the laundry, but only about 4 people come to the laundry. This is the time to use certain means of publicity, to attract the laundry in need, but your large enough publicity, promotional activities when enough to attract people, there may be 8 people over consumption, this is the power of publicity, to ensure the dry cleaning franchise stores the amount of tourists, is also very important.

What is the location of self-help barbecue shop selection techniques

barbecue barbecue shop location should be how to do? Many businesses are not very clear on this issue, the location of knowledge, you need to continue to learn before you can get more experience. Xiaobian today to share some of the successful experience, I hope to help you choose a good address.

many business case are verified on the location, is equal to half the success, choose a good position to be able to have a good career, want to barbecue buffet franchise business is good, the number of tourists and the location of the shop, since the location is very important, so we in the site on how to pay attention to what investors focus first? Now the family population and income level, family status are the main factors influencing consumer demand, purchasing power is necessary to make clear the site


how to find a good location? Love generally choose to shop in the downtown area, so there will be a relatively large passenger flow, but investors must consider the brand characteristics, characteristics of their ability, and the later operation waiting for the downtown area, the rent will be the franchisee headache.

actually to ensure the barbecue buffet franchise business is good, or to judge standard is the shop’s geographical environment. Just imagine, to provide a comfortable environment for customers at ease, natural constant source, whereas in the garbage heap or dusty, noisy areas, who do not want to go, naturally no people!

self-service barbecue stores location to do a good job of operating profit, don’t need to worry about, so businesses need to prepare investment in the shop before choosing a number, address, the only way to get good opportunities. The above skills you get it? Let’s study together.

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5 pricing methods allow you to increase sales

how to price the commodity is the door of knowledge, commodity prices will be good, is conducive to better expand the sales of goods, is conducive to a better profit profit, then, how to price the goods? The following small series for you to bring 5 commonly used pricing methods, so you can easily respond to the market!

sales for the same price

low price method

this strategy first to set the price as low as possible, so that the new product quickly accepted by consumers, first have a leading position in the market. Due to low profits, can effectively exclude competitors, so that their long-term occupation of the market. It is a long war, some of the funds, suitable for large corporations.

Safety Law

value of 10 yuan, to sell 20 yuan, on the surface is made, it may lose a customer.

for general merchandise, the price too high, is not conducive to the open market; the price is set too low, it may be a loss. Therefore, the most reliable is to set the price of goods is more moderate, consumers have the ability to buy, the seller is also easy to sell.

security pricing is usually cost plus normal profit from the purchase of. For example, the cost of a pair of jeans is 80 yuan, according to the general level of profits in the apparel industry, looking forward to each pair of jeans can get a profit of $20, then, the price of this pair of jeans is $100. Security pricing.

special price

special price method is to put on the market in the new goods, the price will be significantly higher than the cost, make the enterprise get a lot of profit in the short term, then according to the market situation changes to adjust the price.

segmentation method

2011 Mid Autumn Festival moon cake

felt the Qixi Festival romance has not dispersed, it immediately to the Mid Autumn Festival, for this year’s moon cake manufacturers, but they are too busy! All businesses began playing the moon cake sales promotion war, cannot do without advertising, then the 2011 moon cake promotional advertising language what? Xiaobian finishing 2011 mid autumn moon cake sales advertisements hoping to help you.

2 traditional style moon cakes lead a person to endless aftertastes.

3 soft cool autumn moonlight.


6 month is the hometown moon cake passion


10 in a good mood in taste. The moon gave you the true taste of life


11 puket partings.


Dipai storm!

18 celebrate the national day, to celebrate the mid autumn festival.

20 doxmaex doxhoj mid autumn day enjoy the wonderful world of fun.

is home next month, love is a strong family, family gifts convey blessing forever


send love gift recommendation – sea the moon, puket. With a bright moon, it can be a romantic life, moon cake – Moon represents your heart. Send a friend to recommend a gift – childhood, parents are mountains, grew up, friends are mountains. A gift to you family and friends, profound friendship, share in.

100 degree boiling crock franchise fee how much money – fast food business

fast food to join the project, hot market, hot projects, trusted choice. 100 degrees of boiling pots and fast food join, no matter where are very hot. Join the 100 degree boiling pot of fast food? High quality entrepreneurial good choice, successful venture worthy of trust!


is known as the free chain brand, but the investment threshold is not high, for the 100 degree boiling fast-food franchise fee how much money jar mostly in the 20 to 500 thousand or so, of course, we in addition to some of the major cost components to y grasp, but also to understand the factors affecting the cost between the individual shop to join the difference, so you can make more accurate the budget.

to open a fast-food restaurant, the need to be prepared to fund includes many aspects, such as pay to the headquarters and join the margin, and some of the equipment and materials costs; and rental stores need to pay fees to the landlord, moreover is the decoration expenses and opened shops to rent, and then stores open up the need to recruit staff, which is the need to spend money, but also to set aside part of the liquidity to prepare for possible period of want or need.

but these expenses are not unified, but significantly influenced by regional factors, if it is a shop in the capital city or municipality directly under the central government, the funds required for the above 500 thousand, after all, high level of consumption, market demand, in addition to some high threshold, to ask the area of not less than 200 square meters; if in the shop city, about 350 thousand of the cost of investment, area of 150 square meters, while the city as long as there is about 230 thousand of the funds, you can easily open a 100 square meters of the inn.

today, large population flows, small business to choose 100 degrees of boiling pots and fast food items, is a very wise choice, is an advantage. Easy to learn fast start, no worries about the success of entrepreneurship! So, join the 100 degree boiling pot of fast food, what are you waiting for?

The golden hat of Korean barbecue have all joined in support of what

in many catering business projects, what food items can keep food production the original natural flavor, presumably non barbecue must go, this is one reason why people are so love to eat barbecue! So so many brands to join the brand barbecue sales market is relatively good, small series recommended for you to the South Korean barbecue.

golden straw Korean barbecue accurately grasp the Chinese food and beverage industry in the current economic development trend of the market came into being, once listed on the concern of investors. Golden straw Korean barbecue join with you to share the feast of wealth. Golden straw Korean barbecue is a very good platform to join the South Korean barbecue barbecue what support?

gold straw hat Korean barbecue join support what?

join support as follows:

market analysis guide

new customers, the company will look at the shopping district, lot assessment, competitive environment in a timely manner to make investment analysis report, to help the golden straw hat barbecue buffet to make a rational choice to improve the success rate of shop.

opening activities support

provides a detailed plan of opening and opening props, propaganda materials, and provide a range of staff training, guidance on display data, help the investment gold hat barbecue buffet agent started successy in local market.

store decoration support

for the investment of gold straw hat barbecue barbecue free of charge to provide free size measurement, drawing design, material procurement, engineering decoration, construction supervision and other professional information to ensure a unified image standards and decoration quality.

logistics distribution support

professional distribution division to assist you in distribution, and provide logistics services timely and accurately, according to the new listing period and the gold hat barbecue buffet franchisee sales, inventory, timely dispensing products, to ensure that the products enter the market quickly.

Xiaobian introduce finished, you should know the gold hat Korean barbecue join what support, so much support for the franchisee can easily make money! If you want to invest in gold hat Korean barbecue please give us a message on our website below, we will have the staff to get in touch with you in the post, but also to provide you with more similar brand.