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Qinghai Lake rally today rally in Xining

August 1st, the reporter learned from the provincial mountaineering sports management center, the 2013 National Conference on the Qinghai Lake in the foot of the General Assembly on August 2nd to 6 in the beautiful lake of Qinghai. By then, there will be 500 people from all over the country with a wealth of outdoor hiking enthusiasts to participate in this hiking activities, a glimpse of the beautiful Qinghai Lake, a passion of the lake tour.

the walking festival organized by the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center mountaineering, Qinghai Province Sports Bureau of Qinghai Province, Qinghai Lake scenic area development and Utilization Management Bureau, Qinghai province mountaineering management center contractor, road mileage of 121 kilometers on foot. Members of the team to participate in the hike on August 2nd in Xining, a collection of reports, starting from Xining in August 3rd, began a 4 day hiking trip. In addition, the Organizing Committee on foot along the tent camp, the players can further close to nature. Considering the actual number of applicants, in ensuring the safety of the premise of the activities, the number of members of the Organizing Committee on the relaxation of the quota, from last year’s 300 people increased to this year’s 500.

four days of hiking, this reporter invited, will participate in the "Lake", Qinghai Lake on foot to enjoy the beautiful scenery will be back on foot for readers and the latest developments, moments and walking, please pay attention. (author: Yang Jian)

The National Day is expected to Xiqianxinju Xining city four district 859 low households to low rent

The morning of September 28th, Xining city housing security and the housing authority according to the minimum of three county four district housing tenants to apply, in accordance with the "low rent housing Shiwupeizu allocation scheme" relevant conditions in east area, West District, North District, Chengzhong district four district, the unification of the 2012 urban minimum living family of low rent housing Shiwupeizu Yaohao allocation. The same day, the city’s 859 low-income households into low-cost housing, the National Day holiday is expected to be able to stay in these new homes.

in order to solve the Xining city low family housing difficulties, do low rent housing allocation fairness, justice and openness, according to the "notice" of Xining Municipal People’s Government on the issuance of the minimum living guarantee for urban families of low rent housing in Xining City, the implementation details, Xining City real estate department on the development of the "Xining city low rent housing housing with the rent distribution plan" in early July, according to the program, only one of the following three conditions: no housing poor families (including) before December 2007; enjoy the minimum living allowance for urban residents; per capita housing construction area of 8 square meters in the low income families with low-cost housing applicants. The wave number of the city’s total of 859 sets of low rent housing, according to the proportion of households living in urban areas with minimum living security in the four districts of the total number of households were allocated. Among them, granted Shiwupeizu, by the four district government jointly with the supervision and auditing departments in accordance with the priority, difficult to take care of the lonely old sick principle, determined by ballot. At the same time, the wave number according to the Xining Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau "on the settlement of child welfare orphans of low rent housing report", consider the protection of healthy growth factors and orphans priority housing, 5 sets of low-cost housing allocation to meet the conditions of low-cost housing orphans.

low assurance Ma Ruyu pumped to the first floor, he was satisfied with the results. Ma Ruyu has been living in a rented cottage with his family, he and his wife’s meager income per month, to eat, to buy necessities, and the rest paid the rent. Ma Ruyu said, live in new houses will never have a heavy burden of rent, but the Yaohao most let him feel intimate, the city district staff to take care of the disabled and elderly people need special populations, not only let them first pumping, also voluntarily applied for disabled people, the elderly, let they preferred the following 2 storey houses.

It is reported that

, the wave number distribution of low rent housing is located in Xining City, south a period, two period, match factory and other places, for multi-storey residential houses are equipped with water, electricity, heating, gas and other basic living facilities. (author: Xiao Shu)


Xining black smelly water is expected to be eliminated

Walk on the clean street, suddenly appeared a large exudes the smell of sewage, really spoil the enthusiasm like a piece of black smelly water, scar, destroyed the scenery of the city. The day before the introduction of relevant national regulations, requirements of governance throughout the black smelly water, in accordance with the requirements to the year after the end of Xining City, is expected to be basically eliminated black odor water.

City leaders instructions to thoroughly investigate the problem of tofu

Wang Yubo: the shutting down of the need to shut down Tong Wang: Xining evening news played a role in the media to strictly investigate the issue of tofu source


to implement the municipal government leadership of the spirit of the important instructions, to ensure the public food safety, let the masses eat safe, assured tofu and soy products, food and Drug Administration issued an emergency notice, quickly organized food and drug supervision departments of four districts and three counties to carry out the tofu problem of food service units focus on remediation special action. Focus on remediation special action, in order to check the food service unit tofu and soy products purchased product packaging, packaging and labeling compliance, and compliance of shopping vouchers as the key content, in order to use tofu and soy products a large number of large stores, Hot pot catering services, construction site canteen, school canteens, group meal distribution unit, central kitchen as the key units, strictly implement the main responsibility for food safety, thorough investigation of food, food additives and food related products purchasing recordrope ticket purchase inspection and purchase records system implementation situation investigation, the investigation and rectification of the rectification requirements, food service units to complete the certification of food production units the procurement of food raw materials, supervise food service units to strengthen food raw materials procurement management, to ensure that food, food additives and food related Product sourcing channels formal, traceable source.

at the same time, supervision and inspection of food and drug administration, steering group consisting of four of the food and drug supervision departments four area tofu concentrated rectification, and timely investigation risks, effectively eliminate the problem of tofu into food and beverage service sectors, ensure tofu focus on remediation special action responsibility and measures are in place, to achieve tangible results.

the next step, the city’s food and drug regulatory authorities will continue to severely punished according to the relevant provisions of the food safety law. (reporter Wang Xiaofang)



The first fair fair ended signing a total of 11 billion 450 million yuan of funds

internal and external 81 companies signed a contract order and sales agreement, on-site transactions, contract orders, signed a total of 11 billion 450 million yuan of funds

September 3rd, which lasted 4 days of the 2013 China ·, Qinghai international Cordyceps cum Tibetan medicine fair closing.

reporter learned from the press conference held on the same day, during the exhibition, nearly 100 thousand people (Times) to visit, part of the booth day sales of more than one million yuan. Province and outside the 81 companies signed a contract order and sales agreement, on-site transactions, contract orders, signed a total of 11 billion 450 million yuan of funds. Among them, Cordyceps contract orders and sales reached 7 billion 830 million yuan.

the exhibition highlights, through product exhibition, seminars, trade fairs, cooperation, cultural display, medical consultation and other activities, to further promote our province characteristic resources and industries, promote the industry at home and abroad to jointly develop special resources, deep chemical operation research, to seek technical cooperation, regulate the operation of the market, promote industrial upgrading to build a strong platform.

in the provincial government attach great importance to the Department of Commerce, conscientiously fulfill the responsibilities as the units to carry out the work; actively carry out security, reception, forum organization, food safety, health care and other work of each region of the province and the relevant units; the provincial propaganda department and the provincial government information office, elaborate organization, careful arrangement, form strong public opinion.

at the same time, the fair has also been supported by the Ministry of Commerce, the national health and Family Planning Commission, the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine and other relevant ministries.

prominent features, the basic position of professional exhibition established. This exhibition fair characteristics, quality, internationalization, specialization degree is high. The Tunisian ambassador to attend the fair; Burma and other 12 countries and regions, foreign businessmen to participate in the fair; the number of enterprises in Tianjin, Shanghai, Fujian Province, Tibet province two exhibitors, Shaanxi (District) of Shanghai, Guangzhou, featured in the show; Shaanxi and other large domestic Chinese medicine market participants and professional buyers; Beijing Tongren Tang, Tibet Tibetan medicine group, Shaanxi Zhongxin pharmaceutical and other domestic large medicine enterprises in our province two cities participating exhibitors; six states and Sanjiang source of medicine, Tibetan Kumiko and other 20 companies were featured in the show, 412 exhibitors. Exhibition exhibits a total of 12 categories of nearly 400 kinds of products.

forum activity specification is high, the far-reaching significance for the development of the industry. The Fair Organizing Committee and the Provincial Department of human resources and social cooperation, " 2013 · Chinese; Qinghai international Tibetan medicine Cordyceps cum Exhibition Fair " and " 2013 haiwaichizi plateau cum road hidden medicine Sustainable Development Forum " be made one, invited from top experts and scholars at home and abroad, respectively from Cordyceps sinensis and Tibetan medicine medicinal value, protection of resources, upgrading of the industrial chain and other aspects of the depth of speech. The speeches of experts and scholars stand at the forefront of the world’s research on Cordyceps sinensis and Tibetan medicine;

Zhang Shuai had missed the semi-finals has reached a new height of occupation career

China players Zhang Shuai first entered the Grand Slam quarterfinals at this year’s Australian Open Competition, occupation career reached a new height, but in yesterday’s game after Zhang Shuai missed the semi-finals, the end of the Australian tour.

breakout from qualifying, Fifteenth times Grand Slam match Zhang Shuai beat halep finally achieved victory. Even then, Conert Lepp senchenko and Keith, into the quarterfinals of the Chinese girl became the most wonderful story of australia. Zhang Shuai returned to the 66 place in the real world, there is another round of opportunity, her opponent today is the British dark horse hole tower. Two people in the past two matches each victory, who can overcome the tension play prior to the brave state, will continue to refresh the record.

At the beginning of

however tenacious did not disarm, resolve in the eighth three inventory, China girl back breaking success. Then withstand the pressure to hold serve, Zhang Shuai chase the score into 4-5. At this time the game into a white hot, hole tower in the second serve wins the plate and get the inventory two times, but Zhang Shuaijun successfully recovered. But the British girl still maintain a high level of play, the ball saved two break points, against Zhang Shuai’s confidence. In this game the sixth count, the British girl in the aces, he won the first set 6-4 victory.

While the

Green room for you to earn first pot of gold business

people with "indoor office environment", and from the hand computer and many other appliances, more and more office workers in a healthy environment, working environment is one of the very important in people’s daily life environment, so the indoor greening market potential is great.

with the city to the development of modern, high-rise, nervous rhythm of life, give people cause a dull feeling, sense of oppression. As a result, people living in the city are increasingly attached importance to the beautification of the living room and office, seeking to hate the natural green decoration.

space within the building (either open or closed) green. Indoor greening can increase the indoor natural atmosphere, is an important means of interior landscaping. Many countries in the world attach great importance to indoor greening, many public places and private residential, office, hotel, restaurant interior space layout of flowers and trees.


After the failure of the venture investors should pay attention to the reflection

a lot of people have their own shop when the boss’s idea, but the real implementation was found to encounter such a problem. The following Xiaobian for everyone to tell a story of their own entrepreneurial failure experience, I hope to be able to invest in the business and people who want to invest in some reference.
2012 />

1. lack of prior planning. Choose to do fast food, is that the threshold of the industry is low, the risk of pressure is small, fast cash withdrawal. Because of this illusion,   when Zhou Lei and his friends let down on business, lack of planning, so that when the   is in the consumer groups, cash cycle, estimated turnover assessment; lack of risk comes, be taken by surprise. Lack of understanding of

2. industry. Due to the catering industry research is not systematic, resulting in confusion in the way of business. The restaurant of consumer groups, migrant workers in   more, they have three needs: the restaurant business area of 90 square meters (to be spacious, we only have 40 square meters), fast food varieties of at least 20 (  18; we do not want to eat Steamed Rice). These basic demands are ignored by us.

3. positioning is not clear. Zhou Lei is the first fast food and the effect is not obvious after the Guilin Rice noodles, fast food and economic delicacies, and later launched stone fish and   fast food.

Adhere to the sustainable development road Anhui how to develop health industry

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more attention to their own health in their lives, so the development of the health industry has become an inevitable trend of the

. Health industry has become one of the largest industries in the world, the global health care spending accounts for about 9% of total GDP, is a new engine of global economic development. From the domestic point of view, with the per capita income growth, demographic changes, changes in the consumption structure, the community has formed a larger health needs, the future of this demand will further enlarge the scale of demand.

health industry is expected to become a pillar industry to promote economic development

1. income and consumption growth will promote the rapid development of the entire health industry

from the specific structural indicators, in 2015 China’s consumption scale has exceeded 30 trillion yuan, is expected to China’s consumer demand in the next 5 years will maintain an average annual growth rate of about 10%, by 2020 the consumption scale will reach 50 trillion yuan. The development of service industry to promote the consumer, estimated that by 2020, the contribution of consumption to economic growth rate will stabilize at 65% ~ 70%, increase estimates of services accounted for the proportion of GDP will increase from 50.5% in 2015 to about 58% in 2020 to 60%.

2. tourism and pension industry has become an important industry for economic growth

the next 20 years the world’s tourism industry will continue to maintain a high growth trend. International tourism is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 3.3%, an average annual increase of 43 million passengers. In 2015, China’s population aged 60 and above has reached 222 million, the proportion of the total population was 16.15%; with China’s pension industry and spending a year for the next 5 years will maintain 10% pace, by 2050 will exceed 15% of GDP, and in 2100 this figure will account for 20% of GDP. The next 5 years, focusing on health, health care, tourism oriented service consumption will maintain an average annual growth rate of about 2 percentage points.

3. new formats to further promote the healthy development of the industry

2013, the State Council promulgated the "opinions on" promoting the development of health services, the medical services, health management and health promotion, pension, health insurance, medicine and medical care services and other 8 major formats. More and more attention has been paid to the elderly population and health problems. In the future, there will be more new forms of health services in the fields of geriatric nursing, health consultation, health examination, health education and online monitoring.

also directly related to health services in medicine, biological medicine, medical equipment and other recommended