How to do promotional activities barbecue grill

how to do barbecue barbecue promotions? Many franchisees are not very familiar with this business segment, said it had never done promotional activities. In fact, now want to get more business advantages, to do promotions is a more common means, businesses can learn about it, better put into the actual operation.

1, the first price, careful planning. Even if the price is also careful planning, to give consumers a surprise, and highly confidential, so as to receive satisfactory effect.

2, the use of consumer psychology, marketing. Consumer psychology with the purchase of a house to buy or not to buy up. If one day barbecue shop recommended a big price cut of the dishes, and are said to be Zhendian treasure, consumers may wonder whether this dish is very unpalatable, willing is not worth tasting.

3, selling price, well founded. Dishes free of charge, it is easy for consumers to misunderstand the price is not sold dishes. If the impression to consumers, contrary to the principle of bargain. Originally discounted dishes in order to attract consumers. The price of common reasons are: major holiday celebrations, bargain price, consumer appreciation activities.

4, selling price, credibility. Once the credit is set up, a pass ten, ten pass 100 effect can quickly let the barbecue store hot up.

5, security management, sales promotion. Engage in price promotions in holidays, we must pay special attention to safety management. The holidays may engage in price promotion, appear even in long queues All seats are occupied. scenarios, but the more busy time more easily out of chaos.

how do you know how to do sales promotion. Many consumers are very interested in promotional activities, businesses can skillfully use this layer of psychology to develop viable solutions, so that more profitable shop, these tips you learn it? Take advantage of it!

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What are the reasons for poor management of kindergarten

kindergarten has now become the children’s education market can not be a lack of institutions, because of this, there will be more and more investors choose to open a kindergarten. However, as more and more kindergartens enter the market, many parks are caught in a vicious circle. Fierce competition – low fees – teachers instability – not go to school – parents turn to the park. The parents of students and teacher management problems, problems, problems, problems, emerge in an endless stream, too busy to attend to all. The principal’s work every day, as if it was a fireman, press the gourd from the gourd, tired, but still can not solve the fundamental problem.

so what is the root cause of these problems? Summed up three reasons:

first run with his opponent

here is the fundamental positioning and strategic issues of kindergarten, is to choose to do the market leader, or follow suit? Interesting phenomenon is that the market leader seems to have no matter what you do, how all sorts of strange things are on the tricksof. And follow the trend, but how to do wrong. With the exception of hard, but still not recognized.

see the other as bilingual kindergarten kindergarten, kindergarten do see other wall paintings, to see the other kindergarten with abacus, follow up. Fear of parents said: how others have you? For fear of what is missing, resulting in the loss of parents, and so on, like a patch, like today, and the original system is not related to the characteristics of the course.

Tomorrow is

in simple and elegant style hall do a bar like tree sculpture, kindergarten more and more become neither fish nor fowl. Does not know that this is a taboo, the market rules of survival, it is different, not the same.

a kindergarten first want to know their position in the end is what? Who is the main target customer group? Their demands are clearly understood and grasped? What is the core idea of kindergarten? And then around the main line, and gradually establish their core characteristics or core competitiveness.

there are benefits to the main theme, environment, teaching, characteristics, gradually adding, slowly strengthening, the characteristics, and from the main line, the so-called popular so-called parents’ request, to resolutely reject, refuse the temptation not every kindergarten are the various conditions of superiority.

many of the principal worry about their own shortcomings, such as outdoor small, such as deep location, such as the classroom is not good, etc.. Whenever the parents of these questions are very guilty, do not know how to deal with.

and solve these problems, not by virtue of communication skills on it. The key is to create

What conditions need to meet the travel agency

in the legal society, no matter what kind of business we venture to do business, if you want to get the protection of the law, it is necessary to meet the relevant requirements. So, what conditions need to meet the needs of a travel agency? Let’s get to know each other.

apply for travel agency

accepts Department

to apply for the establishment of an international travel agency, it shall apply to the local people’s Government of the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government in the administration of the work of tourism;

to apply for the establishment of a domestic travel agency, it shall apply to the provincial, autonomous region and municipality directly under the central government for the approval of the Department in charge of tourism.

management based on

"Regulations on the administration of travel agencies"

bid conditions

a, a fixed place of business;

two, the necessary business facilities;

three, has trained and holds the province, autonomous region, municipality directly under the central government and the people’s Government of the tourism administrative department issued a certificate of qualification of the operator;

four, the corresponding registered capital;

(a) International Travel Agency, the registered capital shall not be less than 1 million 500 thousand yuan;

(two) domestic travel agency, the registered capital shall not be less than RMB 300 thousand yuan.

five, there is a certain quality margin;

(a) international travel agencies to enter the inbound tourism business, to pay 600 thousand yuan; operate outbound travel business, pay $1 million;

(two) domestic travel agency, pay RMB 100 thousand yuan.

quality guarantee and management generated during the tourism administration department is responsible for the interest, belong to the travel agency; tourism administrative departments in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state, can be extracted from a certain percentage of interest in the management fee.

if you have such a business plan, but at the same time do not know exactly what kind of conditions should be met, then, with the introduction of the above small, you are in line with the conditions of a travel agency?

Bathroom products store is very important to do daily promotions

is now in some holidays, are sanitary products business season, invest in a bathroom products shop, during holidays in this year, a series of promotional activities is very important.

with the decoration is becoming more common, now the market status of sanitary products industry is very good. Development speed is faster and faster. Many investors see the opportunity to invest, have chosen to operate the bathroom products store venture to join the business. So, for those who do not have access to a friend or just joined the bathroom industry friends, there is still a chance.

the occasional use of low-cost strategy, will enable customers to make your business improvement stampede in many. Peace of mind, the service level, the profit should be reasonable. You are in a good mood. Would like to spend a lot of money, you have a lot of money to earn, of course, you are happy, good mood.

note amount of stock in store products, products to complete equipment, professional, business can be such a virtuous cycle of year after year. It’s no use complaining when business is bad. Communicate with HQ customer service department to find out where to make mistakes and improve management. The bathroom products to new customers, old customers who are very effective. Do holiday promotion, send a gift, free gifts, and people together. Out of the end of the customer will be used to convey the actual consumption of gratitude.

now bathroom products market, bathroom products store more and more types of goods, more and more, the competition is increasingly fierce, in this market environment, want to obtain the survival and development of space is very difficult. Generally speaking, the popularity of sanitary ware store is decisive. For the above to explain some of the business skills, for the specific promotion of sanitary ware store popularity there are many ways, which requires the owner to continue to learn and master the actual operation.


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业主乔恩和Mandy Giffin设想的项目能让游客体验他们的15英亩的森林食品的–收集水果或坚果树、灌木和多年生植物,是不是传统的养殖,因此可持续–的一种方式,无论是视觉上的不显眼的和可持续的,”Mandy Giffin说。


分组几个小木屋一起配合一个想法罗西和Melissa Pillsbury [缅因州]木奇迹一直想尝试和建立,’解释吉芬。所以在2015的夏天,在pillsburys和他们的两个小男孩在田纳西建设生态住宅度过了5个月,其地下位置可以自然地绝缘,大大减少加热和冷却成本。



Companies want to develop a good name


said that an enterprise wants to obtain the development, involves the factor to be very many, however, all diligently premise, the nature is this enterprise has a good name. In short, if you want to venture capital, we must bear in mind that it is necessary to have a good development, with a good name is a very important thing.

enterprise famous, is the premise to the peak of development, and this name, on the one hand refers to the enterprise name, on the one hand refers to the reputation. So give the company named two factors, only the name is good, to fame.

how to name a company is not only a science but also an art. Since it is a science, it must have scientific spirit, the spirit of science under the guidance of the integrated use of marketing, psychology, sociology, communication, linguistics, philology and other aspects of knowledge; since it is art, it must possess the image thinking, creative. Give full play to their artistic talent and innovation ability.

companies have a good name, the product is a good brand, is recognized as the world’s intangible assets. The United States Mobil Oil Corp, willing to spend billions of dollars, but also for their own good name of the company to change? As the saying goes: fame, fame and fortune, fame is beneficial. In the former, the benefits after the first well-known, after a favorable, there are good people, will have good benefits, it is easy to understand.

such as the Yunnan cigarette factory in Yuxi "Yuxi" brand cigarette, the smoke class quality, exquisite packaging, strong "Hongta mountain" and "ashima". But sales have always been less red, a two cigarettes. The reason we think: mainly with their name and the set number is. "Yuxi" two words 19 paintings for FY – shield month, hard hard, serious when can cause the insolvency of the inauspicious number. "Hongta mountain", "Ashima" are lucky numbers naturally than "Yuxi".

you see, now a lot of people are eating famous brand, wear famous brand, live famous brand, use famous brand, play famous brand, see famous brand, listen to famous brand…… Often think of famous brand, everywhere in the name of profit, it is also not recognize the name of the important?

world famous Sony Corp, using the "reputation" of the cornucopia, $37 / Taiwan buying from Shanghai radio, with their own brand, you can sell more than and 80 dollars / taiwan. World beverage industry’s "big brother", "Coca-Cola" trademark, the value is as high as $3 billion, accounting for 3/4 of the total property of the company. If the name is not good, the results will be very different.

there are a lot of investors think their products or services is the most important, for the name of the enterprise is not the slightest attention, which undoubtedly can not allow enterprises to get more large-scale development. So if you want to succeed in business, you need to invest more in the company name

Beijing temperature rose appears good sunny day weather

sunny, brought more joy to people, to win people’s recognition, has been, the haze weather in Beijing so that the blue sky Beijing. Stop warming, the first flower Sakura Yuyuantan also opened. Four seasons orderly, winter to spring, hot and cold warm, cycle to cycle.

Southern Observatory yesterday the temperature reaches 17.3 degrees Celsius, with abundant sunshine and fresh air, no matter in the outdoor walking or running around is fun. To remind the public friends, today, 24 to stop heating, may not feel during the day, sleep at night should be able to feel cold, weak friends, old people and children, please note that a little thicker quilt.

weather forecast from the next week, the highest temperature during the day at 16 degrees Celsius to 19 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature in the evening at 3 degrees Celsius to 6 degrees celsius. Spring girl has not yet received a formal entry certificate issued by the meteorological department, however, want to come is also a matter of these days.

flowers chuzhan. According to March 13th artificial observation, the first cherry Yuyuantan Park has been open, cherry blossom season! Beijing Meteorological Service Center said that this year Hangzhou Yuyuantan Park early Sakura (the earliest flowering varieties) the opening time of nearly half a month earlier than usual average. Yuyuantan Park is expected to Hangzhou as early as March 20th before Sakura entered the viewing period, when there are more than 1/3 flowering cherry trees.

weather gradually become warm, will let people see a different spring scene, in the blue sky foil, let people have a happy mood. From December 2016 to February 2017, the temperature of Beijing city continued to be about 2 degrees Celsius, especially since the temperature continued to rise in the high temperature of about 4 degrees Celsius in the year of February 24th to about 5 degrees celsius.

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Three major problems that need to be carey considered before the – shop

shop is not a trifling matter, people need to be seriously thinking, after all, it is often need to have a huge amount of money, there may be a mistake, all efforts were in vain. If you want to shop now, the success rate in the end how high? A survey of the success rate of professional institutions to set up shop in the country, to join the successful opening of the franchise system is 76%, the proportion of independent shop success is only about 24%.

Zou Tao business management consulting business chief investment adviser Mr. Zou Tao think: "technology" is the basic living conditions of the store; really can make store air plant competitiveness is not enough, the lack of; and the operating characteristics, pay attention to market information, attention has not yet caused domestic or will cause new forms of domestic consumption culture and characteristics, to rational thinking bias in the consumer’s case, from falling into the vicious spiral of price competition. In the early days, some basic work is to be done, such as detailed market research, careful site selection, so as to minimize or avoid risks, the early realization of investment profit.

y understand yourself

shop is not impulsive, but not blindly thinking, individual character and interest, clearly do the number of funds available, one by one assessment to be put into the project, such as work time, working time length and working way, know yourself what for what kind of shop opening.

if your body of creativity, inner passion, can be considered self-help business casts a thousand beams. appearance, Hot pot shops, traditional snack shops, lunch outside send catering services. If you love have refined tastes of items, second-hand boutiques, craft shops and small coffee shops, allowing you to show xiongcai.

if you extremely sensitive, caring, and love the family, love, so do nurseries and kindergartens will be your favorite.

if you often follow the feeling, always put yourself in the other person’s mind, pet shop, flower shop, gardening shop is the need for you this feature.

carey select project

is a prediction that is combined with the actual situation of the local market to make judgments about.

two is used for reference, namely the doctrine. Learn from foreign advanced experience and practice. Locally, it is a forward-looking emerging project, combined with the local and the implementation of their own choice.

three is to try to choose their own familiar with the industry and grasp the relevant knowledge of the industry as the investment objectives, to give play to their own knowledge and skills, as a favorable condition for the selection of investment projects.

four is as far as possible with relatives,

Open the door of success home stores to experience what steps – the whole

open a shop can not be said on the mouth can be achieved immediately, in fact, still need to be done by certain steps. So, you want to open a door shop how to do? There are other forms of entrepreneurship shop can not be compared to the benefits, but also has a very complicated shop process, a shop from the site to the opening need to experience ten steps. Open a door to join stores! Because the current market for more and more people pay attention to the home environment, the door is also of concern, door shop has become a super popular shop. Open a door to join stores! Xiaobian teach you need to go through the opening of the six steps, so that you become an instant lighting elite!

1, want to open a door to join Stores – capital

generally speaking, the two or three cities may need 5-10 million or more of the opening fund, big cities need some more, small cities need less. This is related to rent, water, electricity, labor and other local price levels, can not be generalized. However, the removal of rent, decoration and other expenses, cash on hand is generally not less than 50 thousand yuan.

2, would like to open a door shop – site

unless you have a great deal of money and a large retail area, otherwise, the address should be around the existing building materials market, or retail locations are all around the door. If those good places are difficult to rent, then the only way to buy the building materials is also a good choice!

(1), the same industry concentration, such as door market, building materials market, decorative materials city. Are these places to the passenger door operators, consumption is very clear, "shop city duolong" effect.

(2), has just completed delivery of large residential occupancy began in this type of shop, the cost is relatively low, the location of highly targeted, can be placed "stop" should be timely with the tenants home decoration door. In addition, high-grade residential areas can also be around. The region is densely populated, the source is stable and the consumption potential is large.

(3), large and medium-sized home building materials City, home accessories center. The region has a good brand effect and market appeal, publicity and accurate positioning, clear target groups.

3, would like to open a door sales shop – Sales positioning

is the future of the consumer group which is. No high school low-end positioning, or very vague, is bound to affect future sales. How much money to open a door shop? Therefore, the sales orientation must be realistic, to meet the local consumption level. If the position is higher than the local average level, it may cause a highbrow, in front of the cold situation.

4, would like to open a door to join Stores – pre brand

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Good pet store address what are the features of whole

pet shop is now more and more, but pet shops have a good or bad points, then the business is relatively good pet store their location what are the characteristics? In this regard, Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1. popularity more prosperous. Pet shop location characteristics? People can prosperous wealth, in densely populated areas, people keep pets have a variety of needs for a large number of goods, according to these requirements can be derived from a variety of pet related business, set up shop in this place, the traffic is large, the customer demand is relatively stable. Sales will not rise and fall, can guarantee the stability of income.


2. station. The place that general traffic is convenient is more easy to attract a consumer, because traffic is convenient, so a lot of consumer even if is a distance is far, the pet shop location has what characteristic? But it will also be willing to pet store consumption, second is also a place for the station, easy to find a place to park, so that the car to pet shop customers more convenient.

3. neighborhood. If opened in the neighborhood, is relatively good, the first is from the pet population near, near distance can reach consumers; pet store location characteristics? Second, the rent is cheap, the rent can be said to be a lot cheaper than other places rent; third with easy to attract consumers, business will be better.

The above is about

some good pet store location, we hope to a lot of attention, choose a good brand, good choice of address, this shop to join it, in order to get a good income, in order to better investment, want to shop investment, have a detailed understanding of it!