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startup: why is the media DreamWorks investing in the tiger sniffing network? How do you see trends and profit models like these original web sites?

Chiang Chun: 22 of the competition won the project, some of which we have invested, and some of our partners to invest, and now are in a sensitive period, so not too good to say, has been talking about. Some projects are not in Hangzhou, such as the development in Beijing, we can not drag him to Hangzhou, it does not make sense. But Hangzhou has its own advantages, he is the electricity supplier of all, so the entrepreneurial environment here in Hangzhou is still relatively good, we also welcome more entrepreneurs to come here.

if you have any questions, please contact customer service :331362639 or submit online question and answer management". We will be happy to answer your questions!

since October 31st last year, with the "China’s first media incubator" concept since its debut, Zhejiang newspaper group media dream factory frequently move. As of June 19th this year, more than ten teams have planned to settle down at the media DreamWorks training camp. Earlier, the tiger sniffing network investment, so that the media dream workshop once again aroused concern in the industry. Why does the investment tiger sniffing this kind of network media? What is the direction of the future investment? In July 26th, the entrepreneur interviewed the media DreamWorks CEO, which is the 2012 China Fashion special finals.


Chiang Chun: we have limited requirements for time, half a year or a specified period of time, but the concept of a successful project is not well defined until the end of the incubation program. Is the success of the listing or mergers and acquisitions are successful, or is he himself well done, or into the next round of investment to be successful? This is not a good definition. Our goal is to serve the media innovation and entrepreneurship, we must let him hatch he developed into a very good time, even if he is not in our incubator, if they need some resources, we can also provide.

, thank you for all the support your partners have been giving to the alliance!

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Chiang Chun Ming: if tiger sniffing network needs our help in investment, we will go to help. The slogan of our media DreamWorks is dedicated to serving Chinese media innovation and entrepreneurship. We believe that entrepreneurs like tiger sniffing are consistent with our goals, so we voted. A tiger sniffing the profit model, I think for a media to be issued, the user first dishes, he has influence, to find a business model to make money a day, there would be no profit without this dish.

start-up: the incubator base offers many free training services to support the winners from the new media entrepreneurship competition. So, how long is your time for a project to mature,

Entrepreneur: the end of July this year, some projects have been started in the media DreamWorks, 22 winning projects of new media entrepreneurship competition, which is the media DreamWorks

start-up country: what are the future investment directions of media DreamWorks in the media industry chain?

Jiang Qing: we will continue to invest in the media industry chain, investment >


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Electricity supplier website skillfully set up, shape, development and upgrading can not be separate


site is now in total in forest, the electricity supplier website always so much as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like appearance, you can think of is that many electricity supplier website itself slowly do get some traffic, if the site itself has so much traffic, how to use to make further development of the website upgrade and here, some who upgrade website traffic methods simple.

Foundation: the flow of electricity supplier must not forget itself to do SEO promotion, SEO evolution itself must not be a retrogression, often interfere with our electricity supplier website will always be numerous games, will forget many things we do, to promote the things in a web site. The things you should do. A web site keyword ranking, website traffic is usually the search flow gives you, if not maintain, it is difficult to so many competitors in talent shows itself, sometimes a website is not difficult to do, but it is difficult to maintain in the future to go, a good site to do out of the final significance also lies in better maintenance down, maintenance is the biggest factor of a website can eventually develop independent.

under the general situation, the site will continue to follow the normal situation, process to go website, including a variety of activities, including group purchase, including all kinds of cooperation, and so are the most favorable for the search of their weapons, and the operation of the site, it is suitable as a Taobao shop the promotion, but the site is dynamic, is the need to continue with new activities, to build their own website category, one is to improve the quantity of products, on the other hand is constantly with your new activities to retain more users, such as in the double 11, many B2C sites are doing after the promotion, Tmall brother under the leadership of these activities will allow users to see a big difference.

first point: the function of the website, service nature, want to do

if there is a web site traffic, should first improve the user experience of the website, each to search by keywords, should observe the value of the key attributes of these, think about why users will buy things on your website? Generally speaking, I want to go shopping for a B2C the website, the website must give others enough trust value, the trust value including art ability, professional web page, for example, wheat bags, to see that this is a professional website for the bag, when we want to search the attributes of a bag of you to see this product page? In my opinion, I don’t want to, because this is not what I want, but if a business website keyword flow information such as these words, if not Get attention in the first impression, is likely to be closed on the first page, then there will not be any color, so, first of all, you should do more professional web design point, after all, Baidu.

Muzi Bai how can Taobao customers carry out more effective promotion

in the previous article ("guest difficulties: do not understand the code without the website how to do Taobao guest", we simply talk about) as a novice Taobao customers, how to solve the problem of no website. In your reply, found a lot of friends in the site to solve the problem, begin to pay attention to how to promote more effective, so the old white temporary on the topic has been adjusted, the period of topic change: Taobao customers how to promote more effective


in this topic, as Taobao customers, is a core topic, but also a very sensitive topic, I talk about some personal opinions here today, not all right, hope to have more to master revealed a little secret. Rich, we earn together, in 2009, is the Internet began to open to the year, huh.

, a calm mind, is the premise of effective promotion

personally, I think this is very important for many novice Taobao customers. This is the past two years, I do Taobao customers to promote the most profound experience, but also in the Ali mother community to see some of the phenomenon summed up. Many people joined in the promotion of Taobao customers, perhaps because some of the experts have been in the tens of thousands of weeks, and I think this is a very profitable thing. So they hurried out several links, put a few pieces of code, or get a promotion channel provided by the official page of several, began to promote, and think little of analysis, even in the Ali Mama Taobao customers to promote the exchange of view, to send their own promotion link. Blood boiling for half a month, see no income, began to complain, and gradually began to give up. Without a calm mind, there is no guarantee of long-term promotion.

said here, I simply talk about my own situation, if you are interested, when the story to see, if not interested, skip this paragraph. I started in 2007, Ali mother launched Taobao customers, began to do this, and so far, almost 2 years. Remember the first income, is in my promotion more than 3 months later, inexplicable transaction of a box of condoms, earn less than 6 yuan. At that time, I like to do stand, do not understand, can earn money, I feel very happy, so do the station began to explore, although not earn much money, but I think the whole process is very full, very rewarding. For Taobao customers to promote, for me, it is Wangzhuan, rather than play. I never out this work work, the family accompany with my family, so I don’t want to disturb my normal life. Others have time to play games, I have time to play promotion. Now, those later than I do to promote the master, I have a monthly income of tens of thousands, a monthly income of over a thousand. I think they got what they deserved, and I got what I deserved. I did not become a master, but also have their own happiness, this is just a mentality. I would like to put off promotion as Taobao play in the beautiful seaside beach, a little income, when the right is a beautiful shell occasionally picked up.

two, change ideas, more than Taobao sellers learning

me >

New station 3 days Baidu included celebration

first went to see the statistics today, I was shocked, even more than 100 IP. I’m really happy. Just made 3 days to be included, and there is flow.

happy legend February 6th beta. My station also passed up on that day. With the new cloud 3.1 program, the page is very simple. As the game has just been beta, all aspects of information is very small, only more than 20 articles. But all I added manually, and some of the official game data. Some players in the forum released Raiders, there are a few of my own play a few days, free and unfettered legend, wrote some of their views.

although Baidu only received 2 pages, but from the statistical point of view, there are a lot of keywords to traffic, I casually point a few, look at the first row of the page.

PV is now 1:4, although not high, but new sites, the content is not a lot, but also pretty good. Ha ha,


do is dumpster, novels, picture station have done, but I have some technology is too poor a month and included basic didn’t flow, once made me want to give up, I do for


sees hope again today. I want to be honest and steady. If you do not have any special technical skills, this will be the best way.

Personal summary of the 5 soft Wen title of the creative thinking

self website (shop mother) on-line since I’ve been with soft Wen maintained a good cooperative relationship, from the bottom of my heart I hope to achieve further development and soft, more understanding of each other is something deeper.

familiar words, everything is hard in the beginning, at the time to arrange a soft, often not a good start, let the soft light lose title and a long time can not sleep, I believe that a good title can return me more attention and trust, how important it is for me and my website.

I would like to share my recent experience with you. I hope you can encourage each other and make progress together.

personally, I think:

one, title big and empty, only make people laugh over the face of

"the train is not pushing, the leather is not blowing", praise and criticism are the same, excessive will be counterproductive. "Wangpo saying, puff", she is nothing more than to boast of his fruit is sweet, the word "most" big? I think it is normal and right, but "my sweet watermelon" and "my universe is the most sweet watermelon" together, I think most people are on the latter will frowns and laugh, of course, this analogy is not put in what’s reliable.

two, the blank title will only get one. Good bye,

network information has not only to describe the mass, with so many information, to deliberate pursuit of the title of the "literary model" or "novelty" makes headlines make people confused, will The loss outweighs the gain. Not all users will have interest and patience to read an article title even cannot read the information carefully, of course, I can’t deny that there is no curious users to read, but no matter if you pick up the sesame lost watermelon, then I have no matter. Therefore, the focus of the title is to highlight the theme of the product or website you want to promote, so that people can see what they have inside, otherwise, the title will lose its meaning at the top. This paragraph I used watermelon, but also please forgive me.

three, the title is the title, don’t make it too long,

remember inadvertently on the Internet to see a government report title, is fresh, because it is very long, long to I am interested to remember it, but don’t take me for example, I admit that I have some sick.

The original title is "

at the plenary meeting, the Jiangxi Provincial Communist Youth League Secretary Wang Shaoxuan made" to create a new pattern of Jiangxi is the work of the Communist Youth League Central region characteristics of the thrust of the report to unite and lead the youth play an important role in the construction of "Ecological Economic Zone in Poyang Lake." ", how long? I will not comment on the policy of things, if you want to give your product or website soft to write such a long title, I think most people will remember the title, but never remember the information below the title of the article. Personally, I think the number of words in the title is within 12-15 words

Local forum for a week to talk about experience


forum does, in a week. It’s not that easy. I am in a small county with a very small network, with a population of 500 thousand, but there are few people on the Internet, even though there has been a trend of growth. But Internet users’ understanding of the Internet is still a small stage.

IP200, PV8000, this is a very plain figure, GG has included, Baidu is not included, this is a normal thing, do a week county forum, was not easy, write a few words to share with you under.

1, county users rely on QQ group. The netizen is almost one hundred percent for the QQ group depends on the network communication and to solve the problem of the platform has been fully attached to the QQ group, depending on the forum is almost 0, which is caused by the network developed, can only rely on the human propaganda.

2, stick it. Stick as a local forum typical competitors, long time, simple operation, high popularity, not good beyond. However, as long as you stick to the post bar propaganda, a little accumulation, there will always be someone coming.

forum and paste it compared, functional and interface is a breakthrough, which is selling points. On popularity, at least my forum and paste it can not be compared.

3, practical. The utility of local forum pay attention to also do not do it, because I do not in the home counties, a lot of practical cooperation and shops have no way out, do not know this step should be how to operate, if who have this experience, hope to feel free, thanks in advance

4, included. County for GG almost completely abandoned, and 99% is the world of Baidu. For Baidu, this is a real hassle. Hey.

5, activities. Currently, this piece is already in preparation. Whether online or offline, we must do, and the local forum can not live without activities,

temporarily thought of so few, welcome to the forum for the local people for me to help


this article is published by Xiuyan 168 www.xiuyan168.com.

Urban traffic entrance mode local website rapid expansion of the national weapon


O2O is one of the key battleground of current market, entrepreneurs and investors to compete, more and more companies desperately to place in the platform of local infiltration subsidence, this website, which means to expand the common market opportunities, but also hidden the risk of being marginalized.

local web sites to avoid being marginalized has two main practices, one is to let the model more service, deeper, high wall; the other is to copy other city expansion, kaijiangtuotu. No matter in depth development or horizontal expansion, local websites always face four major problems: growth is too slow, replication difficult, difficult to scale and policy risk. This article provides a train of thought that may alleviate these difficulties.

This idea is the core,

light, key breakthrough. First choose a giant and easy to copy do not light mode foundation, meet the users just need a single city traffic entrance, and then quickly copy the expansion, and focus on the flow of resource specific industry scale realization. Here’s a detailed discussion of why you do this and how you do it.

one, from the opponent to find soft underbelly


considers expansion, it can not escape BAT and life class platform companies. Local websites can only copy and expand if they find the soft underbelly of giants. The mode of choosing replication can not be too light, or it will be copied by the giant. But it can not be too heavy, otherwise, expansion will be impossible.

although giants in capital, talent, brand, user size and product operations, etc., occupy obvious advantages, but giants also have a soft underbelly, that is, do not do manual editing content.

for ordinary people, artificial editing production and featured contents have a higher value than the UGC content, but in order to protect the giant mode light and easy to copy, only the product architecture and basic content, or not do, or take the UGC way, this gives the chance of survival and development of local website. So, if the local website wants to expand, the best way is to break through the point of content operation, do what you are good at and the giants can not do.

two, from the people looking for just need

mining user needs is not difficult, as long as you put yourself in the interests of users, there will always be harvest.

still has a lot of demand in the local market, even just need not be satisfied, some have been neglected because of the temporary unprofitable. It is only up to us to judge and use the value of traffic, whether we pay attention to these demands or not.

for example to government agencies work hard, almost everyone has deep experience, but there are a few entrepreneurs to seriously consider the needs of users? Shenzhen local treasure service is easy to find this column, and in an effort to solve the demand.

, for example, in every field of life, people want to know what the best organizations and businesses are. People like the best and hope for the best

Shop No. 1 how to open a shop to share the flow shop

Internet era, there are a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities, shop No. 1 is a very fire site, many people want to shop in shop No. 1. So, how to open shop 1? Need to pay? Novice shop what skills? Small make up now for you to introduce 1 shop shop process.

1 shop how to open shop? Shop No. 1 on the right side of the bottom of the official website, there are businesses settled, after entering the required operation. Shop No. 1 to be qualified. That is, you have to print the license, tax registration certificate, open an account license, institutional code card. These are hard to set up shop, must have. Finished is what you want to open the shop number belongs to what category, in accordance with the category to pay a certain margin and platform fees. After the audit upload 10 products can activate the store.


How to do promotional activities barbecue grill

how to do barbecue barbecue promotions? Many franchisees are not very familiar with this business segment, said it had never done promotional activities. In fact, now want to get more business advantages, to do promotions is a more common means, businesses can learn about it, better put into the actual operation.

1, the first price, careful planning. Even if the price is also careful planning, to give consumers a surprise, and highly confidential, so as to receive satisfactory effect.

2, the use of consumer psychology, marketing. Consumer psychology with the purchase of a house to buy or not to buy up. If one day barbecue shop recommended a big price cut of the dishes, and are said to be Zhendian treasure, consumers may wonder whether this dish is very unpalatable, willing is not worth tasting.

3, selling price, well founded. Dishes free of charge, it is easy for consumers to misunderstand the price is not sold dishes. If the impression to consumers, contrary to the principle of bargain. Originally discounted dishes in order to attract consumers. The price of common reasons are: major holiday celebrations, bargain price, consumer appreciation activities.

4, selling price, credibility. Once the credit is set up, a pass ten, ten pass 100 effect can quickly let the barbecue store hot up.

5, security management, sales promotion. Engage in price promotions in holidays, we must pay special attention to safety management. The holidays may engage in price promotion, appear even in long queues All seats are occupied. scenarios, but the more busy time more easily out of chaos.

how do you know how to do sales promotion. Many consumers are very interested in promotional activities, businesses can skillfully use this layer of psychology to develop viable solutions, so that more profitable shop, these tips you learn it? Take advantage of it!

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What are the reasons for poor management of kindergarten

kindergarten has now become the children’s education market can not be a lack of institutions, because of this, there will be more and more investors choose to open a kindergarten. However, as more and more kindergartens enter the market, many parks are caught in a vicious circle. Fierce competition – low fees – teachers instability – not go to school – parents turn to the park. The parents of students and teacher management problems, problems, problems, problems, emerge in an endless stream, too busy to attend to all. The principal’s work every day, as if it was a fireman, press the gourd from the gourd, tired, but still can not solve the fundamental problem.

so what is the root cause of these problems? Summed up three reasons:

first run with his opponent

here is the fundamental positioning and strategic issues of kindergarten, is to choose to do the market leader, or follow suit? Interesting phenomenon is that the market leader seems to have no matter what you do, how all sorts of strange things are on the tricksof. And follow the trend, but how to do wrong. With the exception of hard, but still not recognized.

see the other as bilingual kindergarten kindergarten, kindergarten do see other wall paintings, to see the other kindergarten with abacus, follow up. Fear of parents said: how others have you? For fear of what is missing, resulting in the loss of parents, and so on, like a patch, like today, and the original system is not related to the characteristics of the course.

Tomorrow is

in simple and elegant style hall do a bar like tree sculpture, kindergarten more and more become neither fish nor fowl. Does not know that this is a taboo, the market rules of survival, it is different, not the same.

a kindergarten first want to know their position in the end is what? Who is the main target customer group? Their demands are clearly understood and grasped? What is the core idea of kindergarten? And then around the main line, and gradually establish their core characteristics or core competitiveness.

there are benefits to the main theme, environment, teaching, characteristics, gradually adding, slowly strengthening, the characteristics, and from the main line, the so-called popular so-called parents’ request, to resolutely reject, refuse the temptation not every kindergarten are the various conditions of superiority.

many of the principal worry about their own shortcomings, such as outdoor small, such as deep location, such as the classroom is not good, etc.. Whenever the parents of these questions are very guilty, do not know how to deal with.

and solve these problems, not by virtue of communication skills on it. The key is to create