To open a store in the beauty and health care to the site

everyone hope that they can be very young and beautiful, but also to many related industry development is very rapid, many entrepreneurs have to open beauty stores, because of the huge market demand, more and more people in the industry. Open a beauty shop, want to bring a good business, not only to have a good service, but also to choose a good store location, from the people, the consumption of people naturally more. So, how to open a beauty salon.

to open a beauty salon how to choose? Many investors believe that as long as the chosen beauty project can guarantee the success, in fact, a good grasp of health and beauty stores shop, is the health and beauty shop success began to join.

to open a beauty salon how to choose? Health and beauty stores location according to the first of their consumer groups consider the location, consumption characteristics, understand the specific consumer groups consumer preferences, consumption habits and so on, must carry on the investigation and analysis of their specific consumer groups, so as to make the right decision, must grasp a set of scientific and practical analysis method.

to open a beauty salon how to choose? Health and beauty stores business purpose is to serve the consumers, therefore is to combine health and beauty stores consumers to choose the location in the health and beauty stores so that investors do not hold the wrong key point.

to open a beauty salon how to choose? The surrounding environment is also very important to consider, including the surrounding community conditions, traffic environment, health condition and so on, if the surrounding environment is too noisy, is not conducive to the health and beauty stores, after the operation, to guarantee the long-term customers to patronize. Therefore, in the selection of health and beauty stores, the first is to provide a good environment for health beauty shop.

to open a beauty salon how to choose? In addition, the traffic situation is also considered necessary, need to consider the situation and the opening Chengtie subway traffic route, near the parking lot, around whether there is parking and is often traffic jam, for the convenience of customers to the store consumption. Today’s service industry, for the convenience of transportation is also very critical, there is no convenient traffic is no matter how good the project is not able to attract consumers to patronize.

since the beauty industry is so popular, if entrepreneurs want, might as well from the industry started their own business, the siting of beauty health stores, there are many details to consider, choose a good store location, but also help to the success of the franchise business. About how to open a beauty health store how to choose the site details, but also hope to be able to help you.

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Baby supplies stores to deal with customers coup

for entrepreneurs, baby supplies are noteworthy. Open baby supplies stores, master some skills can make you more convenient when dealing with customers. So, baby supplies stores to deal with customers what skills? Let’s take a look.

when the quasi stores customers in the repeated purchase signal, but shilly-shally couldn’tdecide, can be used to choose one of two skills. For example, the salesman said to the customer, "would you like the light grey or white?"" Or say: "excuse me, Tuesday or Wednesday to your home?" This two select one of the questioning skills, as long as the prospective customer selected one, in fact, you help him to make a decision, determined to buy.

try to buy a little

at large the better to apprehend him

some prospective customers born irresolute and hesitant in your product, although he is interested, but has not made a decision. At this time, you may wish to deliberately pack things, make the way to leave. The act of pretending to leave sometimes encourages the other person to make up his mind.

Ask the answer type

The so-called

for baby products store sales staff, to master some skills to deal with customers, allowing you to easily retain customers, in addition to the customer can leave a good impression. These are a few strokes of the children’s products stores to deal with customer skills, for reference only.


Guy entrepreneur turned to see how to counter the attack cock wire

    now the army of the entrepreneurial team continues to grow, there is no lack of grassroots entrepreneurial team, cock wire becomes rich and handsome case also abound, encouraging more entrepreneurs. Guy entrepreneurship turned millionaire,   we look at how the wire is counter attack cock wire.

"although wine customer base is relatively small, but as long as a year accumulated hundreds of fixed customers, a few years down is not a small number of. This is a long-term business, so that the online sale of liquor is still very broad prospects." Jiangsu city in Suqian Province, the first "seeds" Network Entrepreneurship contest ten strong player Hu Guangyong said in a chat with customers.

vagabond "stall brother


"probably in 1995, my junior high school began to Shanghai, Nanjing to work after graduation. At that time no diploma, two no technology, no matter to which the factory can only do odd jobs, eat a lot of pain." Hu Guangyong said. A few years later, Hu Guangyong in a restaurant settled in Nanjing, but is still a boy. On the way to work, Hu Guangyong often pass by a night market, he occasionally go to the night market.

"at that time I found a lot of its business are also good, they think of themselves to put a stall, perhaps is a good choice." With a vision for the future, Hu Guangyong resigned from the hotel to the wholesale market, a few famous pictorial began to set up stands, but the star pictorial had become a "sunset industry", he sold the star magazine basically No one shows any interest in.

"although the stall can make money, but to a rainy and snowy days, I have nothing to do." This stall life, so that Hu Guangyong has a sense of drift.

"you the good things, not get online to sell." One day in August 2006, Li Jia managed to do in Internet cafes (a pseudonym) passed Hu Guangyong’s small jewelry stalls, the speaker has no intention listener interested, just a sentence attracted the attention of Hu Guangyong.

"can sell things on the Internet?" At that time, only junior high school diploma Hu Guangyong on the word network is still very strange.

"I have to sell things online, but business is not very good, but still in the shops, or put your stuff to sell online?" Li Jia said.

The choice of business good indoor air treatment

in our life, there will always be a lot of air pollution. For our health has a great harm, then, in order to our healthy life, to choose indoor air management?

entrepreneurial choice indoor air management is good?

what is the indoor air governance refers to the removal of indoor toxic and harmful gases, including formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC and so on, so that its pollution index reached the national standard. At the same time play the antibacterial, anti mildew, deodorant, anti fouling hydrophilic self-cleaning effect. After a one-time treatment, long-term solution to indoor air pollution, the air is fresh and natural 24 hours a day.

indoor air treatment with what is good? Clean home indoor air treatment is the most advanced science and technology products of nanometer titanium dioxide photocatalyst with silver ions, through special processing, at the same time clean home and add a net net aldehyde, benzene unique factor, direct removal of indoor harmful gas, a thorough cleaning and long-term effect. With the products on the market is essentially different from the light without light can purify the air, the interior space of the formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, strong oxidation, formation of carbon dioxide and water, the deodorization, sterilization, air purification function, so as to eliminate pollution.

home clean indoor air treatment is the top domestic indoor air treatment products, the photocatalyst technology the most advanced in the world, the world only won the International Invention Gold photocatalyst, quality assurance! The world’s first visible photocatalyst! Without UV irradiation (there are ultraviolet or light excitation), a construction, harmful gas (formaldehyde / benzene ammonia / /TVOC) bacteria and viruses, smell all clean


the best choice for the quality of life, it is necessary to choose clean house indoor air management? In the home market, not only has a high popularity, but also to clean up the home air conditioning project is still the best choice for entrepreneurs. So, what are you hesitating about?

During the Spring Festival 80 thousand tons of real estate around the county to play a leading role

February 4th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, with the Spring Festival approaching, the demand for vegetable volume will continue to increase, but from Baoziwan, Datong, Huangyuan, Ping An to 80 thousand tons of local dishes will be listed in the Spring Festival period, this will not only make the city during the holiday season vegetable prices will not rise, at the same time will make the city field vegetables play a leading role in the situation has changed.

reporter in the Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market to understand, at present, most vegetables in our city is still in Shaanxi, Yunnan, from Gansu, Shandong, Henan, Guangdong and other places, foreign food still dominate the vegetable market in our city, the proportion reached 80%. I expected with the warmer weather, local vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, leeks, green Shanghai will also be listed, Baoziwan, Datong, Huangyuan, Ping and other places will have 1300 greenhouses during the Spring Festival for the city vegetable market supply 80 thousand tons of vegetables and real estate. This will greatly increase the proportion of local vegetables in the market. In the Sea Lake Road wholesale market to do business, Mr. Zhu said: this year, local dishes listed earlier than in the past, there are many varieties, local rape price 1.5 yuan / kg, leeks, $1.7 / kg, Pleurotus ostreatus 1.7 yuan / kg.


Is the air fresh The city will build observation

How much of the negative oxygen ions in the air are beneficial to our body every day? How is the air fresh? The reporter learned from the Municipal Forestry Bureau, at present, our city has reached an agreement with the State Forestry Bureau of ecological monitoring center, the construction of negative oxygen ion observation station in the city in the forest and the city in the observation station is completed, the city will be able to explain to the public using the monitoring data, clearly!

at present, the city is still a positive declaration of National Forest Ecosystem Research Station of city level location, the station if approved construction, will be long-term monitoring in the forest environment, climate, soil, water circulation and vegetation status, including PM2.5, heavy metals in soil and water and soil conservation and other indicators of public concern.

according to the plan, the city will be located in the city and the forest area is located in the negative oxygen ion observation points 1 and 3, on a regular basis in the urban area and the negative oxygen ion content observation. Negative oxygen ions in the air, "air vitamin", "longevity" reputation. City forestry technical personnel, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the city health organization, negative oxygen ion concentration per cubic centimeter 1000 to 1500 when the air is very fresh, the body feels the most comfortable in this environment. Not only that, negative oxygen ions have the initiative ability to capture PM2.5, maker of forest is the negative oxygen ions, especially forest, park planted a lot of trees, not only can absorb carbon dioxide, have effect on the absorption of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds, so it can reduce the concentration of PM2.5.

this year, the city will actively declare national urban forest ecosystem positioning observation station, the station has three functions, namely, data collection, testing and scientific research assessment. At present, the province has been the construction of forest ecological positioning observation station 6, which set up a number of Datong County, the station site is steadily advancing the work of the establishment of 1. Observation of forest ecosystem research station will be the city through the observation and study of long-term, city of different forest types of structure and function of forest vegetation in different city, expounds the functions and effects of city forest on Purification of atmospheric environment of regional ecological environment quality, comprehensive scientific evaluation of city forest service function, to provide technical support for further for the city layout, city management and city planning of forest ecological environment etc..


Health literacy promotion action project officially launched

reporter from the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission held a central subsidies for local health literacy promotion project in 2015 and 2016 summary of the project to start the meeting learned that the province’s 2016 annual health literacy promotion project officially started.

2015 years, the province’s health planning departments at all levels in accordance with the "2015 year of Qinghai province to promote health literacy project implementation plan", carefully organize the implementation of the project, and carry out the work, improve the level of health literacy of residents of the province to 5.99%, an increase of 1.6 percentage points over the previous year. This year, will continue to promote health promotion county (District) construction, health literacy, health literacy monitoring of traditional Chinese medicine and the tobacco epidemic monitoring, strengthen 12320 health hotline counseling intervention, to carry out health education activities for the public, Wanlixing local disease and major diseases such as health education, to promote the work of the project further specification carry out. To the national monitoring and evaluation standards and methods as the template, with 8 monitoring points of the new focus, strengthen guidance and supervision; to promote health education and lead into the school of health, fitness activities, and then into the city health and health village construction, actively promote a healthy and civilized way of life for health the idea has become an important element of social civilization.


Ecotourism highlighting the new charm of JPMorgan Chase

from the Qinghai capital of Xining, along the national highway 227 Line Road North Road, you will be surprised to find that straight on both sides of the road, the poplars from a wild profusion of vegetation on the border of Xining Kang Jiacun has been extended to the mountainous winding Daban mountain, woven into the Beichuan river a green green ecological corridor.

according to statistics, Datong County forest coverage of 38.1%, ranking first in the province. Although this figure is smaller than the rest of the country, it seems insignificant. But in the alpine zone, the population is relatively concentrated in Hehuang Valley, this is a very worthy of reassuring numbers.

chase, the county a total area of 3090 square kilometers, the territory of natural forest is numerous, lush vegetation, and alpine meadow steppe wide cloth, everywhere created the ecological landscape of the picturesque scenery, won the "xiadou ecological garden" and "Xining garden" reputation.

scenic development in the planning and protection of

tourism industry has a phrase: to make the fake real, can not really fake.

as the great beauty of Qinghai tourism brand is out of the door called the world, just across the province to build their own tourism brand, competing development, familiar with the Datong there seems to be some loss, the last century in 70s and 80s once renowned tourist County in the Northwest Plateau in twenty-first Century, tourism like a raging fire today, but why is this "low-key" and quiet, and even some stagnant?

in fact, today’s Datong tourism is not in a helpless dilemma, not because of the development of the characteristic is not obvious, has come to a standstill. As the summer capital of Xining a pure ecological conservation, Datong are very knowledgeable about it valuable, to protect ecological treasure one quiet, for fear of the dazzling "jade" because of the excessive development, resulting in "ecological fracture".

is based on the above reasons, Datong County Government and the tourism sector has been to follow the "planning in advance, timely and appropriate development" principle, from 2009 onwards, commissioned by the Institute of tourism planning domestic authoritative qualification carefully prepared "tourism development planning" Datong County in 12th Five-Year, in the "planning" under the guidance of the construction of tourist facilities scenic area based orderly, gradually increase the level of service area.

The national Forest Park of is a scenic area of Zhangjiajie, which is known as the Qinghai Tibet Plateau because of its magnificent and magnificent natural landscape". 2012, when the scenic spots in the creation of the national 3A level scenic spots, Datong County, the tourism sector and the forestry sector has always respected the little building more care, the ecological philosophy, to create scenic spots. In addition to the establishment of some of the necessary environmental protection in the trash, attractions and simple signs along the plank road, across the bridge, there is no construction of the landscape and the landscape is not coordinated. In order to maintain the scenic natural landscape, Chahansala River Scenic Area Management Office on a wooden "originally built in the bed of the bridge was dismantled. In November 2012, the scenic area of the;

Flavor curry how big brand you earn

How about

curry? Delicious, linger. If you join the smell of curry items, is also very interested in. So, come to join the choice of taste curry?

at present, the taste of a hundred brands chain corporation will be divided into four categories of investors: the provincial cooperative operators, municipal exclusive agents, flavor chain stores and franchise retailers. The next is to face consumers across the country, taste 100 brand chain corporation will according to the eating habits of different taste 100 brand chain based on the existing research on the dishes, introduce more attractive dishes. For the specific cuisine distinction, taste 100 brand chain corporation to change the status quo strategy, adhere to the characteristics, moderate adjustment, in order to meet the demands of mass consumption. This will also be the company’s marketing services for the regional flavor curry chain market to provide the content, improve the confidence of investors around, to maximize the taste of curry in the masses around the recognition.

from the beginning of the development of the strategic objectives of the beginning, the taste of the brand chain through a variety of promotional channels brand investment. The company aims to stereo strong brand publicity, let the partner in the business of "taste 100 curry" franchise retail business process can not only get good returns, more business sense of belonging, so as to establish a harmonious unity relationship between enterprises, franchise retailers and consumers three.

flavor curry good? Has always been a very distinctive taste, for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is also very has the advantage of choice. Join the taste of a hundred curry project, open a shop of their own brands, you are still hesitant what?

What are some of the mistakes easily made by small businesses

many small businesses continue to rise in the market, these enterprises like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in the market popular, but we know that these enterprises there is a success, also have failure, why some will fail? Sometimes it is because these small businesses are prone to make mistakes.

1. Good experience, wrong product

right products should be simple, focused, in line with the characteristics of business model. Many websites and mobile applications have a beautiful interface, superior interactive mode, but when you are interested in and in-depth understanding, you will find that they can not give users a clear use value. The problem is that the product is not something that is geared to the needs of the masses, or the solution itself is a problem. In order to create a good user experience, we must first ensure that the product is in the right direction before the specific design work.

2.ux starting late, slow implementation of

3. Lack of clear value proposition

written value proposition copy, try from the user’s perspective, they think about how to get value from your product and how to accomplish a task. The value proposition of the purpose is in the shortest possible time to users of your products and hope to continue to understand, so you should try to keep short and readable.

4. Lack of focus

A misunderstanding of