Play clown magic Fuzhou guy to venture by creativity

once said there are three hundred and sixty lines, in fact now industry development has already generated many derivatives industry branches, all sorts of strange things you never heard. This provides a unique opportunity for many entrepreneurs, with small business took the entrepreneurial stage.

can become hundreds of magic   for the celebration of a warm-up to

2013, they set up the clown team, mainly for the wedding, birthday and other entertainment, but also often participate in real estate opening celebration, the store opened warm field etc.. After several years of efforts, they have learned hundreds of magic, in Fuzhou to win the praise of many customers. In Fuzhou, a full-time job of this line is not more than 3, an activity can receive a few thousand dollars to several thousand dollars reward." Chen said that the end of the season, the busiest time two days to receive a single more than and 20. These single distribution in Minqing, Fuqing, Changle and other places, there are other provinces. "The full-time entertainment show, in Fuzhou people do not, some people look down on, but I think in the job I love to play and make money, nothing bad."

"business, income several times higher than the factory workers, members of our team are" stunt ", the wedding planning magic has taken a lot of young people of all ages." Chen said that they play is creative and novel, less cost, but the market demand is large, promising. "Now ’80’ ’90’ marriage are like unconventional, old life feast also like lively, happy, and the magic show can add a lot of celebration."

How to choose the convenience store location

has a lot of business projects on the site is very picky, such as open convenience stores, site selection is very important, we must carefully choose. If you are new to the site is not very familiar with a lot of reference to other people’s experience, find the right location.

in the convenience store industry, there is a saying: the correct location is half of the success. This shows how important the location of convenience stores. Summarize the successful experience of convenience store, the convenience store location is the key to ensure the success of the business.

The core

mature convenience store to store values, usually point as the center, the radius of 300 meters; in the small and medium-sized city, then expanded to 500 meters radius. The target population of each store between 2600 – 3000 people, such as a family of 3.6 people, the number of households in between – 833 households.

How to promote seasonal clothing

after the beginning of autumn, autumn rain is like a cold, for stores, natural also arrived at the end of the season, so this season clothing promotion has become a very normal thing. However, these clothes in the end how to promote, but also plagued many operators. So, how to promote seasonal clothing?

clothing is a strong seasonal goods, this season’s clothing if sold, the next season will not sell, so every season, each store will find ways to solve the inventory. So in such a fierce competition in the apparel industry, in order to sell the clothing store, it is not easy.

then the seasonal clothing how to successfully sell out? Many businesses will choose to do activities, promotions. So, how to do in order to maximize profits? Today, a lot of businesses in order to clear inventory, played a price war, to low prices to consumers’ purchase rate, often the result is that the value of the brand has been weakened, lost his wife and fold soldiers". So in the seasonal clothing promotion, we should follow some principles, for the purpose of planned.

here, for you a few tricks to carry out promotional activities, we hope to help the promotion season. How to promote seasonal clothing?

1. discount price, "the N fold"

although this promotion is very old-fashioned, but this is the way consumers are most willing to accept, although not suitable for season wear, but the next season can be used, but the price is more affordable. However, before the discount promotions, we have to grasp a degree, must not be because of the last quarter to clear inventory, and the value of the brand pulled down.

2. to provide customers with clothing solutions, with more than a combination of discount

The effect of

in the season now collocation consumers to buy clothing are very focused on the set of clothing, often need to buy a jacket from head to toe, from the inside to the outside of a configuration, including the inside of the collocation small shirt, pants or skirt pants and shoes, bags, accessories and even have to re purchase.

According to the characteristics of

complete the purchase, the merchant can be their own shop when the season and out of season clothing collocation together, then the launch of a garment, the combination of a discount, if only choose one cannot enjoy such a big discount package. I believe in this temptation, as long as the business enough to match the personality style, it must be able to impress consumers. This combination of discount promotions can drive sales growth, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing sales profits.

During the two with

3. sales price, stimulate consumption

> echoes

Novice open shop absolutely can not do five things

today, the network has become an indispensable part of people’s lives, many activities can be completed online, so the shop as a fresh industry began to pop up, then, more and more people open shop is not everyone can succeed? Novice open shop to pay attention to what?

too casual, seriously.

heard all day on Taobao said month thousands of sellers, he imagined that one day he will become a small boss. To understand the present situation of Taobao online shop has become saturated, more and more difficult to do business, after a monthly income of over a million are crown seller and the appreciation of Taobao’s sales system. This is as a novice seller must have the patience to do the following things:

A, there is time to look at the forum, many hot paste shop links left back. Two, go to a number of free information posted on the website of the shop and commodity links, preferably with pictures. Three, the use of QQ, MSN, blog to promote their own shop.

short-sighted, regardless of future.

many shop online sellers have a kind of feeling is gone anyway, too bad goods can not bring me what, as long as they can sell. Recommend the defective goods or must inform buyers Weihuo sales agreement, after sales customer service, to avoid unnecessary problems, affect the credibility of the store.

start to warm ashes after numerous wait. There is still a little confidence in the business, there is no business that online shop did not develop, not to find their own reasons, let their waste. These are some of the online shop seller

Open luggage chain stores – what are the steps the whole

no matter what kind of business we venture to do business, luggage chain is currently very popular, coveted bags unlimited prospects for the market, many investors have chosen this industry entrepreneurship. For the first time entrepreneurs, the choice of the industry is lack of experience, they are eager to learn how to successy achieve the franchise chain stores. Xiao Bian after a consultation to understand, get the four steps to open chain stores, in this share to everyone.

the first step: positioning the target market: target consumer groups: brand bags chain stores in the middle of the high-end consumer groups, urban fashion men and women, professional men and women, is the main consumer groups. Luggage category can include: male bag, handbags, wallets, bags, trolley bags etc..

second step: identify the consumer psychology: sometimes buy and not buy is not important, often holding a look at the psychology of the 1. "Look" is a very interesting behavior. 2 to friends or family to buy gifts, luggage products are preferred. 4 beautiful bags, the use of the value of different bags can be used to reflect the small changes in their clothes. 5 irrational consumption: sometimes just want to stroll, once you can not control the like to see. If you want to operate a chain of bags, naturally also need to understand the consumer psychology.

third step: emphasis on the location of the chain store franchise: location for the chain store, to maximize access to more customers, the location is very important. Here are some principles of store location. 1 traffic is the most important: bustling streets, downtown, public station next to consider. 2 with the help of well-known stores: as long as it is frequented by female consumers, such as the popularity of shopping malls, clothing city, women’s specialty stores, etc.. 3 using the "cluster" effect: if the luggage chain stores are obvious advantages and characteristics of more items, the competition strength, so in similar position can be considered "jewelry Street" so that the relative concentration of the local.

fourth steps: the chain store decoration: bags consumers in mind on the case of a chain store or a subconscious choice. Many consumers said the store’s first impression is very important. Decoration chic shop, will certainly attract more favor. 1 store: to reflect the feeling of fashion, to create a strong atmosphere of fashion, in terms of product placement to be placed in a professional. 2 stores: to be eye-catching, visual impact, there is temptation, so that consumers at first glance. 3 Name: novel, close to consumers, and the overall style of the decoration.

how to open a shop, in fact, there is a certain step can follow. As an operator, only to find the right steps to shop, to allow the shop to open a shop, and then hot business. The above is the introduction of the chain store four

To open a store in the beauty and health care to the site

everyone hope that they can be very young and beautiful, but also to many related industry development is very rapid, many entrepreneurs have to open beauty stores, because of the huge market demand, more and more people in the industry. Open a beauty shop, want to bring a good business, not only to have a good service, but also to choose a good store location, from the people, the consumption of people naturally more. So, how to open a beauty salon.

to open a beauty salon how to choose? Many investors believe that as long as the chosen beauty project can guarantee the success, in fact, a good grasp of health and beauty stores shop, is the health and beauty shop success began to join.

to open a beauty salon how to choose? Health and beauty stores location according to the first of their consumer groups consider the location, consumption characteristics, understand the specific consumer groups consumer preferences, consumption habits and so on, must carry on the investigation and analysis of their specific consumer groups, so as to make the right decision, must grasp a set of scientific and practical analysis method.

to open a beauty salon how to choose? Health and beauty stores business purpose is to serve the consumers, therefore is to combine health and beauty stores consumers to choose the location in the health and beauty stores so that investors do not hold the wrong key point.

to open a beauty salon how to choose? The surrounding environment is also very important to consider, including the surrounding community conditions, traffic environment, health condition and so on, if the surrounding environment is too noisy, is not conducive to the health and beauty stores, after the operation, to guarantee the long-term customers to patronize. Therefore, in the selection of health and beauty stores, the first is to provide a good environment for health beauty shop.

to open a beauty salon how to choose? In addition, the traffic situation is also considered necessary, need to consider the situation and the opening Chengtie subway traffic route, near the parking lot, around whether there is parking and is often traffic jam, for the convenience of customers to the store consumption. Today’s service industry, for the convenience of transportation is also very critical, there is no convenient traffic is no matter how good the project is not able to attract consumers to patronize.

since the beauty industry is so popular, if entrepreneurs want, might as well from the industry started their own business, the siting of beauty health stores, there are many details to consider, choose a good store location, but also help to the success of the franchise business. About how to open a beauty health store how to choose the site details, but also hope to be able to help you.

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Baby supplies stores to deal with customers coup

for entrepreneurs, baby supplies are noteworthy. Open baby supplies stores, master some skills can make you more convenient when dealing with customers. So, baby supplies stores to deal with customers what skills? Let’s take a look.

when the quasi stores customers in the repeated purchase signal, but shilly-shally couldn’tdecide, can be used to choose one of two skills. For example, the salesman said to the customer, "would you like the light grey or white?"" Or say: "excuse me, Tuesday or Wednesday to your home?" This two select one of the questioning skills, as long as the prospective customer selected one, in fact, you help him to make a decision, determined to buy.

try to buy a little

at large the better to apprehend him

some prospective customers born irresolute and hesitant in your product, although he is interested, but has not made a decision. At this time, you may wish to deliberately pack things, make the way to leave. The act of pretending to leave sometimes encourages the other person to make up his mind.

Ask the answer type

The so-called

for baby products store sales staff, to master some skills to deal with customers, allowing you to easily retain customers, in addition to the customer can leave a good impression. These are a few strokes of the children’s products stores to deal with customer skills, for reference only.


Guy entrepreneur turned to see how to counter the attack cock wire

    now the army of the entrepreneurial team continues to grow, there is no lack of grassroots entrepreneurial team, cock wire becomes rich and handsome case also abound, encouraging more entrepreneurs. Guy entrepreneurship turned millionaire,   we look at how the wire is counter attack cock wire.

"although wine customer base is relatively small, but as long as a year accumulated hundreds of fixed customers, a few years down is not a small number of. This is a long-term business, so that the online sale of liquor is still very broad prospects." Jiangsu city in Suqian Province, the first "seeds" Network Entrepreneurship contest ten strong player Hu Guangyong said in a chat with customers.

vagabond "stall brother


"probably in 1995, my junior high school began to Shanghai, Nanjing to work after graduation. At that time no diploma, two no technology, no matter to which the factory can only do odd jobs, eat a lot of pain." Hu Guangyong said. A few years later, Hu Guangyong in a restaurant settled in Nanjing, but is still a boy. On the way to work, Hu Guangyong often pass by a night market, he occasionally go to the night market.

"at that time I found a lot of its business are also good, they think of themselves to put a stall, perhaps is a good choice." With a vision for the future, Hu Guangyong resigned from the hotel to the wholesale market, a few famous pictorial began to set up stands, but the star pictorial had become a "sunset industry", he sold the star magazine basically No one shows any interest in.

"although the stall can make money, but to a rainy and snowy days, I have nothing to do." This stall life, so that Hu Guangyong has a sense of drift.

"you the good things, not get online to sell." One day in August 2006, Li Jia managed to do in Internet cafes (a pseudonym) passed Hu Guangyong’s small jewelry stalls, the speaker has no intention listener interested, just a sentence attracted the attention of Hu Guangyong.

"can sell things on the Internet?" At that time, only junior high school diploma Hu Guangyong on the word network is still very strange.

"I have to sell things online, but business is not very good, but still in the shops, or put your stuff to sell online?" Li Jia said.

The choice of business good indoor air treatment

in our life, there will always be a lot of air pollution. For our health has a great harm, then, in order to our healthy life, to choose indoor air management?

entrepreneurial choice indoor air management is good?

what is the indoor air governance refers to the removal of indoor toxic and harmful gases, including formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC and so on, so that its pollution index reached the national standard. At the same time play the antibacterial, anti mildew, deodorant, anti fouling hydrophilic self-cleaning effect. After a one-time treatment, long-term solution to indoor air pollution, the air is fresh and natural 24 hours a day.

indoor air treatment with what is good? Clean home indoor air treatment is the most advanced science and technology products of nanometer titanium dioxide photocatalyst with silver ions, through special processing, at the same time clean home and add a net net aldehyde, benzene unique factor, direct removal of indoor harmful gas, a thorough cleaning and long-term effect. With the products on the market is essentially different from the light without light can purify the air, the interior space of the formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, strong oxidation, formation of carbon dioxide and water, the deodorization, sterilization, air purification function, so as to eliminate pollution.

home clean indoor air treatment is the top domestic indoor air treatment products, the photocatalyst technology the most advanced in the world, the world only won the International Invention Gold photocatalyst, quality assurance! The world’s first visible photocatalyst! Without UV irradiation (there are ultraviolet or light excitation), a construction, harmful gas (formaldehyde / benzene ammonia / /TVOC) bacteria and viruses, smell all clean


the best choice for the quality of life, it is necessary to choose clean house indoor air management? In the home market, not only has a high popularity, but also to clean up the home air conditioning project is still the best choice for entrepreneurs. So, what are you hesitating about?

During the Spring Festival 80 thousand tons of real estate around the county to play a leading role

February 4th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce, with the Spring Festival approaching, the demand for vegetable volume will continue to increase, but from Baoziwan, Datong, Huangyuan, Ping An to 80 thousand tons of local dishes will be listed in the Spring Festival period, this will not only make the city during the holiday season vegetable prices will not rise, at the same time will make the city field vegetables play a leading role in the situation has changed.

reporter in the Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market to understand, at present, most vegetables in our city is still in Shaanxi, Yunnan, from Gansu, Shandong, Henan, Guangdong and other places, foreign food still dominate the vegetable market in our city, the proportion reached 80%. I expected with the warmer weather, local vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, leeks, green Shanghai will also be listed, Baoziwan, Datong, Huangyuan, Ping and other places will have 1300 greenhouses during the Spring Festival for the city vegetable market supply 80 thousand tons of vegetables and real estate. This will greatly increase the proportion of local vegetables in the market. In the Sea Lake Road wholesale market to do business, Mr. Zhu said: this year, local dishes listed earlier than in the past, there are many varieties, local rape price 1.5 yuan / kg, leeks, $1.7 / kg, Pleurotus ostreatus 1.7 yuan / kg.