Jumei.com Chen ou entrepreneurship is a way of life

said jumei.com, people will think that for their endorsement of Chen Europe, as a young 80 entrepreneurs, Chen Ou some young entrepreneurs personality and innovation consciousness, along the way, it is not easy.

the next story, everyone knows.

entrepreneurship to me is a way of life, yes, is a way of life.

to enjoy the business

What I have just graduated in

Online shopping accurate analysis of online shopping Jingdong and Tmall what is the difference

now every day to your mobile phone text messages in addition to mobile Unicom, I believe there are major online shops, for the online shopping gens, the choice of a regular online store is very important. So what is the real difference between online shopping Jingdong and Tmall two


1. logistics

2. commodity

3. invoice

4. aftermarket

5. Ali is a platform to increase revenue through value-added services platform. Jingdong directly to the manufacturers to purchase goods, self storage, self built logistics, is to make the difference in sales of goods.

The biggest advantage of

How to open a restaurant at the lowest cost

Now we

the whole domestic catering industry is a very popular industry, at the same time in the whole society, people demand for food products is also increasing, and now we have to look at how with the lowest cost of opening a restaurant?

travel to stagger the peak, high rent to stagger. Site decision more than half of the passenger flow, so blindly seeking cheap is not a good way.

barberry church founder Zhang Tianyi in the catering boss reference activities, have shared their attempt: he the store opened in the non dense downtown pavement white-collar rental, thus greatly decreased. Through the establishment of online tyrants and other social communities, under the line to eat spicy contest, wrench wrist contest and other means to carry out effective diversion.

and alone is difficult to support, as for the time being parasitic. The reference time front had reported the shrimp BB case: the new boss brother Jin pony, stunned his own museum opened a noodle shop crayfish, shrimp noodle business during the day, night opened the store.

this play, let it save the location and decoration of the time, but also reduces the cost of rent, but also enjoy the original passenger radiation noodle. This seemingly stingy move, did not affect their image, which has received venture capital favored second stores opening soon.

money waiting for the active site. Take out is not a new business, but with the rise of the takeaway platform and the popularity of third party delivery, takeaway business threshold is reduced. In Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places, there are a lot of young people to have private kitchen chowhound form takeaway, won the recognition of consumers.

in fact, now capital of repute "call a duck", the first half of the business does not store, until get venture to open a small entity.

In fact,


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I cling to the entrepreneurial experience or with a butterfly

every successful person is a person who has confidence in himself. Have been successful and who are now successful, most of them are on highly confident of their own experience, feel this is proven to be too, can be used to guide the present and future development, the theory of the theory of others, are nonsense, unworkable, and often with no experience no the right to speak as an excuse to deny the views of others.

we everyone are examples of this, including our own more or less with this tendency. But things are always changing, along with the change of environment, the conditions of the past experience are changing. Many experts and scholars can indeed through some factors on the trend of a more accurate judgment, entrepreneurs and bosses need to judge the experts to identify and choose, rather than blindly deny. It can be said, "the world is easy to move, the reform should be carried out".

A friend of

he complained privately with other friends, now the sales representative too tender, every day about what development of terminal, control terminal, quickly tired, the circulation is not very good, low cost, quick, and everyone is so, why bother to ask for my sins, a repair factory, auto parts store to run, I’ll need to hire many people ah, now the profit space more and more low, they do not calculate the cost, always let me most probably it did not actually happen to do this and that.



索尼即将推出的PlayStation 4游戏的安装尺寸,臭名昭著的二儿子已经


安装尺寸是多少24gb被揭露了法国社区协调员pixeltux PlayStation。他在封面上贴了一张封面照片PlayStation欧盟论坛还发微博特写:

@ thelarryking天狮这个图像devrait R é;pondre阑;TA的问题;)的照片。推特。COM / hqzixhh99d

– PixelTux(@ PixelTux)2014年2月19日





下面是两张富士赛道GT 5,特征:序幕也将在GT 5以及特征,你可以清楚地看到在质量细节的差异,纹理和照明。很明显,这家伙在复调数字已经投入了大量的精力做好这寻找最好的可能。第一张照片是从GT5:序言和第二从崭露头角,–


由于男人在playstationuniversity.com张贴的视频,如果你想看看从你们那边的原创文章,在这里的链接–HTTP点击:/ / www.playstationuniversity。COM / new-gt5-footage-shows-improved-detail-and-textures-2483 /

Express courier industry development gap 700 thousand

for many people, the courier industry do not know much, in fact the courier industry salary is relatively good, but five social insurance and one housing fund basically no, so the courier industry often vacant, with the rapid development of express industry, caused a great national gap.

and other positions, the courier recruitment information usually wages to write more clearly, but the "five social insurance and one housing fund" often keep from talking about. In addition to the major electricity supplier, the major courier companies have begun to prepare for the double eleven, one of the most critical than courier recruitment. According to statistics, the national courier gap of about 700 thousand people, the monthly salary is usually more than 5000 yuan, 10000 yuan is also common.

the highest 15 thousand yuan minimum seven thousand yuan

according to the State Post Bureau, this year during the double eleven, express business volume will exceed 500 million, 346 million compared to the same period in 2013, an increase of nearly 50%.

5 package, equivalent to 37% of the Chinese people or the world’s total of 8% people each parcel of 1. And these express a single amount if allocated to various courier companies, courier companies will also usher in ten thousand parcels a day. In the electricity supplier who are busy at the same time, providing logistics support courier companies have begun to busy.

Happy lemon hot to join and create new business opportunities – the most delicious whole

today’s market, competition in all walks of life are very intense, entrepreneurs choose popular items, can easily profit now, happy lemon drinks market, very popular, loved by young people, how happy lemon investment? In fact, as a popular drink, happy lemon to join the market prospect is very broad, choose to invest in happy lemon, to ensure the joy of joining the business of lemon. Happy lemon taste delicious, is a stylish and healthy drink.

happy lemon is Shanghai happy lemon Catering Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, the coffee tea brand, happy lemon headquarters set up in Shanghai. Happy lemon in 2006 01 months to operate the franchise model.

happy lemons firms is a rapid development, the image of the beverage brand, in just five months in Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong and other places to open nearly twenty stores. Happy lemon happy lemons firms strength, perfect system, good benefits, to provide unlimited space for development.

happy lemon headquarters to bring consumers is not only the fragrance of fresh tea, but a colorful, optimistic, tea culture and health, advanced experience of fashion, with a new generation of Chinese youth life attitude. Happy lemon using modern science and technology, happy lemon without manual automatic way, in accordance with the uniform standards, and 1 minutes to soak a cup of health, fresh, delicious happy lemon.

office workers: I go to work next to the office there is a happy lemon, every day at noon to eat at the same time to buy a cup of lemon drink.

elementary school students: my classmates and I go home from school every time to buy a cup of happy lemon, it is too good to drink.

college students: often go to school with her girlfriend happy lemon, beautiful environment, is a good place to date.

With the

to raise the level of modern life, people pay attention to the natural health drink, happy lemon to join the market is very broad, not only because of happy lemon taste good, but because happy lemon fresh personality, happy lemon franchise is fashion decoration, attract many consumers, the choice of investment happy lemon, entrepreneurs can easily showmanship.

The leisure food stores location recommendations

open snack food store location is a very important thing, campus, campus and so on are very good site, which can also refer to lots? This is the franchisee is more concerned about the problem. If you want to find an accurate attack, a good location, can refer to the legislative experience store location, hurry to learn about it.

location is not a short duration of time. Some people think it is not wrong to follow the site. That is not necessarily, a lot of the location seems to have a lot of gold business unpopular, many remote areas also have a hot business. Must look at the market before the site. The sales status of competitors, the level of consumption and so on are the factors that should be considered in the selection of snack food franchise stores. No one can rely on the experience to the site, the data is to prove that all the evidence. Through market investigation, statistical analysis of the most suitable East Jia shop location, affirmation of the leisure food stores after the operation to play a role.

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The Spring Festival in Xiamen where parent-child time family Travel – new gameplay

busy pace of life in the lives of many parents in the usual time there is no time to accompany their children, during the Spring Festival holiday is a good opportunity! Chinese New Year holiday, in addition to reading at home to do homework, students can also be what kind of relaxed and interesting, but also to enrich the knowledge of the activities to enrich themselves, to experience the wonderful outside the textbook? Mom and dad are finally able to get away from the busy day of work, to accompany the child, the happy family time and where to spend it?

theme 1

flowers and plants garden, Minnan amorous feelings

old courtyard area

Park Bo Yuan

old courtyard scenic spot + Park Bo day tour

time: January 29th (second day) /2 month 1 days (2)

has a thick Taiwanese style old courtyard landscape is divided into two parts the old courtyard style garden and folk culture journey of Chinese theatre. During the Spring Festival, the scenic spot launched the first Carnival Carnival Carnival activities. Windmill symbolizes the love of the sky, a symbol of the happiness of the fairy tale, the windmill symbolizes the rolling forward, thriving. The activities of young and old, is the most suitable for the whole family during the new year travel choice.

Park Bo Yuan brought together the domestic Jiangnan garden, south of the Five Ridges Park, North Park, Fujian and Taiwan Park, National Park and other large garden style, the classic garden of various colors. Into the Park Bo, you can clearly feel the different styles of garden art, different charm, appreciate the beauty of ancient and modern garden art. During the Spring Festival, park expo garden is eight visitors to rich and colorful theme activities, including the park spring flower show, and the spring festival festive activities wetland interactive games and other projects; outside the park "dinosaur Dream Park", "Lantern Exhibition", "Cherry Blossom festival".


10:00 is a collection of old courtyard entrance, for admission procedures.

visit the old courtyard custom culture garden;

parent-child activities surname tracking;

to complete the challenge, receive bonuses for random amount of red

12:00 Chinese food; complete Minnan culture / food answer card.

13:00 Taiwanese legend.

15:00 Park Bo west gate collection, for admission procedures.

Chongqing deep in the mountains of entrepreneurship shepherdess business – like a raging fir

a lot of entrepreneurs in life yearning for big cities, in fact, as long as the use of their own advantages, for entrepreneurship is a very favorable thing. Recently, the reporter went to the district and opened the modest town Shuanghe village in Chongqing, see the "shepherdess" Tong Dequn, she is mountain sheep. Talking about the experience of raising sheep, she suddenly opened the box, the road out of the joy and hardships. Deep in the mountains of Chongqing entrepreneurship, "shepherd" career in swing, let us work together to understand the depths of the mountains of female entrepreneurs!

use of forest sheep

Dequn child is 45 years old this year, and the modest town Shuanghe village. She had to work with her husband Huang Yunzao, due to poor health in, returned home in 2013.

husband in the home is still engaged in the decoration industry, Tong Dequn did not work. Later, she and her husband and brother Tong Dequan after discussion, decided to use the mountains lush advantage of sheep.

2013 in August, Tong Dequn took out her savings of about 200000 yuan in working with her husband, successy built a sheep farm, "the sheep is my brother and partnership building, usually I am responsible for management."

year, Tong Dequn spent 90 thousand yuan to buy the first batch of ewes, did not think second days gave her a surprise, "when I went to check the sheepfold, suddenly heard a lamb ‘baa’ sound, look carey, is a ewe has given birth to twins. I quickly gave birth to a pile of firewood, so that lamb heating."

, said the time to buy a ewe lamb, did not expect so fast." Tong Dequn recalled the scene, still smiling.

to build the delivery room


since it embarked on the road of entrepreneurship sheep, Tong Dequn almost put all the energy into the daily management of the flock. In summer, 5 o’clock in the morning she got up, cleaning pens on the grass, the afternoon will be the sheep into the forest; in winter, although she could sleep for an hour, but to pay more attention to the winter forage for sheep reserve, build warm facilities.

encountered windy rain, snow and frost of the night, Dequn children always Fangxinbuxia will wake up at night to check one by one fold, go to bed after confirming no strange. Sometimes, when you go back to sleep for two or three hours, you have to pull up your tired body and start a new day’s work.

every January and February, the flock will usher in the peak production, most of the sheep is "obedient", will obediently chanzai quanshe. Tong Dequn said: "some ewes do not let me worry, the sheep will be directly produced in the mountains, I can only slowly find. Sometimes, the sheep back the right hand holding a lamb, the basket is recommended