Environmental remediation so that the fire West Ocean up

in Xining City Nanshan green barrier, with a small village, Peng Jia Zhai Zhen Huo Xi Cun, Chengxi district this year to raise funds 1 million 280 thousand yuan, completed the fire and environmental remediation projects Nishimura Road, now high pole lights into the village, the unique shape of the flat, clean roads…… Let the village glow with an unprecedented modernization.

reporter walked into the village of fire, in front of the village is clean and tidy, cement paved the road to the door of every household. A villager told reporters that before the village there are only a few dirt roads, rainy days muddy road is difficult, the villagers do not go out. Now the village roads are newly repaired, we travel convenience. In addition, the village is also fitted with a high pole lights out at night, no longer afraid of the dark.

West District Agricultural Bureau of the person in charge, this year on the road and environmental remediation project in the west area of the village built the village 1.2 kilometers, which plagued the village of 178 households, more than and 700 people travel difficult problems to be solved. At the same time, this year for the village, built a new drainage network, the villagers have not only clear and the drainage pipe, tap water, washing dishes, washing clothes, dirty water can be discharged through the drainage pipe, the villagers live more and more comfortable. (author: small words)

This year, Xining will build 30 community elderly day service site

February 26th from the city’s civil affairs work conference learned, with the city to speed up the pace of entering the aging society, the Civil Affairs Department of the city actively explore the deepening of pension services, decided this year introduced a series of preferential policies and increasing the old pension service system, to live in the city, the elderly comfortable satisfaction the age of life.

according to the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau responsible person, there will be a new breakthrough and innovation of our city endowment service work this year, one is based on the actual population of our city, vigorously develop the cause of aging and social charity, implement the elderly social preferential policies, improve the elderly living allowance system; two is to continue to promote home for the construction of old-age old-age welfare service system based, community-based care and support institutions to complement the selection conditions of the subdistrict office and city community, to build 30 elderly service center and day service site, through the pilot, to promote community service work; three is to complete the social welfare relocation work, establish and perfect system, strengthen internal management, create a "warm homes"; the four is to improve and implement policies to support private pension institutions, pension for grassroots exploration Socialization mechanism, promote the socialization of social welfare.


Kim Jiuchen deputy mayor on the current urban greening work put forward new requirements

April 27th, deputy mayor Jin Jiuchen led the municipal government office, the Municipal Bureau of parks responsible comrades, some of the streets of the city green and green building inspection.

Kim Jiuchen deputy mayor and his entourage visited the project green area four Street building, green street landscape upgrade city. In the green field, the workers are speeding up the favorable opportunity for fine weather, soil preparation, planting trees, tree pit excavation, wells installation work. Every one, gold Jiuchen vice mayor to ask species selection, planting trees survival, a detailed understanding of the project construction schedule.

gold Jiuchen vice mayor pointed out that in recent years, the city continue to intensify efforts of urban greening, urban vegetation coverage rate increased significantly, the effect of landscape city greening. This year, the city launched the establishment of National Forest City, chuangsen control index, coverage rate and per capita public green area of our city’s forest index is not up to create requirements, therefore, in the next period, the four district government and relevant departments to further enhance the sense of responsibility, seize the key, according to local conditions, vigorously promote urban greening work. At present, one should seize the favorable season, landscape planning, long-term design, highlighting the city greening characteristics, expanding the clove planting area, and effectively improve the quality and level of greening; two in the city of idle land on both sides of blank key areas such as road and see the seam Zhilv, so it should be green is green, there are green earth. To further improve the city green quantity; three to increase efforts to change the traditional potted landscape, landscape technology, with bright colored flowers and other plants, reasonable planning, scientific layout, and constantly improve the ornamental landscape, beautiful city landscape; four to grasp the technical guidance and daily maintenance management work, especially to strengthen the current drought watering. Make sure to plant a tree, a living tree, a piece, a piece of green, improve the survival rate of trees. Fifth, the landscaping facilities maintenance, renovation, upgrading, in order to consolidate the green achievements, enhance the landscape effect. Through the increase of urban landscape construction, and steadily promote the city’s landscaping and "Sen" work, and strive to improve the city livable environment, so that the city environment more beautiful. (Office of the Secretary six)


Xining 262 community pharmacies recycling expired drugs

to further enhance public awareness of drug safety and environmental protection awareness, prevent expired drugs into illegal channels, in May 15th, the Xining Municipal Food and drug supervision and Management Bureau of the "clean up small family medicine, recycling expired drugs" campaign launch ceremony in the Nanshan Road West community curtain.

as a municipal government for the tangible things project, based in Xining last year, designated 200 family expired drugs recovery unit, this year a total of 62 home personnel intensive, full-featured and community pharmacies, as of 2015 the family expired drugs recovery point unit. Formed a set of reasonable, convenient, efficient operation, management norms, the family expired drugs recycling service network. The same day, the launching ceremony of the scene and distributed in 62 families of the city’s recycling service failure expired drugs and action, carried out a series of household recycling expired drugs and drug safety knowledge consulting and other service activities to identify counterfeit drugs.

it is reported that the city’s 262 fixed-point recovery unit will be regularly recycling of expired drugs, handed over to the district food and drug administration, by the district food and Drug Supervision Bureau unified organization and make a record of the destruction of destruction. Fixed point recovery unit shall not destroy the recovered drugs.


Young entrepreneurs should understand the four purchase.

now in the community, there are a lot of young people in the choice of entrepreneurial way to get rich, entrepreneurship is a good way to shop, want to successfully set up shop, you need to find a good source. Which should have entrepreneurial cheats and purchase skills? Here is to introduce the four major stock tips:

how to select the source of goods is every young entrepreneurs extremely concern. Generally, operators are willing to purchase goods or wholesalers in the supply of cheap goods. But if you only care about the price, and ignore the quality, will not do business. When purchasing, should pay attention to the following points: 1 strict purchase. In the purchase, the purchase of the manufacturers have a preliminary understanding, to understand whether the legitimate business entities. 2 strictly inspect the quality of the goods. 3 purchase, the choice of at least two more units of supply. Advantage: (1) can promote the supplier between commodity quality, price and service competition etc.. (2) can effectively prevent the personnel between the purchase and the supplier of unfair trade, such as concave buckle etc.. (3) to grasp the commodity information, dynamic, and thus targeted.

What is

for goods selling goods, in addition to itself from the store sales conclusion, but also consider the key commodity flow time, the supply of products in full consideration. Because consumer tastes change faster and more diverse. (1) the purchase of new products, not blindly temporarily purchased a large number of new products, is selling goods, may also be Diao. Should first buy a little less, after the test, do not take up a lot of money. (2) the popular commodity, should take full account of the popular time, so as to accurately grasp the number of purchases.

A bowl of rice vermicelli bridge business opportunities

do noodle business, choose what brand is good? Many brands on the market, many franchisees have chosen a bowl of rice vermicelli bridge. Why is this? Xiao Bian conducted a survey, analysis of the advantages of the brand, I hope to give you some reference, if you want to know, come and see.

a bowl vermicelli bridge is the first innovative noodle shop, using fresh technology, make taste delicious and healthy food noodles, a bowl of rice noodle project in today’s market selling delicacy products, delicious soup with nutritious vegetables Rice with Stewed Pork do collocation, let m line both color and taste. It can compete in the market is inevitable, let people eat delicious, eat healthy, eat nutrition, eat happy. Choose a bowl of noodle shop the new fashion in shaping a successful road, delicious and healthy, throughout the year, ages.

a bowl of bridge noodle was so popular is because the theme is clear, the project over the years to create a healthy nutrition fast food, fast food nutrition trustworthy for consumers, we adhere to the "product quality" as the main ideology, the "standard" approach to sales. The consumer groups fashion, strengthen the sense of responsibility of employees, the best results to consumers. Be able to quickly open the rice noodle project market, won the hot sales, showing the charm of a bowl.

Zhang a bowl of rice vermicelli bridge is the best choice for small and medium entrepreneurs investment. If you want to invest in small food items, the choice of the brand is very good. The headquarters will provide comprehensive security management, so you can worry wealth. Come and join us, start your own business as soon as possible.

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The store wants to harvest more may wish to engage in promotion

shops do a sales promotion is not an easy thing, need to pre planning, and personnel arrangements, and re arrangement of goods…… Because of this trouble, many retail stores do not carry out the relevant promotion. In short, speaking of promotional activities, you will feel is a very troublesome thing, don’t bother to do, however, is often to make profitable store promotion.

cigarette display to innovation

cigarettes in our store, there are a lot of shopkeepers just play the role of display. Although cigarette display in order, but not particularly prominent, no characteristics, let customers feel the visual impact.

we can according to the actual situation of the store, such as festive smoke this kind of cigarette packaging, generally a big red festive, we can in a cigarette next to the counter decorating decoration, with red wedding greetings. Cigarettes can also be put into various shapes, in order to facilitate the customer to buy, but also can be a single out of the two cigarette display cabinets, cigarettes and non tobacco products for comprehensive display.

festive festive special collocation cigarette liquor, which can also provide consumers with a reference to the wedding mode, also in a certain extent, eliminating the customer choice problem, and an increase of income for our store. Display often changes can cause the attention of customers, they will also look into the store a few eyes, while enhancing the customer’s desire to buy.

promotional items should also be replaced in a timely manner

you can not sell cigarettes to customers as long as the same promotional items, you can learn from experience. That day, I accidentally went to the home to wander. You have a few customers to Taishan Hospitality (fine) box of smoke, the promotion he is going to have one, and introduces a long empty box can be exchanged for new store two bottles of hot drinks. Outside the sun people drink a bottle of drink in the blues, just refresh, the customer is very readily agreed, smoke is the smoke every day, can not avoid the next time also frequently come to Qin, simply to a whole cigarette. This is a successful promotion, so I learned a trick.

cooperate with suppliers to promote

as a result of the shop for a long time, the relationship with suppliers is also more harmonious. Whenever the town on a large set or in the holidays, joint suppliers in front of the shop to engage in promotional activities, so that customers did not enter the supermarket, let the front of the promotional merchandise to attract over. At the scene, there are daily necessities, condiments, blending oil, etc.. The display of these goods is also very new, are relatively popular products, in addition to their own brand of goods, quality, but more is to engage in promotional indeed attracted a lot of passers-by eye. Whether the supplier, or store this is a win-win situation.


Alipay daily trading volume of over 1 billion 200 million Shao Xiaofeng streaking promises

Tencent Francisco December 8th news, informed sources revealed to the Tencent of science and technology, Alipay President Shao Xiaofeng today to honor previous commitments, at temperatures below 10 degrees or less, in the form of the streaking to celebrate Alipay daily trading volume exceeded 1 billion 200 million yuan.

it is understood that in July this year, Alipay announced that users exceeded 200 million, Shao Xiaofeng had promised to employees, if Alipay before the end of the daily trading volume exceeded 1 billion 200 million yuan, he will run in public. But that transaction volume exceeded 1 billion 200 million in December 7th Alipay reached 1 billion 213 million yuan. The goal was half a month earlier than Shao Xiaofeng had expected.

Shao Xiaofeng in Hangzhou really fulfilled the promise". This afternoon, Shao Xiaofeng with a black hat, black sunglasses, red shorts "Zorro" shape appeared, Fu appeared to cause the audience cheers.

but today Hangzhou temperature below 10 degrees, or to bring a little bit of a challenge streaker. It is interesting to note that after Shao is the identity of police, and Zorro are getting rid of the image of a hero.

coincidentally, the five anniversary of the establishment of the company today coincided with alipay. During the celebration, Shao Xiaofeng also announced in December 8th each year to become Alipay’s experience, the company all staff to focus on experience all of Alipay’s products. We call our own birthday is’ mother difficult day ‘, is that we want to be grateful to our mother, and today, the custom of December 8th’ experience day ‘, is the hope that we are grateful to all users."

Shao Xiaofeng also warned all users of Alipay employees, is God, no matter how big the Alipay business, will always put the user experience and feelings in the most important position of the company, "this will be the first of all company products and services."

it is reported that in December 8, 2004, Alipay officially from a department of taobao.com stripped out, became an independent company. While in the company when the major breakthrough performance, employees tend to "streaking" to celebrate. As Shao Xiaofeng streaking so far, the company has eleven times after streaking.