Talk about love of Shanghai to punish site causes and Solutions

3) webmaster optimization excessive, not piled too much words, is a short period of time to increase the chain too much


some of the website optimization Shanghai Dragon don’t know it is love Fletcher webmaster website keywords, the keywords on the site that as long as the heap more, so the number of sites found in the search engine more and more, in fact this idea is not correct, because the number of keywords for each search engine on the web is limited and if you exceed this limit, so that a search engine will think you’re cheating, and whether your site do how good, how to write the content in the original are inevitably punished

solution: if the reason website is love Shanghai punish is the recently revised many times website, so the only solution to the normal update site, to ensure its stability or not, in minor changes to the site, as long as you ensure that your site is "stable", then after one or two weeks of love Shanghai week, your site will return to normal

station! visitors!

how to influence the development of the host space website there is no better, and be able to retain visitors, so we webmaster whether for the user or the major search engines, they must ensure the quality of space of the host, but can not make the site often isn’t open, or visit the like particularly slow phenomenon

4) content on acquisition or reproduced the original degree of quality is not high so it is located in the sea in

since the recent love Shanghai adjusted algorithm and its rules, seem to dump the crackdown more and more, regardless of the content before repeating how high, as long as you are reproduced or collected.


solution: if the site is because Fletcher is love Shanghai keywords punishment, so the first thing to do is to reduce the webmaster site keywords, try to meet the number of major search engines limited; if the site was punished for a short-term increase in the chain is too much, so webmaster should be under the control of the chain "the number of", every day is the best plan should be how much the chain is appropriate to

!The quality of


2) web site space is not stable, not slow access is not open

just launched a new station basically is not what weight, and in this period we must ensure that the webmaster website "stable", can not let the site without any problems, such as checking website changed it many times in a short time, love Shanghai will be on your site to make some general performance of punishment. Is down right or not, the updates are not included, if there are serious may be falling into the sandbox Hella

! !

solution: if your site is because the space relationship is love Shanghai punishment, so I suggest the webmaster to replace the best high quality space, and the sooner the better replacement of a search engine with

1) new love Shanghai "review period" was repeatedly revised

! !

The factors influence ranking web site keywords ranking

second, the quality of information

keywords that will lead to search engine optimization ranking is relatively low, but if the words can reasonably plan their keywords does not make the information content is too much accumulation. The search engine optimization ranking is relatively low. Therefore, that is to say to search engine optimization ranking reached a certain height, then the keyword information itself do not to excessive accumulation. Otherwise, the search engine optimization ranking is difficult to achieve the desired objectives.

We all know that


if we publish content on the Internet also included content related to the content should be very serious repeat. Which leads to our search engine optimization ranking will be seriously affected. The search engine optimization ranking can not achieve an ideal effect of ranking. So that everyone in the process of collection of content published in services necessary to see similar content on the web is what. In order to ensure that our content distribution can get a certain degree of concern on the Internet, to ensure that the original content can have a high degree of.


this paper by pushing youngnet (贵族宝贝tuiyang贵族宝贝) analysis of share, respect the original, reproduced please keep the original link, thank you.

layout techniquesThe so-called

search engine optimization ranking, but did you know what determines the search engine optimization ranking us? Don’t worry, I believe you will see the introduction of what determines the search engine optimization ranking.

The quality of the information will be released if we

first, the repetition rate of

is relatively low, it will lead to our search engine optimization ranking will be negatively affected by the great. The ultimate cause of search engine optimization ranking is relatively backward. But if the information quality is higher then the search engine optimization ranking will not be too low. So many people think about search engine optimization ranking but also can judge the quality of the information itself. If the quality of the information itself is very low, so we finally search engine optimization ranking will be very low. So, search engine optimization ranking to achieve a higher quality of the information itself, so the need to pay attention to good customs.

layout techniques actually involve many aspects. For example, the information itself keywords and information layout etc.. The layout in different ways will give us a different feeling, will eventually make our search engine optimization ranking at a higher level. This is why a lot of website information looks like a general, but its search engine optimization is one of the reasons for the high ranking.

third.The accumulation of excessive

Love Shanghai webmaster tools search keyword query is not so worth the wait


This is the 51la


so this is a reference to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform official content:


with love >

try not to look very simple, love Shanghai statistics interface really upset, but Zhuge Nobel should recommend cnzz or statistical analysis of the Tencent to everyone, but the space is too slow. Otherwise, blogs are not open, with two statistical software is enough. So we all knew what comparative statistical tools easy to use it, Zhuge Nobel also had before this article, search out, or search engine is

this is love Shanghai statistical summary view statistics.

In fact,

is not reliable but these things have no time reference, does not know that the query is a period of time or in a day, Zhuge Nobel below would solve a week time comparison. If you look forward to more comprehensive content, Zhuge Nobel also continue to look forward to. Then Zhuge Nobel statistics interface affiliated 51la and love Shanghai statistics interface comparison: but don’t laugh at Zhuge’s Nobel recent blog update, tutorial is less, so few traffic is also normal……


Webmaster Tools display


This is the love of Shanghai

I love Shanghai search keyword query tool beta version of the line, show the amount and click rate to help site Shanghai Longfeng optimize such tools and no legend worth looking forward to, the so-called display quantity and click rate, the various statistical tools can be seen, such as cnzz or 51la webmaster statistics, etc.. Even now, discuz is a direct analysis of the Tencent, not enough and other reasons besides the Shanghai confession of love who statistics, now love Shanghai webmaster tools has a new gadget, is someone else’s own bad wine bottles, no way, this is the absolute benefits, just a mess is in love Tuo pet. So, we will look at the official version of the recommended content, after watching friends know whether more share this?

statistical tools to show

this tool highlights:

is pleased to inform you that the search keyword query tool beta version officially launched today, we demand at the early stage of research, found that most of the webmaster have the query website "search keywords" demand, so we provide the site in the search results of TOP10 show the amount of words, each keyword click into the website the number of clicks the number of clicks, the number of hits / show, and gives examples of web links. In order to help the website of Shanghai Longfeng operation optimization, enhance the popular show keywords brought to the site traffic and conversion rate.

A theoretical analysis of Taobao’s popularityThe Jingdong work! Bought two professional bands for th

3, Taobao customer marketing model has vitality.

The golden age of The

for webmaster, has been tangled is the website through what way profit, grassroots Adsense this problem is more prominent. Taobao guest website profit model is very clear, and that is selling products with commissions to make money. Direction, and need is how to implement.

1, Taobao customers clear profit model.

2 and SEO for Taobao passengers inserted wings.

Taobao customers through the development of the past few years, the traditional navigation model has gradually been like small industry, small product development. And continue to be sh419, rebate network, consumers themselves and so on challenges, but no doubt, Taobao customers will still be in the future for some time grassroots research and discussion of hot topics.

The emergence of

Jingdong group and President of 3C division, said Jingdong is building a game pan entertainment industry alliance. The first step, and deepen the game IP cooperation; the second step, to create the top gaming clan; the third step, in film and television, animation, sports and other pan entertainment cooperation. In the era of universal entertainment, entertainment will reshape people’s lifestyle, the mobile Internet will lead to a huge fan economy. Games, animation, film and television, literature no longer exist in isolation and development, but more integration symbiosis."

Jingdong announced the day before the game, the LPL team has completed the "QG" and "NON" LSPL team two team acquisition, renamed LPL occupation Corps segment "JDGaming" and "JoyDream" LSPL occupation Corps division, to enter the formal occupation league.

E-sports has arrived. In recent years, the scale of the global E-sports competition has increased by a blowout scale. In 2016, the global games market reached $696 million. Not long ago, "hero alliance" ultimate tournament in Chicago attracted 20 thousand people went to the scene to watch the games, as well as 43 million global online game player to watch, surpassing last year NBA finals of the 12 million the number of people watching. Gamma data statistics, the first quarter of 2017, the mainland China gaming game market revenue reached 18 billion 200 million yuan, 12 billion 800 million yuan rose 42% QoQ in the fourth quarter of last year. Game, video, the industry has become a new entrance of the flow, the game for consumers to contact all types of products provide new channels.


, vice president of

do not have to worry about products, owners need to do is sell, at this time, SEO, SEO what are the benefits of love, why Tao SEO is because, through precision marketing, SEO Traffic to your site, there are basically buying demand, can greatly improve the conversion rate. It can be said that only SEO can realize the maximum profit of Taobao customers, and achieve the maximum profit with the minimum input.

e-commerce development is inevitable, reasonable configuration of Taobao dispensers can realize only a reasonable division of labor resources for inbound shipments, no need to worry about the source of the problem; Taobao customer is responsible for sales, logistics and other products of headache don’t tube, two clear division of labor, profit sharing, several departments like a company like it! Taobao off mode has very strong vitality, is the inevitable result of market allocation of resources at the same time, through continuous practice of Taobao customers, also proved the feasibility of this distribution model.

website do know, only selling products is the most profitable, but for the grassroots, there is no product, no logistics, no hands, which are restricting us directly through the sale of products to make money bottleneck. Joining Taobao is the equivalent of giving you a product, and what you need to do is how to sell it as much as 50%, even in reality.

now 80% of the new Adsense, because the big and small Taobao customers earn money training and enter. It can be said that now 80% of the training are talking about, SEO do Taobao customers to make money. Then, the novice webmaster can only do Taobao customers? In accordance with the existence that is reasonable theoretical analysis, Taobao customers will have a reason. Here we analyze why so popular now amoy.


this article by star part-time network www.jianzhiwangzhan original, reproduced please indicate the source,

LPL is the abbreviation of League of heroes and professional league. It is also the highest professional league competition in mainland China. It is the only channel for the Chinese mainland division to enter the annual invitational tournament and the global finals. LSPL refers to the League of League one, which is the new LOL professional tournament of the League of heroes, launched in 2014. In May of this year, the hero League global finals LPL spring Championship won 1 million 500 thousand dollars in one fell swoop.

From thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands of secret, unknown net red live pricesEntrepreneu

custom form. This situation is that customers put forward a scheme, net red in the live to achieve implantation, common is funny video, imitate, etc..

welcome to share your observation and understanding of "talent inventory" in the article comments section. The number of message points, the top 3 readers, and the message "the most perspective" of the 3 readers, will receive a copy of the welfare oh.

early no professional OS development manager, leading to the team in the development process, efficiency problems, and often stay up late to eat breakfast.

live broadcast in the process of broadcast text ads, time is basically in an hour, the Reds mouth broadcast several times;

our company’s talent >

Abstract: talent inventory mainly to the strategic direction of the company to adjust and refine the nodes in the inventory process, unified management for personnel, the formation of objective evaluation, if the company personality, then find the right talent for the company is a consumer behavior.

was in short supply, some of the employees who evaluated the A+ had to ask him to leave. Throw them away, right? After that period of time, they can create more value,

startups, how do you update talent iterations,

talent evaluation and management is a discipline. Company employees are like CEO in the hands of "a deck of cards", and only know who among them is "big cat", who is "A", who is "K", CEO can develop the best card strategy.

. On the topic of talent, he shared two scenes:

invite network red anchor to participate in live activities below the line, such as millet conference site, please net red to scene rally. This situation is usually charged by the show, the price is generally higher than the online live;

?What does

millet notebook conference site 55 network red Taylor: "by sponsoring 55 Mercedes S500 transfer network red live, each net is red car, looked at 55 people a red net, satisfied after the start, the organizers nodded with satisfaction, then waved his hand and the rest of the 150 media teachers, a crowded bus, immediately away."

it is understood that, at present, the net red broadcast advertising forms can be divided into the following categories:

Liu Chuanzhi once said a word: "take the team, with the team". I think this order is very correct.

CEO are seeking "putting people in the right place", but in reality, there is always an awkward situation: a hen who lays golden eggs is invited, but it is stewed chicken soup to drink. The company’s expectations were not met, and the hen was devastated.

At what time does

lively and noisy spawned not worth the money, get point technology day before a "live resource list" shows that the net price of red hour broadcast over a million is normal, and a line activities for one hundred thousand are not uncommon.


how to find the ace staff? In the assessment on the evaluation method, what is the exclusive

think about CEO’s "how to find someone to make up its own short board"? What are the lessons or experiences?

will be at the end of the year. Almost all companies are busy with the same thing, is to find someone to find a better and more suitable person.

Han Shuo: take the team, with team

News revealed that millet conference, please anchor, the average price of the entrance fee of about 5000 yuan, but the fixed point technology reporter learned from another meeting, then please go to the anchor, only 1000 yuan per person. The "live resource price list" also reflects a huge gap in the industry – more than one hundred thousand live prices on some red lines, while others are priced at only a few thousand dollars.

?How does

facing this eternal problem, last Wednesday, we shared the methodology of talent inventory by Huang Xu, a partner of Jia Ying fund and a famous human resources expert. link: "people are wrong, things are wrong, with Alibaba learning to do physical inventory", but also with 5 first-line entrepreneurs chatted:

, don’t make a fuss when you come into a conference site and almost a large area of white light flashes to your eyes in front of a certain area. That line of big eyes, pointed chin, facing the phone smile figure, is now popular with manufacturers of red anchor network.

keep employees motivated to do business?


start the talent inventory?

/ 01 /

whether this is true, or "media teachers" from the black, you can see that the organizers of the net red broadcast in the form of quite satisfactory. It is reported that after the end of the conference, millet technology CEO Lei Jun also devoted to anchor their room to express their gratitude, he painted 11 female anchor house regards said: "thank you for attending the conference millet."

in the above "live broadcast resource price list", the net red broadcast a maximum open to 220 thousand, the lowest offer is less than one thousand, two times difference between hundred times. The well-known game anchor small live online and offline activities were more than 300 thousand and the price of 400 thousand yuan. >

Abstract: lively and noisy spawned not worth the money, get point technology day before a "live resource list" shows that the net price of red hour broadcast over a million is normal, and a line activities for one hundred thousand are not uncommon.

In his long talk on April 7th, Luo Yonghao reviewed the pride and regret of the hammer technology since its establishment in

Discussion on the future development of independent online shop

saw an article about the current development of an independent online shop at A5 a few days ago and felt quite touched. So today, I also follow this article for the first chapter, to express what I think is the current development trend of independent online shop.

independent shop, 2011, I still can’t find a job back home when I heard a friend say, is very popular in Jiaxing area of the shop market, then go to see a friend before the network company, company executives told me that our shop has the largest market in Jiaxing area is you! Why don’t you do

independent shop?

actually, a long time ago, I wanted to make my own independent online shop. In Jiaxing, sweaters, furs, foreign trade clothing and down garments are all strong points, and they have great market prospects. If you open a shop, perhaps the market is very good,

, but is it really that good? I gave it a huge question mark. Why do you have a question mark? I’ll share my feelings with you,


first, the development of independent shop, need to mature Internet environment, and this is precisely the current China most! China does not lack good VC, China is not lack of money, but the lack of a strong guarantee Chinese integrity. This is the crux of the problem.

integrity, in China’s current Internet environment, is the most missing. Although he has been crying for years, he has been in a difficult condition. The lack of trust between people and people, and lack of integrity between the company and the employees, lack of integrity between the company and the company, the people and the society lack of honesty, so excuse me, in such a society, how can we do this


second, missing third party, if you buy the product in a not too famous shop, after the purchase, in case of fakes, how can we return, we and how to safeguard their rights and interests, these are worthy of study! If there is a third party organization, he can help consumers to safeguard the rights and interests, he can stand in the perspective of consumers to deal with the problem, so I think this shop business will be relatively better.

third, product sales need a big environment. Once, I put my mind to open an independent shop told me a friend of the company, and then he said, the lack of independent shop a large environment, for example, you go to the market to buy things, there is a great environment for your service, there will be a number of customers will go to the market to buy things, and this can be compared to the current market, Taobao, foreign amazon. But if you change into a small, unknown shop, you may need to spend more experience and money is publicity, this is much harder than in the Taobao shop, difficult,


well, said the above three, it means that the independent shop is doomed? It may not, if you want to shop at present, independent development, so only vigorously investment money, there is no other way.

How to make your site have more traffic

some people say that SEO, some people say that all the people are earned, it was said that the soft text, it was said to do the content, it was said to buy traffic, some people say that leveraging development. SEO has a master? Yes, meet is a typical example, he has many keywords in the first place, so his flow is very high, but most people may not do it.

all make effect? The effect is good, as long as the master of the 2 points, one is the temptation, the two is the credibility of all earned is doubling mode, may cover the entire network, but most people use all make, get thousands of IP/ days even if good, but is here now friends one day more than 100 thousand IP.

some say, well, some say, is not good, is actually the product of Sister Lotus, soft hype, the whole network knew her, you can say the soft effect is not good? She brought traffic may have several hundred million IP? Some people say that the content is too troublesome, also do not bring flow for example, we stand, no SEO, no soft, not all the people earn, but every day there are still a large number of flow, this is the content of the communication.

said leveraging the development, some say borrows to borrow, but hang QQ, there is a day income of 5000 yuan or more, you can say that there is no effect? There is no gap between the gap flow method, derived from the people, someone with legs, someone with palm, but key it depends on who is going to practice, how to do.


; flow method are the same, do the invincible, but people tend to follow the trend of love, what others say, oneself do what, rather than being a fence, as the first analysis of their own interests, their own core competitiveness, and then according to their own core competitiveness to analyze what their way of publicity.

For example,

I was lazy, don’t love what SEO, I and others exchange links I have trouble, I do not love to write soft Wen promotion, fear of being scolded, I don’t love to do all the people earn, because the program do not, prone to problems, I do not want to share the development, because does not want to do, but I have a hobby, is to write things.

then I’ll choose the way to do the flow. I’ll concentrate on the content. Then I’m sure there will be people coming. As long as there are 10 people coming today, I’m sure they’ll come tomorrow. So everyone should analyze their own core competitiveness, more do not flow method, any method is a good method, will not favor any method of hard-working people, but will not favor the industry’s new.

BEFREE share to everyone a CJ mode, this model is my previous period of packing a project, this project is to use soft text guide to promote reality product, the method is very simple:

, for example, I’m going to sell Dabao, but if I’m going to let you go to Taobao to search for Dabao, then you’ll definitely go to search for someone else’s home >

Watercress move can not move into the everyone footsteps

Despite the

mobile terminal, wasted between function and business model as well as the lack of UGC itself and so many difficulties, but this respectable Internet Co still stuck to their steps. But the cruel thing is that the world didn’t have as much time as it imagined.


in iTunes, the development of watercress App has 12, in Google Play, the number of 10 models, including the development of the lag of the bean notes iOS version last updated in 2012, with almost a dead. In the latest introduction of the "watercress" App 2 Android version launched, and because of the new broadcasting function has been added, watercress application death list will undoubtedly be more than one: watercress broadcast.

according to titanium media statistics, watercress has previously released watercress reading, watercress group, watercress film and other 13 independent APP, each of which is aimed at a segmentation function launched. In August 2014, watercress began to test a "watercress" APP, covering all the main types of watercress services. The details view titanium media had "watercress" APP article ": from the beta to fight the enemy separately group fight?", after the Arab North watercress still led so far, seeking new mobile.

as of February 1st, more than 20 thousand users to participate in the investigation and feedback of Douban, provides us with a quite typical detailed watercress user data sample to analyze the possibility of future mobile strategy and watercress the gains and losses of the company. Titanium media reporters sorted out the data:



survey shows that nearly 22% of the users don’t install this at the end of July last year to launch the App, more than 70% of users said that non App version of watercress can meet their needs, also has more than 18% users said do not know of this application.


an interesting fact is that users have been using watercress App, nearly 60% through watercress website to know it, and through watercress other applications and distribution channels users only less than 1/4.

, that is to say, in the sample of more than 20 thousand people, more than 60% of the main scene users watercress is still concentrated in the website, although since last year has obvious watercress has accelerated the move to promote the pace, but the traditional users into the mobile terminal user is not ideal.

let’s take a look at the other companies. As of the third quarter of 2014, public comment monthly active users more than 170 million, mobile phones accounted for more than 80% of the mobile terminal traffic, mobile terminal with more than 1.8>

UN DATA, search UN data


recently launched a website, the United Nations UN Data, allows anyone to retrieve the UN Database, this easy-to-use online database created by the United Nations, the latest global free, reliable statistical data, using the database, you can retrieve the current world population, trade, agriculture, employment, environment, industry statistics, education, tourism etc..

for ordinary people, won the first source of data is often Google or Wikipedia, however, educational research institutions, usually using these data sources do not recommend news organizations, especially people in the recent Wikipedia found some inaccuracies. Now, students, journalists, and anyone else can access these published statistics directly from the United nations.

How does



UN DATA below the search box is the current most popular search terms, you can click on these search words to see the search results, or enter your own search words.


, for example, depends on the data of a country and can enter the country’s name. The search results page contains comprehensive information, as the country’s population, the average life expectancy of GDP, and so on, you can click the "view full profile" button to see detailed statistics on the country.


To the left of the

search results, there is a filter box that you can choose to filter to refine the search results. Under the overall situation of the country is on the table, all of the results of the national search, each search result contains a download link, and a link to display preview preview information in a small window, and the "Explore" link will take you to the relevant data of the country.

in addition to searching for data related to countries and regions, you can also search global statistics, such as greenhouse gas emissions, or global solar energy products statistics. UN DATA is not only the best place to access statistics (huge data currently has more than 55 million), more importantly, it provides a public platform for all can obtain valuable data.

this international source:, translated by 35 km and posted on the team blog section at COMSHARP CMS official station.

How about western food How to run a shop

        how about western food? Everyone in the shop before we have to consider a lot of factors, with the development of Western food industry, there are a lot of Western food market prospects for development, the following small series to introduce you, how to join the western food? How to run a shop?

        business Western-style food stores must have the appropriate method to report record Western-style food chain stores patronize guests information, in order to provide personalized services for different types of guests, often to maintain good relations with customers, in order to achieve the "guest" to "friend" Huayi. The relationship, create loyal support groups.

        Western-style food chain store sales promotion is a method of business expansion, is the flavor characteristics of enterprise dishes, product quality and service quality as the basis, grasp the quality of products and services, establish the image and reputation of the enterprise, to give each guest to dine with superior "personality" service, let them leave a good impression, make it become the enterprise obligations propagandists, if things go on like this, achieve the effect of word of mouth, expand the business efficiency.

        Western-style food chain stores a good atmosphere in the catering enterprises, enterprise culture can’t be ignored, therefore, internal promotion is the use of internal advertising, billboards, etc. will sell POP pictorial dishes made public, in order to attract guests used to expand sales, shop to create a superb collection of beautiful things.

        to make the store more attractive, the need to master the correct skills, need a comprehensive understanding of the shop, need to understand the market, need to grasp the business opportunities in the business process, promotion skills are needed to grasp the Oh, how to improve the store image and reputation is very important.

        2016 selection of Western food to join? Through the above introduction, I believe you have some understanding of the content of the project, to open a Western food to join the dream of a good project, quick action.

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