Yang Wenjian detailed analysis report of three giants of China Advertising Association (Part Two)

Baidu alliance advantage:

, but because of Google’s AdSsense, the small and medium station owners bought it. The Baidu alliance has to place itself at the top end and open only to a number of high quality websites. Baidu alliance provides some large webmaster to provide high quality ad alliance options except AdSsense, and provides optional advertisers

for websites that want to place more than one ad site

at the same time, commercial Baidu doesn’t give up anything, even both sexes can be put in. For some sexual standing also open mind, and even human body art, there are Baidu coalition figure. And AdSsense rejects this kind of website to throw directly, one discovers to close a website to close an account. The Baidu alliance has provided reliable advertising sources to some large gender stations. Basically, the Baidu alliance is one of the best choices for both sexes.

Baidu, you know, users like Baidu search, Baidu search box on the website that is beautiful, but also beneficial to the user experience.

is Baidu search plug-in to have the ability to develop software or plug-ins provide a profit model, software bundled with Baidu search plug-in installed on the user’s computer, it can be hard to install software users, what to install Baidu search bar. Fortunately, 360 of this "rogue" out, the situation is only a little better.

Baidu alliance disadvantage:

according to statistics, the theme of the Baidu alliance advertising effect is slightly worse than AdSsense, which is the previous data. Now, maybe it’s almost like AdSsense.

Baidu alliance is open to big stationmaster only, general small stationmaster cannot apply for. And is an account application down, it is impossible to put on multiple sites, I do not know now is not such a rule. Fortunately, in the AdSsense decline today, the Baidu alliance has finally lowered the high head, reducing the threshold of the audit. Now we can see a lot of general website can hang Baidu alliance, if your website thinks OK still, can try to apply for Baidu alliance.

Baidu Alliance for what station:

Baidu alliance is generally a very good alliance, as long as the application has passed, you can try to put down. Especially the web site, put Baidu search box, the effect is very good.

put Baidu alliance successful case to share:

I have a webmaster who understands the program. I integrate the games that you like to play on the Internet. I make XX games, N one, then upload the software to the sky software park. Sky Software Park was acquired by Baidu, the site is also very good page weight. And then do some outside the chain, Baidu ranking is very easy to go up. Bring millions of download and installation users, and then software promotion URL station. Put Baidu search box and some other CPS alliance, daily income is also thousands of.

Ali, mom, Taobao, advantage:


Stationmaster appeal do station, if be a person, must be kind!

do stand, such as life, must be kind,


read the primary school, teacher taught that respect for others is the most important respect the work of others! This sentence when I first site The imprint is engraved on my heart.; to do it, I have the most prominent parts of website wrote: "if there is infringement on this website, please inform the administrator, we will delete in 23 hours!" because it is the forum, and we worry about membership reprint does not indicate the regulation is not in place, causing unnecessary trouble!

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V is simple, but the C and V with much seems to eat others leftovers! To be honest, we do a station and write a promotional article, all is in raising their children, which are filled with the blood of our own, when one day someone put your child in front of said his children, how do you think of


, when you reprint an article written by someone else’s original, please respect the original author, people reluctant to advertise a connection, could you please say that the original author can ah, really don’t want to say, you can say that is transferred from the Internet, so that the original author see will not blame the eye look at your man. However, some people are short-sighted, the author of this thesis is to reprint of others into their own, not just individual owners, as well as the terrible Internet Co, told the animals, sincere people, repent and be saved in life temperament! You have lost! You stupid for your whole life will be doomed, on the lips a short day, a short lower lip,


some time ago I published an article with a realm called "web site", a time by many website forums, of which a large part of the station have indicated (stationmaster net, China station, Chongqing wall teaching resources network, online learning, network station network, the webmaster, diamond bachelor bitter marriage nets and the new owners forum… Etc.), to express my sincere thanks! Some quality discount friends (China IDC ring, Fangfang blog…), like engine ranking information station and improve the professional search for your own behavior, I feel sad, that you are poor


once again call for a life must be honest! Professional search engine rankings, information station webmaster, see this article, I hope you think twice, if there is objection, I QQ 159800860 waiting for you at any time!


originally from: http://www.80abc.com/read.php, tid=1417


Teach you how to identify mass mailing Swindlers Company

first, try not to buy stand-alone version of the software

read a lot of people are looking for mass mailing software. At present, you can say: stand-alone version of the software is not good, because the stand-alone version of the software can not statistics access effect, all stand-alone software on the market are bragging about how to count. From the technical point of view: statistics is a process from customer to server. Mail sent, the customer should open, feedback to your server, but stand-alone software you cannot resolve IP address, ask how statistics? This seemingly simple question, I believe a lot of people are deceived.

second, first try and pay

secondly, from the point of view of use, all software should be tested and then paid. Formal firms generally provide such service patterns. All companies that do not provide software or platform trial can say that 80% are Swindlers Company, because they do not have a platform at all. The so-called send statistics reports are made by Photoshop. So never buy stand-alone software.

third, to determine whether regular company operations,

look at the company website design, large companies to their website design requirements are strict, small companies or individuals do not have such standards. Look at the company’s account number, generally provide private accounts are not companies, but there are no lack of SHUI or SHUI leakage. See other people’s evaluation, if a lot of companies evaluate this company is not formal, do not provide hair film, can not achieve effect, so suggest you still don’t use this company service.

fourth, buy the database


company will not sell a regular database, ask how valuable the database, how to sell only a few hundred yuan? Regular database company data are read by the days and months multiplying together, ask them how their wealth will so easily sell it, this is not a little taste of that


fifth, don’t trust Baidu, promote

why do you say so, I believe we report from CCTV, Baidu malicious promotion keyword will know?. Many small companies as long as dig out a little money, you can do rankings promotion, so email marketing, looking for the company also pay attention to.

sixth, see if the company is boasting about

global companies do not dare to guarantee the rate of sending, sending rate, arrival rate of 98%, 90%.email database quality is not known, how to guarantee the arrival rate, it is Arabian nights. You know, Chinese Internet has such a powerful firewall system, also don’t know you send lots of IP have not been closed, others have to report you spam mail, in the process of sending and packet loss problem, how many people could reach 90% EMAIL are invalid, for example, he resigned, his email is no longer in use email, the disciple and will be a rebound. So never trust the arrival of 90%

Thinking of enterprise website construction

learned how to do the website from the beginning, and then made the enterprise website, until now, it was engaged in the enterprise website promotion, optimization and some website operation research work. Can more or less witnessed the enterprise website from the beginning of the few to the current flooding. We started the construction of enterprise website, it was selling to the customer network website construction company said the most is the site on behalf of the corporate image, symbol of the facade, what is said to have their own company website and email with your company after at least in their own name card. In doing so, the company will build its own corporate website. This is the purpose and starting point of most website construction and enterprise website construction.

now, we can see that some companies do not have the deep mountains and forests unless the site, as long as can the power network where the network company, can be said to be engaged in the construction site or the bombing again and again, have their own web site, the majority of enterprises even if not, may also buy a similar credit the members of the Alibaba. Now if you like them to sell the construction site, may not be so easy, although there are now some weenies farmer entrepreneur not too understand. Therefore, our network company to survive, our personal freedom occupation to orders, to change the way to get money". We can sublimate and subdivide the website. Offering appreciation services.

There are many kinds of value appreciation services offered by

. In the end, there is nothing more than economic benefits for enterprises. In this way, enterprises are easy to be cheated". Otherwise, only "cheated" once. This is called e-commerce marketing. There are many kinds of marketing, similar to the most common website optimization ranking, making the enterprise website in the relative bidding ranking cost is too high, at the same time bring them long-term marketing program. That is website optimization, for what is the website optimization, if the website optimization. Let’s not talk about it today, but later I’ll spread it out and analyze it.

also provides multi-channel marketing, whether it is B2B, or B2C, in short, no matter what approach, the customer as long as the final effect, to bring orders and economic benefits.

original address: http://www.itbulu.com/read.php/117.htm

here, I would like to recommend a new station, I do not know can not. Yancheng classified information network http://www.in0515.com

UN DATA, search UN data


recently launched a website, the United Nations UN Data, allows anyone to retrieve the UN Database, this easy-to-use online database created by the United Nations, the latest global free, reliable statistical data, using the database, you can retrieve the current world population, trade, agriculture, employment, environment, industry statistics, education, tourism etc..

for ordinary people, won the first source of data is often Google or Wikipedia, however, educational research institutions, usually using these data sources do not recommend news organizations, especially people in the recent Wikipedia found some inaccuracies. Now, students, journalists, and anyone else can access these published statistics directly from the United nations.

How does



UN DATA below the search box is the current most popular search terms, you can click on these search words to see the search results, or enter your own search words.


, for example, depends on the data of a country and can enter the country’s name. The search results page contains comprehensive information, as the country’s population, the average life expectancy of GDP, and so on, you can click the "view full profile" button to see detailed statistics on the country.


To the left of the

search results, there is a filter box that you can choose to filter to refine the search results. Under the overall situation of the country is on the table, all of the results of the national search, each search result contains a download link, and a link to display preview preview information in a small window, and the "Explore" link will take you to the relevant data of the country.

in addition to searching for data related to countries and regions, you can also search global statistics, such as greenhouse gas emissions, or global solar energy products statistics. UN DATA is not only the best place to access statistics (huge data currently has more than 55 million), more importantly, it provides a public platform for all can obtain valuable data.

this international source: http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/un_data_the_ultimate_research_tool.php, translated by 35 km and posted on the team blog section at COMSHARP CMS official station.

Quick way to improve website traffic, 1 weeks 2000IP change 2W IP

quick way to improve website traffic, 1 weeks 2000IP change 2W IP

I made a small forum in October 23, 2005 and kept 1000-2000 IP until my job in Chengdu. After I quit my job, I concentrated on my own forum. In less than a week’s traffic, do 2WIP from 2000IP. I would like to share with you the experience of my website.

1, the promotion of forum publicity:

because my is a comprehensive entertainment forum, so what kind of post can be sent inside?. I go online every day to collect many of the most popular and exciting videos on my forum. Then go to the relevant forums for overwhelming publicity.

forum publicity is the most difficult way for me to advertise in many websites, and it is also the fastest. I want to send dozens of themes and hundreds of Posts every day on those big forums outside. But in those big forum to have a lot of Ma3 jia3 reply to it, otherwise the advertisement effect is very poor. In one of my main advocacy forums, one of the forums has 40, a few ID numbers.

online there are many sites to promote the way, all about the BBS post promotion method, but most people are a generation, so many people use this method, the effect is not obvious. In fact, a forum is the biggest Essentials: choose good material (must be very popular kind) and then go to a very popular version (version I often go to the area are hundreds of thousands of people online the clock) post publicity. To use more vests, take the trouble to put their own down propaganda posts up. I am using this simple forum posting method, most of the time, from a forum to bring about IP 1W.

2, join the forum alliance network alliance alliance figure pick

recommended under the Qihoo forum alliance, at the beginning I paid for the cost of friendship connection with the Qihoo, Qihoo joined the alliance forum. Submit around 20 posts to the Qihoo every day. Brought me considerable traffic. Of course you submit post to very attractive, Qihoo will be included in your. From the beginning I joined the forum of the association of Qihoo, Qihoo basically gave me a day with IP flow rate of about 2000, the biggest day of the Qihoo brought me 3WIP flow.

and I have to join Chinese BBS forum alliance No. five pick China world map map fanchon fanchon Abstract China and so on, although not the Qihoo to bring traffic so much, but every day I can bring the flow of 100-1000, accumulated very substantial. I found some forums on the Internet, specifically on the join forum alliance do flow to their website, these personal webmaster, every day only dozens of topics posted in their forum, and these alliance submitted posts, one day a few W IP to.

Urban traffic entrance mode local website rapid expansion of the national weapon


O2O is one of the key battleground of current market, entrepreneurs and investors to compete, more and more companies desperately to place in the platform of local infiltration subsidence, this website, which means to expand the common market opportunities, but also hidden the risk of being marginalized.

local web sites to avoid being marginalized has two main practices, one is to let the model more service, deeper, high wall; the other is to copy other city expansion, kaijiangtuotu. No matter in depth development or horizontal expansion, local websites always face four major problems: growth is too slow, replication difficult, difficult to scale and policy risk. This article provides a train of thought that may alleviate these difficulties.

This idea is the core,

light, key breakthrough. First choose a giant and easy to copy do not light mode foundation, meet the users just need a single city traffic entrance, and then quickly copy the expansion, and focus on the flow of resource specific industry scale realization. Here’s a detailed discussion of why you do this and how you do it.

one, from the opponent to find soft underbelly


considers expansion, it can not escape BAT and life class platform companies. Local websites can only copy and expand if they find the soft underbelly of giants. The mode of choosing replication can not be too light, or it will be copied by the giant. But it can not be too heavy, otherwise, expansion will be impossible.

although giants in capital, talent, brand, user size and product operations, etc., occupy obvious advantages, but giants also have a soft underbelly, that is, do not do manual editing content.

for ordinary people, artificial editing production and featured contents have a higher value than the UGC content, but in order to protect the giant mode light and easy to copy, only the product architecture and basic content, or not do, or take the UGC way, this gives the chance of survival and development of local website. So, if the local website wants to expand, the best way is to break through the point of content operation, do what you are good at and the giants can not do.

two, from the people looking for just need

mining user needs is not difficult, as long as you put yourself in the interests of users, there will always be harvest.

still has a lot of demand in the local market, even just need not be satisfied, some have been neglected because of the temporary unprofitable. It is only up to us to judge and use the value of traffic, whether we pay attention to these demands or not.

for example to government agencies work hard, almost everyone has deep experience, but there are a few entrepreneurs to seriously consider the needs of users? Shenzhen local treasure service is easy to find this column, and in an effort to solve the demand.

, for example, in every field of life, people want to know what the best organizations and businesses are. People like the best and hope for the best

Why do live video, voice entertainment websites make so much money


some people think that live video is a "cock wire economy", but in fact, the opposite is true.

introduction: Wu Wei, senior product manager, worked for Sina, now works for Joseph networks, a product of the enterprise Q & A, a face to question community product for entrepreneurs.

real video / voice entertainment sites (such as 9158, 6 rooms, Gua Gua, YY, etc.) why do you make money?

first of all, although some people think that live video is "cock wire economy", but in fact, on the contrary, this is a handsome game. Like the vast majority of online games, Gao Shuaifu users are the main source of income, and poor Cock silk can only play with Gao Shuaifu, the largest play a foil role.

cock wire counter attack? Do not think! To the girl’s only high handsome rich.

, for example, in a lot of real video websites have called a "virtual props fireworks", each worth 100 dollars or more, is a high handsome rich spend 100 dollars, the whole room (virtual room) all the grass root + Beauty split $100. As you know, because this is only a high handsome rich play the game, so whether the grass root or the beauty of the station, with a high handsome rich run, in the room like a beggar begged: as an


so in real life video industry, the ARPU value of the product is usually high, even higher than people generally think that the online game industry is very profitable. How much is a ARPU worth of online gaming? 300? 500? In the video industry, the ARPU value of some products is even an order of magnitude higher.

you probably can’t imagine that investors don’t really like high ARPU values, because that means your product is too dependent on a small number of users, and the company has too high a financial risk. Therefore, some products are even trying to reduce the ARPU value, such as opening SMS recharge channels, through this recharge channels, each user can only recharge 10 yuan per month.

second, in the ecological system of real video products, what are the user can earn money? The first is a beautiful singer, 800-1000 block most of the income every month there is a good singer, 2000-3000, very good singer a month can earn 1, 20 thousand.

makes more agents than beauty singers. The so-called agents are such a group of users, their daily task is to find all kinds of rich people, inviting them to spend, and then withdraw from their consumption amount of 10%-15% commission. This part of the people is the real big money.

also has a user who buys virtual money in cash from a part of the user and then uses this virtual currency at a higher price than the official price

What affects the click rate of Web ads

recently started advertising research, I analyzed, sorted out a few points out, and the webmaster friends share, write well, you do not laugh at.

now briefly talks about the direct impact on the click rate of Web ads:

one, advertising placement, this is the most important. Good advertising position, to allow visitors to see it first, and let him go to the point of impulse, or confuse him, let him feel that advertising content is what he wants to do this, click on the ads must increase.

two, the content of advertising and web content similarity

such as a type of literature website, our advertising is best friends or dating, or flowers, because this kind of web users are mainly some of the men and women in love, they may be more interested in these ads, if GG, it is what the tooth ads, even if, you should go back to competitive advertising that blocked the site of the shielding of all advertising, if your site is the beauty category, then you might find some advertising, advertising appeal activities, see the beauty of the station are generally some guys, Langyou majority, please allow me to say that we will. Should match up, this ad click rate will improve.

three, website ads don’t do like TV commercials,

site advertising don’t do like TV ads, TV ads are mandatory in let you not see not, and web ads that can not be trusted, naturally not to pay attention to, of course, if only to show a brand, it’s different. This time we want to consider a user experience, not blindly put the pop-up ads or floating, these ads are very honest people hate, some little computer people, see automatic pop, will immediately think of viruses, what put you off the site, of course, if your site really bad, you’re not going to see them deeply into it, then you can try to put some more pop, apply a few alliance together, such a station is equivalent to multiple station traffic, make full use of resources.

four, the URL of the website link is all home page

if you see something people on your website, into the purpose for a more detailed understanding of these things, and these ads into almost all links to the homepage, others will spend half a day to find just the thing, of course, for advertisers you can understand, I hope you can enter your home page to see something more. But it is better not to do so, directly connected to the detailed page will be better, so that we do not need to go around a lot of curved, and increase the user experience is very important, please remember that.

, here are a few personal views on advertising, I hope the advertisers have some inspiration:

one, put in position

AD & >

Where you want to make money, websites don’t pack and die fast

first: make a place to make money. These are the

second: do not have these tricks, really Kung Fu do local sites, you do not expect to make money

third: don’t think good vision is no good place to make money do


fourth article: do make money site, there is no good physical and spiritual, fight easily "abort"

         ;     the first two articles are about the concept of more things, this chapter will tell you about actual combat more content. Finished this article, tomorrow our company will officially go to work, the follow-up there are many operations details, and if there is time, we will contribute to you.

to make money in the local website, specific I mentioned in front of a few conditions, it is still not enough, perhaps even if you can operate, you can only drink some soup. Why? Because it needs packing.

star to pack, take a look at the current "Xiao Shenyang", one to the Spring Festival Gala, gold-plated, appearance fees to 100 thousand;

look at those LV, DIOR bags, and the workmanship is good, but a package of tens of thousands of pieces, how much is packed out (of course, packaging is not just advertising, but also precipitation down brand value)..

as the saying goes: "the Buddha to gold, people rely on clothes!", "Maiduhaizhu" story we all know, as can be imagined, the spring and Autumn period of the ancients understand, is not the modern society you also should make full use of the packing? Don’t you think that the site is small, the capacity of small, less money, think not I speak; packaging is not big money (of course you can afford the price, it might be, the best point can give me flowers, I don’t mind!), otherwise there is no need to write here.

from the following six aspects to tell you,

name wrapper

site name, of course, to the atmosphere, sonorous, speaking, people will think is a big site, listen to people thought it was a grade of the website; but the site name as not more than 8 words, 5 words right, 3 words can tell the best; the number of words is small, note Chinese characters pronunciation (sound tones), to let others know how to write the words; at the same time, can make the person feel the name and place of a web site, the company name confused, or for others to do free advertising, does not pay.

some places have ancient names, but also can be used, but to take into account the name of whether there are limitations, if you want to expand to the outside city, then from the overall consideration of the name of the application.

domain name packaging

domain name selection, basic requirements, rules everyone knows; the choice of domain names, not only to understand, but also to see, remember, or no meaning; local website domain name selection, the most